How lot is WWE R-Truth’s net worth? The experienced wrestler from south Carolina has an approximated net worth of US$3 million. As of now, he is the present WWE 24/7 Champion. In addition to gift a wrestler, that is additionally a successful rapper and also actor. That has likewise worked for total Nonstop activity Wrestling (TNA) where he was the winner that the TNA human being Tag Team Championship.

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As every some online reports, wrestler R-Truth has been earning US$550,000 as his yearly salary.

How old is R-Truth?

He was born ~ above January 19, 1972, which makes his age be 49 year old as of 2021.

What is his genuine name?

His birth surname is Ronnie Aaron Killings.

Ring names

In enhancement to R-Truth, he has wrestled v several other ring names prefer R–Ziggler, Ron Killings, K-Krush, K-Kwik and K. Malik Shabaz.


Williamsburg County, south Carolina, U.S.

Is wrestler Ronnie Aaron Killings married?

Yes, the is. His wife’s surname is Pamela Killings. The pair tied their knot on April 7, 2011, which means they have currently celebrated a te of their marriage.



R-Truth is blessed through a daughter born on November 15, 2014.

Height and weight

R-Truth stands at a tall height of 6 feet and also 2 customs or 188 cm. His billed load is 100 kilograms or 220 pounds.



How to be his early life?

Although he to be born in Williamsburg, south Carolina and also grew increase in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina. He offered to market cocaine on the streets for extra earnings to do extra earnings in his early 20s. He emerged a passion for i know well hop and breakdancing.

Regarding his education achievements, he went to Harding college High college where that was energetic in numerous sports favor football, track and also field. Since of his amazing performances, he obtained scholarship uses from numerous colleges. However, he gave main priority come his music career and also in this process, he began drug dealing because that which he to be arrested four times. As soon as he to be sentenced to jail because that 13 months, the realized that he has actually been wasting his time and also disrespecting the valuable life and also finally, he adjusted his lifestyle.

Early rings career

When Killings acquired released native jail the met Jackie Crockett that the national Wrestling Alliance that advised the to pursue a experienced wrestling career. However, he went focusing on his music career and also spent the following two years struggling in the industry. Later, that contacted Jackie Crockett and also expressed his desire to come to be a wrestler. Throughout that time, Crockett was functioning the an elderly cameraman for civilization Championship Wrestling and helped Killings introduce to wrestling characters by inviting him in lot of WCW and also Pro rings Federation events.

He make his debut for agree Wrestling Federation (PWF) in 1997 in the role of a manager. He began traveling and training through Manny Fernandez for about three years. That made his NWA Wildside debut v ring name K-Krush in the year 1999. The came right into the limelight after gift winning the newly produced NWA Wildside television Championship. He visited wrestle because that the promo Xtreme agree Wrestling (XPW) as K. Malik Shabaz in 2002.

WWF career

He sent a advancement videotape come the people Wrestling Federation (WWF) and also later deserve a two-year developmental contract. ~ this, he was assigned to WWF’s developmental region Memphis Championship Wrestling as K-Kwik. He winner the fight royal ~ above April 12 in Robinsonville, Mississippi making the a challenger for the vacant southern Heavyweight Championship. On might 24, he lost the title complement to a masked Jerry Lawler.

He do a huge breakthrough after being supported to the main roster performing with road Dogg as a sign team. V the November 13, 2000 episode of raw is War, that made his key roster debut attacking wilhelm Regal that was encountering a match against Road Dogg. Audiences began enjoying the team of roadway Dogg and also K-Kwik as they offered to rap together and likewise performed a tune titled “Gettin’ Rowdy”.


He teamed with former DX members Chyna, road Dogg and also Billy Gunn to face The Radicalz in a Survivor collection match ~ above November 19, 2000. That partnered with road Dogg to compete a four-way tag team enhance for the tag Team Championship which they shed to Christian and also Edge. He became a solitary competitor as soon as his sign team partner Road Dogg to be suspended and officially exit in January 2001. He participated the 2001 royal Rumble ~ above January 21 whereby he was removed by large Show.

He walk to participate in the hardcore division where he marked win versus Raven for the Hardcore Championship which he later on lost to Crash Holly in the exact same night under the title’s 24/7 rule on February 3, 2001. He obtained released native WWF in the year 2002.

TNA career

After gift released from WWF, that joined complete Nonstop activity (TNA) Wrestling promo by signing in June 2002. The made his debut for the promo on June 19 together K-Krush top top the very first weekly TNA pay-per-view. By harassing NASCAR motorists Hermie Sadler and also Sterling Marlin, he established himself together a heel. Because that this, he was later attacked by Brian Lawler. The same night, he went to complete in the Gauntlet for the Gold enhance where Malice got rid of him. He shed a match to Christopher complying with the interference by Marlin and Sadler that took revenge the the previous week.

