Steve Wilkos net Worth and also Salary: Steve Wilkos is an American television personality and host who has actually a net worth that $6 million. He is ideal known for functioning as director of defense for "The Jerry Springer Show" and also as host of his very own tabloid talk present "The Steve Wilkos Show."

Early Life and Career: Steve Wilkos to be born on march 9th, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. His father operated as a police officer, and also his mother was an instructor in ~ a beauty, beauty school. He prospered up through his 3 siblings in what is now referred to as the Roscoe town neighborhood in north Center, Chicago. As an adolescent and teenager, he obtained into fights in ~ school and hung out with a stormy crowd. After ~ graduating high college in 1982, he joined the US marine Corps, and he offered for 7 years. The married his an initial wife a couple of years later in Quantico, Virginia, but they divorce after two years in 1985. In beforehand 1990, Wilkos started working for the Chicago Police Department. He worked as a police officer because that the Chicago Police Department till 2004. His job in television started in 1994 when a other officer asked him if the would carry out security through him for a "The Jerry Springer Show" episode including the Klu Klux Klan.

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Security because that Jerry Springer: Wilkos began working together a protection guard in the beforehand 1990s, and after he operated on "The Jerry Springer Show" for an episode, they chose to carry him ~ above for added shows. Most of the show"s protection personnel were retired or existing police officers, and also Wilkos recruited several officers from his squad to carry out part-time protection for the show. In 2001, he began working because that "The Jerry Springer Show" full-time. Regarding the difference between working together a cop and on "The Jerry Springer Show," the has stated that return the guest on the present are riled up and also aggressive, the atmosphere is regulated without the surprises that police typically encounter. He has suffered 2 injuries top top the show. He dropped off the stage and also slammed his jaw top top the ground, and also he as soon as tore a muscle in his groin. During a break from taping the show, Wilkos had actually a short stint as a experienced wrestler with the Maryland wrestling Championship. In 2002, the made his debut in the wrestling ring and teamed up with expert lightweight wrestler Gillberg come fight Dino magnificent & Chad Bowman. Wilkos and also Gillberg winner the match.

While functioning on "The Jerry Springer Show," Wilkos do guest appearances on tv shows including "The Roseanne Show," the restaurant-reviewing series "Check, Please!," the game present "Identity," and "Maury." Additionally, he to be featured in the 2002 television documentary "When Jerry Springer rule the World." In 2006, Springer completed in "Dancing because that the Stars," and also he request Wilkos to was standing in because that him as the show"s host. Springer later on recruited Wilkos come substitute for him once a week. He has likewise made cameo appearances top top the MLB Network, top top the television reflects "Between Brothers," "The Wayne Bros.," and in the movie Austin strength the Spy that Shagged Me."

The Steve Wilkos Show: Wilkos left "The Jerry Springer Show" in 2007, and two month later, his very own tabloid talk display "The Steve Wilkos Show" premiered. Throughout his time on the "The Jerry Springer Show," he had a bit dubbed Steve to the Rescue the was so popular it led Springer to pitch the idea because that the "The Steve Wilkos Show" to NBC producers. Wilkos" present had a an ext serious tone 보다 "The Jerry Springer Show," and also there to be a larger focus on criminal justice issues. When Springer want a display that to be raunchy and high-energy, Wilkos wanted to cover an ext serious issues and maintain an ext order ~ above the set. Each episode concentrates on a particular criminal justice topic or crime and also features guests that have experience as a victim or perpetrator. In enhancement to crimes, the show additionally features individuals who insurance claim to have been wrongly accused that crimes. When individuals accused of major crimes have actually come on the show, he has barred lock from sit on the chairs that were ~ above the stage. He stated that his thinking for this is that those who"ve committed heinous crimes don"t worthy to it is in comfortable top top his show since of the pain lock inflicted on their victims. He has a habit of cram the north chairs when specifically angry. ~ the an initial season, Wilkos included infidelity and questions of paternity together topics, and these topics offered to include a level levity come the display as he would often make jokes in ~ the price of himself and also the guests. The display has stayed on the air because it started in 2007, and NBC announced in 2020 that the display had been renewed for two extr seasons.

Personal Life: Wilkos" an initial marriage was to Rosae Wilkos, and it lasted native 1985 to 1987. His 2nd marriage was to Hannah Wilkos in 1999, and also they to be divorced in ~ a year. In 2000, that married Rachelle Consiglio who worked as an executive producer for "The Jerry Springer Show." The pair has two children and also live in Darien, Connecticut. They also own a house in Camp Lake, Wisconsin. In 2008 he payment $543,000 because that the Wisconsin home. He payment $1.9 million for the Connecticut house in 2009.

In Janurary of 2018, Wilkos was involved in a roll-over car accident close to his home and was doubt of drunk driving. The Darien police department derived a warrant for a blood sample, and also his blood alcohol level to be .29. He was ultimately arrested and also charged through driving when intoxicated. He asked the judge because that an different punishment that would an outcome in the charges being dismissed as soon as he had actually completed the mandated education and also treatment program.

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Steve Wilkos

Net Worth:$6 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 9, 1964 (57 year old)
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)
Profession:Talk present host, Actor
Nationality:United states of America

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