The Isley Brother’s combated it out versus Earth, Wind & Fire on Easter Sunday’s illustration of Verzuz. Now, the audience space curious come learn more about the frontman of the music group, consisting of his family. So, that is Ron Isley’s wife?

Timbaland and Swizz Beat’s Instagram streaming show, Verzuz, welcomed RnB and also Motown legends to their stage on Sunday, April 4th. The Isley Brother’s and also Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF) both have careers extending of over 50 years, therefore you deserve to be certain the setlist was impressive.

The Isley Brother’s confirmed why family is best, as they took house the trophy.

Before the present ended, Ron revealed that new music was on the way between the 2 competitors. Also, the group just to reduce a brand-new song, special Snoop Dogg.

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Now ago into the limelight, the audience room curious to know more about the group and its frontman, Ronald. Many younger viewers space not as acquainted with Ron, so this is what you need to know.


Meet Kandy Isley

Married in September 2005, Kandy is Ron’s mam of 16 years. They dated for just over one year. Together, lock share 13-year-old son, Ronald Isley, Jr, born in December 2007.

Kandy to be born ~ above February 24th 1977, definition she is at this time 44-years-old.

When she provided birth, she was not accompanied by her husband, together Ronald was sentenced to three years and also one month of jail for taxes evasion.

Their wedding was very lavish, v Ron accused gifting his bride-to-be a $3 million necklace, on top of she $15,000 gown and 14 carat diamond ring. Through that, the public assumed she was attracted to his wealth.

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She shut down rumours in an interview with ILOSM in 2016:

“He’s a GENTLEMEN! i mean, you talking around romance, the puts the ‘R’ in romance…from fine dining, to treating a woman prefer a man should, v respect. Together we occurred a relationship, we had a lot of things in common and Ronald…even though he is older, he is young at heart.”

Kandy (nee Johnson) was likewise a singer in her own right, part of American sisters duo, JS (Johnson Sisters), through Kim Johnson.

Their debut album, ice Cream, to be released in July 2003 and was produced by R.Kelly, who was at the peak of his job in the early on 2000s.

despite they have actually only released one album, your careers together backing singers aren’t as well shabby either; names encompass Michael jackson, Christian Aguilera and also Sting.

Kandy and Ron met when he came to be her manager, and also the remainder is history.

Judging from current social media posts, the Johnson sisters are set to return, as the official Instagram has actually teased followers v behind-the-scenes music video clip shots.