K-Krush teamed with Jeff Jarrett to come to be victorious against Scott Hall and also Christopher ~ Christopher turned and joined K-Krush and also Jarrett. He became the winner against Hermie Sadler in a squash complement on July 10. In spite of the conclusion of the match, he ongoing attacking Sadler i m sorry overturned the decision the the match.

He came v an upset promo on the July 17 TNA pay-per-view and stated the he would currently use the ring name “The Truth.” He additionally started referring to himself as Ron “The Truth” Killings. On august 7, he became the winner of the NWA people Heavyweight Championship by beating Ken Shamrock at NWA-TNA 8. This victory made him well-known as the fourth African American in skilled wrestling history to victory a human being Heavyweight title. He maintained his location by beating several wrestlers in different matches against Monty Brown, Jerry Lynn, Scott Hall, low Ki and Curt Hennig. He lost the title to his former partner Jeff Jarrett top top November 20 complying with the interference through Vince Russo. He also started a feud with sports Entertainment Xtreme and later came through a new bodyguard named Nelson Knight.


On June 19, 2007, he wanted to occupational for the mexico AAA because that which that tried come resign from TNA. The promotion refused to relax him. That made his return through confronting football player Adam Jones on respectable 12 at difficult Justice. They teamed with each other to mark a win versus Sting and also Kurt edge to knife the TNA people Tag Team Championship. They shed the title to A.J. Styles and Tomko at Bound because that Glory ~ above October 14, 2007, where Adam Jones was changed by Rasheed Lucius “Consequences” Creed. He acquired released native the company in December 2007.

Return to WWE

This time, WWF has actually been repacked together WWE and also Killings made his go back to the agency in 2008. That made his re-debut under the ring name R-Truth top top the SmackDown brand wherein he significant a win against Kenny Dykstra. That ignored all those past events and his Hardcore Championship reigns till acknowledged his appearance in the 2001 royal Rumble. This made his character as K-Kwik recognized again.

On October 26, 2008, he along with Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) and Festus were voting options to an obstacle Shelton Benjamin for the United says Championship title. The secured 59% that the vote and grabbed the title complement which he unfortunately lost. He was able to earn the Slammy Award for the ideal Musical power on December 8, 2008.

He presented himself together a new prankster character known as Ricky on the July 10, 2009, episode of SmackDown. He later on started a feud with debuting attracted McIntyre ~ above the august 28 illustration of SmackDown who beat him at Hell in a cabinet on October 4, 2009. He, The Hart Dynasty, Finlay and Matt Hardy significant a win against JTG, drew McIntyre, Eric Escobar and also Dolph Ziggler ~ above the October 23 episode of SmackDown. He defeated Mike Knox making him end up being qualified because that an remove Chamber match where the was removed by cm Punk.

R-Truth teamed with John Morrison in a shedding effort versus The Miz and huge Show (ShoMiz) at WrestleMania XXVI on in march 28, 2010. He to be drafted to raw on April 26. He received a job offer to be a an individual assistant by Ted DiBiase which do R-Truth it is in disrespected and slapped the which led to a feud between them. While the was having actually a match with william Regal he was assaulted by Primo and also Carlito. He marked a win against The Miz make him knife the vacant United says Championship. However, he lost the title back to The Miz in a deadly four-way match on the June 14 illustration of Raw additionally involving Zack Ryder and also John Morrison. He ended up being unsuccessful in his rematch i at deadly 4-Way.

He significant a win versus Ted DiBiase ~ above the October 11 illustration of life qualifying for Team Raw at Bragging legal rights to confront Team SmackDown wherein they lost. That participated in the 2011 imperial Rumble complement where the got eliminated by centimeter Punk top top January 30, 2011.


He turned the number one challenger for the WWE Championship together with John Cena on the April 11 episode of Raw. On might 1, 2011, that prevented Morrison from escaping the steel cage costing him the WWE Championship. That was likewise in the center of attraction by attacking Rey Mysterio. That accused Mysterio of steal his chance at the WWE Championship ~ above the might 16 episode of Raw. He defeated Mysterio at over the limit on may 22, 2011. He and also The Miz struck Santino Marella top top the respectable 22 illustration of Raw. The interfered in The Miz’s complement with cm Punk and the duo attacked Punk on the august 29 illustration of Raw. The complying with week, they challenged van Bourne and Kofi Kingston (Air Boom) ~ above the September 5 episode of Raw because that the tags Team Championship. Throughout the match, Miz assaulted a referee which made them disqualified and also Triple H fired castle the following night top top Raw.

CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, john Cena and referees were attacked by R-Truth and Miz in ~ Hell in a cell on October 2, 2011. Police officers came and also arrested castle for their activity. They were reinstated by man Laurinaitis top top the October 10 illustration of Raw. They shed to The Rock and John Cena top top November 20 in ~ Survivor Series. R-Truth was accused that violating the Wellness policy for i beg your pardon he was suspended because that 30 days. That made his return ~ above the December 26 episode of Raw.

