Nagato to be 34 years old as soon as he died, however Kakashi to be 29. This would collection them in ~ most, just 5 year apart. How deserve to this be when Nagato to be 7 when Jiraiya began training him. Later, Jiraiya started training Minato (who to be a son at the time). Then, Minato to be an adult once Kakashi ended up being jonin at 9. So, Nagato should be older 보다 Minato. The should likewise be at the very least a generation older than Kakashi.

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Minato passed away at the period of 24. If he were to survive, the would have been 36 in component 1, and 39 in component 2.

In component 2, Nagato"s period is confirmed to be 35, in the databooks.

This way there"s a 4 year age difference in between Minato and also Nagato, wherein Minato is elder.

Kakashi"s age was around 29-31 in part 2, confirming the he"s younger 보다 Nagato by 4-6 years.

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First of all we need to remember that once Obito approached Yahiko and Nagato (there period was about 15). At that time Minato to be a Jounin and also leader that Kakashi and Rin. So there is no allude that Minato to be younger than Nagato


It"s pretty straightforward to explain. That doesn"t make feeling that"s the eplamation.In the manga it"s very much Portraits together if jiraiya Trained Minato after nagato. This renders no sense yet that"s the means it"s portrayed. Even an ext so due to the fact that from the evidence that we have from manga and also databooks, it"s quite clear that nagatos training still taken place in the 2nd shinobi war.

We have the right to deduce that due to the fact that the thirdly was when kakashi to be 13/14 of food it could have rages on prior to that but for nagato come witness it together a young boy it must have lastet end ten years. Which would else average that sakumo hate would have battled in this battle which that as far as we know didn"t.

We also know the dan passed away in the second war and after das death tsunade leaves the Village. Not only is she still There when jiraiya very first met the Ame Kids, however she is still there mire than three years after once they obtain the post that the youngsters died. So in ~ that allude we"re tho in the 2nd war. Nagato and Minato are too nearby in age for the to make sense. Also less so because we know he didnt go directly from maintain one boy to the other.

It would possibly make sense if Minato came first But indigenous the way it is illustrated it seemed choose nagato to be First. Even if i dont favor the entirety "putting jiraiyas time line together" even less once looking at it from a politics perspective. The only means it make some feeling were if jiraiya went straight from one student to the other. That Would average he had actually a still quite young Team that he simply left hanging for three years come train the orphans.

Even more so he left konoha in a time of war for three totality years there is no repercussions and is still considered the best candidate for hokage through just about anybody.