You might be wondering what to intend throughout your Chihuahua’s warmth or just how to tell they’re having one. Don’t issue, you’ve concerned the appropriate place! We cover most indevelopment for you in this write-up.

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When an adult Chihuahua is not spayed, she will have actually regular warmth cycles yearly. If you’re a brand-new Chihuahua parent who’s never before proficient a dog in warm prior to, it deserve to be confutilizing to identify precisely as soon as your little bit Chihuahua is in heat.

What Does it Typical When a Chihuahua Goes Into Heat?

A “heat” is referring to a phase in the female dog refertile cycle. This is the stage in which the dog is prepared to be bred.

Tright here are numerous indicators to watch for to recognize if your Chihuahua is in warmth.

Your Chihuahua might not suffer every one of these, or they might not be noticeable to detect, however she will most likely suffer many of them.

Signs your Chihuahua is in warmth include:

A swollen vulvaVaginal bloody dischargeMore regular urinationChanges in habits (more friendly, more reactive/aggressive, etc)“Flagging” – a sidemethods lift of the tailOther dogs may have actions transforms around your femaleChanges in appetite

How Often Does a Chihuahua Have a Heat Cycle?

Like civilization, eextremely Chihuahua is various. However before, a lot of Chihuahuas suffer a warmth cycle eexceptionally six months or eexceptionally nine months. Many warm cycles in dogs last around a month – 21 to 28 days to be exact.

Chihuahuas have been reported to have had their initially warm cycle as young as six months old, and also as late as one and also a fifty percent years old. Oftentimes you can predict as soon as your Chihuahua’s first heat cycle will happen by relatives (when did littermates, their mom, and also other relatives have actually their first heat?).

Steras of a Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle

Tbelow are 3 stperiods in a dog’s warmth cycle. Regardmuch less of the breed of dog…all dogs suffer these exact same 3 stages.

Stage one:During the first phase of your Chihuahua’s warm cycle, her vulva will swell and look larger than normal.

In this phase, your Chihuahua may urinate even more often, and also tright here will be a bloody vaginal discharge.

Usually, during this first phase, she will certainly still host her tail cshed to her body as a authorize that she’s uninterested in breeding.

You also may notification an increase in grooming behaviors. This rise in grooming actions deserve to oftentimes be why human being miss out on the beforehand indicators of their dog’s heat cycle as the dog is cleaning up any type of evident discharge.

Stage two:This phase is as soon as your Chihuahua is prepared to breed.

Her vaginal discharge will turn from bloody to a brownish or clear discharge.

She might also start “flagging” her tail, which suggests she’s holding it at an odd angle to the side.

Now is the time to consult your veterinarian if you desire to breed your dog*. Your veterinarian should have the ability to carry out blood experimentation that will help you recognize the correct timing.

*NOTE: breeding tiny dogs can be very dangerous. Pregnancies, in general, come via a lot of dangers, but tiny dogs, in certain have actually been recognized to have actually complex pregnancies and also deliveries due to the dimension of the puppies compared to the size of the mom. You need to be financially prepared for emergency instances consisting of (however not restricted to) cesarians. If you are unprepared for such emergencies tright here is a chance of not only shedding the puppies, however also shedding the mommy.

During this second stage, your Chihuahua will certainly be providing off pheromones that male dogs will be able to smell miles ameans. So, it is absolutely imperative that you keep your dog secure in order to proccasion unplanned pregnancies, as unchanged male dogs have actually been recognized to scale fences or sneak right into homes in an initiative to gain to the in-warm female.

Third and final stage:The last stage of your Chihuahua’s warmth cycle is referred to as diestrus.

Throughout this phase, your Chihuahua will no longer be interested in breeding.

Vaginal discharge will cease, and her vulva will certainly go ago to its normal size.

Even if you did not breed your Chihuahua, she might present indications of “false pregnancy” throughout this time, and even long after the whole heat cycle ends.

What is a False Pregnancy?

After your Chihuahua completes her complete heat cycle, her brain might tell her body that she is pregnant, even though she’s not. This is more common if you have other dogs in your home…even if the other dogs are spayed or neutered.

