Confederate Inflation throughout the civil War

The civil war displayed one of the standard hyperinflations of background with confederate notes coming to be worthless through the finish of the war. But interestingly inflation was no a right line come infinity. Confederate notes provided terrific lesson in just how money supply affects currency value.The Chart listed below shows the Annualized Confederate Inflation Rate. The yearly Inflation prices are calculated from information listed by the Richmond Civil battle Centennial Committee ~ above the purchasing power of Confederate Notes.The table listed below shows the actual Confederate Treasury keep in mind Inflation data that was offered to build this chart. In ~ the beginning of the battle on January 1, 1861 one Confederate dissension would acquisition one gold dollar. By may it took $1.05 Confederate dollars to acquisition one yellow Dollar or 5% inflation in four months. Through February that 1861 it take it $1.25 Confederate Dollars come buy one yellow Dollar or 25% inflation. Through February 1863 it take it $3.00 ConfederateDollars come buy one yellow Dollar or 200% inflation because 1861 but due to the fact that inflation is usually measured yearly we need to compare the price to the price a year earlier. Therefore from $1.25 come $3.00 is 140% inflation.Interestingly, the inflation rate actually fell throughout 1864. Why?According to the san José State college Department of economics from October that 1861 to March of 1864 the commodity price index increased an typical rate of 10 percent every month. When the polite War ended in April 1865 the price of living in the south was 92 time what it was before the war started. This inflation was obviously brought about by the growth of the money supply. The role of the money supply in creating the price level is evidenced even much more strongly by the outcomes of an attempt to curb the expansion of the money it is provided in 1864.In February the Confederate conference decreed a money reform. All bills higher than five dollars were to be converted into bonds payment 4 percentinterest. All bills no converted through April 1 would certainly be exchanged for a new issue in ~ a proportion of 2 because that 3. Before the reform civilization spent wildly and also drove price up 23 percent in one month. But, by may 1864, the reform had actually been completed and also the share of money was lessened by one third. The general price index declined. Eugene Lerner, an economist who studied this inflation, commented on this result:This price decline took place in spite of invading Union armies, the imminent military defeat, the palliation of foreign trade, the disorganized government, and the short morale the the Confederate army. To reduce the share of money had actually a more significant effect on prices 보다 these an effective forces.
Click for bigger imageSo we can see one explicit instance of just how currency creation results in inflation. Keep in mind that the devaluation of the last month native $100 to $1200 might not have been so much a an outcome of currency production as the fear that once the war was shed the money would be entirely nonredeemable.The an approach used to create the above chart to be to produce an index setup January 1, 1861 equal to 100 and adjusting the adhering to months to come up with an Inflation index number for the an initial of each prospering month through interpolating from bordering months if necessary to to fill in the blanks. Keep in mind that some months have extr Inflation data because that the 15th of the month while other months have no data available. In order to execute the annual inflation calculations we necessary a number for the first of each month. So because that example, in order to come up through an inflation number because that June 1, 1862 we had actually to interpolate in between the might 15th price of $1.95 and also the June 15th price that $2.00CONFEDERATE TREASURY NOTESRelative Purchasing power in GOLDDate186118621863186418651-Jan$1.00$60.001-Feb$1.25$3.0015-Feb$1.40$3.10$50.001-Mar$1.50$3.25$26.0015-Mar$1.65$5.001-Apr$1.75$19.00$70.0015-Apr$1.80$80.0020-Apr$100.001-May$1.05$1.90$20.00$1,200.00(lastexchange)15-May$1.95$6.001-Jun$6.5015-Jun$2.00$7.501-Jul$8.0015-Jul$10.001-Aug$2.2015-Aug$15.00$21.001-Sep$2.5015-Sep$23.001-Oct$1.1015-Oct$1.12$25.001-Nov15-Nov$1.15$15.50$29.001-Dec$1.20$32.0015-Dec$21.00$51.00
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Bill Hendrick saysOctober 24, 2019 in ~ 9:11 am
What to be the price of yellow (Troy ounce) in the United claims in in march 1864 and the price of yellow (Troy ounce) in the Confederate claims that exact same period? I have actually reason to believe the price in the U.S. Was $53 and in the Confederate states $168. This is not conjecture, yet it is much from certain. This information is for inclusion in a book on exactly how Confederate newspapers reported news throughout the civil War; the publication is to be published in 2020. The answer will be published in the book’s bibliography.

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Tim McMahon saysNovember 13, 2019 in ~ 10:03 am
We are definitely not an original source for this information. Girlfriend would most likely be finest to contact the American Civil war Museum for a critical answer. Great Luck v your book. Allow me know when the is exit it sound interesting!