He participated in the imperial Rumble enhance entering in ~ number 3 where he was eliminated by Miz. He partnered with Kofi Kingston and attempted to catch the WWE tags Team Championship on the February 27 episode of Raw. They winner the WWE tags Team Championship on the April 30 episode of life by beating Primo and also Epico. They protected their title versus Jack Swagger and also Dolph Ziggler at over the limit on might 20, 2012. They also defended their title against Titus O’Neil and Darren Young (The element Time Players). They lost the title to the team that Kane and also Daniel Bryan at Night of champion on September 16.

R-Truth started a feud v Antonio Cesaro after saving Kingston indigenous a post-match assault on the October 29 illustration of Raw. The teamed through Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in a to win effort versus The element Time Players. He lost to Cesaro because that the United claims Championship in the complying with month. That participated in the fatal-four-way enhance on the December 3 episode of Raw likewise involving go Barrett and also Kofi Kingston. He conserved Kofi Kingston native Damien Sandow top top the February 18, 2013 episode of Raw. The unsuccessfully tested Curtis Axel because that the Intercontinental Championship at Battleground top top October 6, 2013.

On January 25, 2015, the participated in the royal Rumble complement entering in ~ number 2 being got rid of by Bubba ray Dudley. When Dean Ambrose stole negative News Barrett’s Intercontinental Championship belt on February 22, 2015, at Fastlane, the belt subsequently came into possession of several wrestlers including R-Truth, Stardust, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler and also Daniel Bryan. He lugged a ladder at the 2016 imperial Rumble match and also climbed the ladder within the ring thinking it to be the Money in the financial institution ladder match. He was eliminated by Kane after ~ he realized his error.

He gone into the André the huge Memorial fight Royal in ~ WrestleMania 32 ~ above April 3, 2016. The got removed by heath Slater and Adam Rose. The aligned himself with Tyler Breeze and helped Breeze loss Goldust ~ above the may 2 illustration of Raw. With Breeze in R-Truth’s corner, he defeated Fandango. They additionally faced Fandango and also Goldust top top the might 12 episode of SmackDown.

He relocated to SmackDown brand ~ above April 17, 2018, and also later associated himself through then SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella. He got hold of match against Shinsuke Nakamura yet lost it. Carmella come ahead to control R-Truth top top the September 4 episode of SmackDown Live in his match versus The Miz to protect from Miz’s mam Maryse’s interference. They additionally defeated Rusev and also Lana and also Jeff Hardy and also Charlotte Flair and also The Miz and also Asuka during the Mixed match Challenge. They marked a win against Jinder Mahal and also Alicia Fox ~ above December 16 in ~ TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.


He was attacked by Nia Jax during his entrance at the imperial Rumble pay-per-view and also for compensation, that secured a match versus Shinsuke Nakamura because that United says Championship match. He significant a win against Nakamura v a surprised roll-up. That was automatically challenged by former champion Rusev yet was maybe to retain the location with another roll-up. He issued one open difficulty on the February 26 illustration of SmackDown which was answered by Rey Mysterio and also Andrade. R-Truth, Mysterio and Andrade completed in a triple threat complement where R-Truth come out as victorious.

In his next open challenge, it was answered by Samoa Joe, Mysterio and also Andrade and they participated fatal-four-way complement where Joe emerged as the winner. He pinned Robert Roode for the new WWE 24/7 Championship which provides the “24/7 rule”. He shed the title to many superstars consisting of Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, heath Slater, Mike Kanellis, Jinder Mahal (twice), Akira Tozawa (thrice), Drake Maverick, EC3, Elias, The resurgence (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) and Mojo Rawley (seven times). He commonly regained his title within a minute or hour.

He became a 52-time 24/7 Champion and also he was so popular because the 24/7 Championship segments would end up being the greatest viewed videos with millions of views ~ above both Raw and also SmackDown online. In June 2019, he was voted as favorite champion through WWE fans. He lost the location 50 times throughout next year including against racecar driver Kyle Busch, NBA player Enes Kanter and presenter rob Stone.

He to be drafted come the life brand as component of the 2019 draft separating from Carmella. That participated in the gauntlet enhance for the Tuwaiq Trophy on February 27, 2020, wherein he marked a win against Erick Rowan, Andrade and also Bobby Lashley. However, ~ assaulting Rowan, he shed to AJ Styles. He quickly lost to Bobby Lashley in ~ Money in the bank on might 20, 2020.

Acting roles

In addition to wrestling, Ronnie Aaron Killings has appeared in multiple films like the 2003 political comedy film Head that State, 2008 sports drama movie The Wrestler, 2018 action-thriller film Blood Brother and 2016 film DJ R. Killings.

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He has released 2 studio albums called Invinceable (2003) and also Killingit (2016) in CD and Digital Download style respectively.

Social account

He is active on miscellaneous social media platforms including Instagram