Symptoms of false pregnancy deserve to include:

NestingRestlessnessDepressionLethargy or extremely low energyLow appetiteSwollen breastsMammary gland also secretions

Many false pregnancies are mild and also symptoms subside within a month. However before, if your dog shows up physically ill or behavioral alters are concerning, carry out not hesitate to contact your veterinarian. There are problems regarded un-spayed females that deserve to be lethal (we go more detailed on this later in this article).


How to Manage Your Chihuahua’s Heat

Tbelow are a number of points to keep in mind once your Chihuahua is in heat. Here are some of the important ones:

You’ll likely must keep your Chihuahua amethod from other dogs as soon as she’s in warmth. Female on female aggression is common, but it’s many necessary to ensure that males (particularly intact ones) cannot obtain to her. Don’t leave your Chihuahua in the yard unattended, and make certain she cannot escape. Most dog parks prohibit female dogs in warmth from visiting however it’s a negative idea to try and also take yours regardmuch less, bereason the hormones and scent from your female have the right to cause behavior worries in other dogs even if they are resolved.If your Chihuahua has actually lost her appetite, try adding some chicken or baby food to her meals. These will certainly help attract her to eat while not adding a ton of calories to her correct diet.

A Warning If Choose to Keep Your Chihuahua Intact:

Even if you never before breed your Chihuahua, tright here is a fatal problem that deserve to happen during or after a dog’s warmth called pyometra. This is as soon as the uterus becomes infected. There are 2 types of pyometra. Open Pyometra, in which situation tbelow will certainly be a puss-favor discharge from the vulva, and also Closed Pyometra, in which instance tright here will certainly not be any type of discharge as it is being included within the uterus. Either means, pyometra is lethal and also you’ll need to rush your Chihuahua to the vet immediately.

Aacquire, this is an emergency situation that have the right to eventually cause fatality so always be on the lookout for indicators and symptoms of pyometra.

As you can watch, it’s necessary to save a cshed eye on your Chihuahua as soon as she’s in warmth for many kind of reasons.

Some world find a female dog’s warm cycle to be a stressful and unstable time in the family.

Many type of human being certainly do not want to resolve the stress and anxiety, and needed way of life changes, of a female dog in warmth.

They likewise may likewise not prefer having actually to save their dog in the home for a whole month twice a year or the extra precautions essential if venturing out right into public via a female dog that is in warm.

If you feel that you would quite not need to issue around all the aforementioned obstacles of your Chihuahua in heat, tbelow are choices for you (store reading).

How to Prevent a Chihuahua From Going Into Heat

The just way to remove a female dog’s warmth cycles is to gain them spayed.

Spaying a dog entails rerelocating a female dogs uterus and also ovaries*, hence eliminating warmth cycles altogether.

*Note: there is a procedure called OSS (Odiffer Sparing Spay), which takes amethod the ability to reproduce however leaves one or both ovaries intact. This would certainly be somepoint to comment on further with your veterinarian if you are came to about hormone loss for your Chihuahua. Also, not all vets perdevelop the OSS surgical treatment.

Many type of scientific researches recommend keeping your female dog intact till their growth plates are closed. The studies state that it permits them to reap the benefits of the hormones they were born with and can aid them be healthier throughout their life time.

However before, if you are unable to store your dog undamaged through their first heat that’s okay. There are much fewer threats through an early (pre-6 month old spay) that via an unplanned or even through a planned pregnancy for Chihuahuas.

Your veterinarian (and also breeder, if you purchased your Chihuahua), will certainly help you come up through the best time to spay your Chihuahua.

If you select to wait until your Chihuahua’s growth plates are closed, that likely suggests that you will certainly most likely experience at least one warm with your female Chihuahua before they are spayed. Keep in mind, that it takes around 3 months for your Chihuahua’s hormones to return to a normal state following a warm cycle. For that factor, we recommend you do not spay your Chihuahua until at least 3 months after her cycle.

Key Things to Remember around Your Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle

Your Chihuahua will inevitably have actually warm cycles unmuch less she is spayed.

While a swollen vulva and discharge are the many obvious symptoms, tbelow are a number of other indicators to think about.

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Your Chihuahua’s security and wellness is a priority, so make sure to consult your veterinarian through particular questions and concerns concerned your furry friend’s warmth cycle.