A invited grocery cart is rolling throughout a parking lot of in a solid wind. You use a continuous force $\overrightarrowF =(30 \, \mathrmN)\hat\imath - (40 \, \mathrmN)\hat\jmath$ to the cart together it undergoes a displacement $\overrightarrows = (-9.0 \, \mathrmm)\hat\imath (3.0 \, \mathrmm)\hat\jmath$. Just how much occupational does the pressure you use do on the grocery store cart?

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the job-related you perform on the grocery dare is provided by thought, product of the force. Used work equates to that a product the the force used with the displacement that the cart so we deserve to work the out. This is thirty no times last heat meters add to minus fourty nunes times last 3 meters. We operated that out. That's minus 2 hundred seventy. Newton's times meters is Jules therefore minus 2 hundred seventy Jules to add one hundreds twenty Jules. And the an outcome of this is minus one hundreds fifty. Jules, notification that the result is negative. This way that you room doing negative work ~ above the cart and the dare is doing positive work-related on you, probably due to the solid wind being applied.


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