Paul Teutul Jr net worth: Paul Michael \"Paulie\" Teutul is one of the stars of the American fact television regimen American Chopper who has actually a network worth of $2 million. Teutul co-founded Orange ar Choppers together with his father, Paul Teutul, Sr. In 1999. Teutul walk by the nickname Junior, yet he is no a junior, due to the fact that he does no share his middle name with his father. Teutul has actually a brother, Daniel, the owner and also general manager that Orange ar Ironworks LLC, and a sister, Cristin, a nurse, who is the youngest the the Teutul children. Teutul, his father and also his younger brother Michael Teutul, ended up being reality television stars as soon as the Orange ar Choppers firm became the featured player the a reality collection called American Chopper ~ above The exploration Channel in 2002. By 2007 the display was relocated to the TLC station.

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During the April 9, 2009 illustration of American Chopper, Teutul had an onscreen disagreement v his partner and also father, Paul Teutul, Sr., which cause Teutul gift terminated native the company. The household members functioned on a reconciliation, and Teutul rejoined Orange county Choppers employment. In the upcoming main the collection episode top top April 30, 2009 episode revealed Teutul chose to voluntarily end his employment in ~ Orange ar Choppers. Orange county Choppers. At some point Teutul returned to Orange ar Choppers together a consultant throughout the remainder that the operation of the series.

Teutul ultimately opened his own style firm, Paul Jr. Designs. TMZ reported in April 2010 Teutul was opened his very own motorcycle business to compete head to head through Orange ar Choppers. Several previous Orange ar Choppers employees are reported to be joining Paul Jr. Designs, including Vinnie DiMartino, Michael Teutul, and Nub. After ~ a year of non contend clause was honored, Teutul began building motorcycles at Paul Jr. Designs. The brand-new company is featured as an expansion of the original American Chopper collection as \"Senior vs. Junior\", on TLC.


Paul Teutul, Jr.

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Net Worth:$2 Million
Date the Birth:Oct 2, 1974 (46 year old)
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)
Profession:Designer, tv producer
Nationality:United says of America

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