Vodka is taken into consideration a tough liquor by countless people an international because it has actually a slightly higher alcohol portion than others. This method that you are much more likely to feeling drunk through fewer shots that it. Top top average, a single adult deserve to start feeling tipsy after spend 4 come 6 shots of vodka in a span of one hour.

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However, there are several factors that may influence how numerous shots that vodka will get someone drunk. If you are interested in knowing more about this, continue reading this article.

How lot Vodka deserve to You Drink at One Time?


One of the biggest factors that impact how much vodka it would certainly take before a person starts emotion drunk is your gender. Many of the time, men often have greater alcohol tolerance compared to women since they space bigger in size and also usually are much more prone to drinking.

Women have the right to start emotion tipsy after drink 2 to 3 shots that vodka in a expectancy of an hour. If they consume an ext than that, castle will begin showing indicators of drunks such together dizziness, loss of balance, etc. In worse cases, they could end increase blacking out and throwing up because of the fast-paced gulp down of alcohol.

On the other hand, men usually begin feeling tipsy after ~ 7 to 9 shots that vodka. After that, castle might additionally start showing indications of intoxication.

Does her Drinking Pace influence How Vodka would Make you Feel?


Yes, similar to other alcoholic beverages, your drinking pace can significantly impact how drunk you feel once drinking vodka.

The standard drink dimension is around 14 grams the pure alcohol, which is around 1.5 oz that distilled spirit favor vodka. ~ above average, the human being body have the right to metabolize one standard size of alcoholic drink every hour. If friend consume more than that, you will absolutely feel drunk quicker and also for a longer period because that the far-ranging amount that alcohol in your system that is left unmetabolized.

However, take keep in mind that there are various other factors, such as how quick you feeling drunk when drinking vodka. This has your human body weight, mood, and also the other drinks the you consume in addition to the vodka.

Your body weight determines the room in which alcohol can diffuse within the body. Expect your body load is 180 lbs. In that case, your blood alcohol concentration will certainly be much reduced than a person who only weighs 140 lbs. In spite of drinking the very same amount of vodka.

Meanwhile, your mood can affect the alcohol absorption of vodka because stress and also anxiety levels readjust the enzyme in the stomach. This changes the body’s capacity to process and metabolize alcohol.

Lastly, combining vodka with other alcoholic beverages will significantly make you feeling drunk faster. This is since the alcohol the your human body processes also increases and also pushes your blood alcohol concentration level come its peak faster than simply drinking one type of alcoholic beverage.

However, if friend drink shots the vodka with water or fruit juice, you have the right to slow down the indicators of intoxication since these can help keep you hydrated.

How to sluggish Down Drunkenness once Drinking Vodka?


Suppose you desire to enjoy the entirety night drinking without blocking out or throwing increase in the toilets. In that case, over there are number of things that you can do, such together the following:

Don’t Drink too Fast

Slowing down your drinking speed can aid prevent friend from feeling intoxicated. To carry out this, make sure that enough time has passed before you begin getting another shot.

Set a Limit

Before you even start drinking, you should set a border for yourself on how many shots that vodka you will certainly drink. It’s encourage to limit your intake to 4 come 6 shots in one hour, offered that friend are used to drinking alcohol because this is an ext than sufficient to do you feel tips.

Also, not just will this aid prevent friend from feeling drunk, however it deserve to also help you save money from no paying for too plenty of shots.

Drink Water and also Eat Food

Drinking huge quantities that vodka have the right to make friend dehydrated, comparable to other alcoholic beverages. This is mostly since alcohol is taken into consideration a diuretic, and also it clears fluids from your blood.

This is why if you want to slow down the indicators of gift drunk, you might want to consider drinking many of water. Back this might cause you to go to the toilet frequently, it’s a reasonable trade-off because you are much less likely to feel tipsy and hangover afterward.

Moreover, food can also significantly assist lessen the indicators of being drunk, particularly those that contain high protein. By eating before drinking and while drinking, the handling of alcohol in your stomach will substantially slow down.

On average, a human being who drink vodka ~ above an empty stomach will reach the height of your blood alcohol concentration in simply 1 and also a half hours.

Enjoy the Conversation

If you room drinking vodka with your friends, you should try and be completely immersed in the conversation instead of focusing on when the following shot is coming. This can assist make her friendship bond more powerful and allow you to completely enjoy the night through a lesser possibility of a hangover the next day.

Have Fun

In a social setting, drinking your vodka is no the only fun thing to do, so try to maximize your fun. You can enjoy the dance floor through your friend or enjoy the games obtainable around you. This way, you will not be too focused on drinking, so you can slow down your alcohol intake.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, vodka is great drink come enjoy during special occasions. However, it deserve to be rather potent, so that is crucial to remember come drink responsibly. Also, it would help if you considered your personal tolerance because this have the right to widely differ from one person to another. If you are not provided to drink vodka or alcohol, you can want to take fewer shots and slow down your drink phase.

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