The seven-time World collection champion Babe Ruth has a network worth that $800 thousand.

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Babe Ruth is a professional baseball player from the USA that once hosted the most important records in baseball. He play a total of 22 periods with teams favor the Yankees and Red Sox.

Similarly, he was popularly well-known as “The Bambino” and also “The Sultan that Swat.” Ruth had one that the many impressive careers in MLB background as he score 714 house runs.

Ruth started playing baseball as soon as he was sent to St. Mary’s college after disciplinary issues. There, he choose the bat for the very first time.

Yet, through 15, he was already showing signs of a solid pitcher and also hitter. Eventually, Ruth to be noticed by the scouts and also made his trip to the significant leagues.

Babe Ruth, 7 times World series Champion

As a result, Ruth was named in the All-Star Squad 2 times. Also, the was among the an initial five to be nominated in the room of the Fame.

Also, here are some fast facts about the player prior to we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

NameBabe Ruth
Full NameGeorge Herman “Babe” Ruth
Nick Name“The Bambino” “The Sultan the Swat”
BirthdateFebruary 6, 1895
BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland
Died onAugust 16, 1948
Demise atNew York City
Age at death53
Sexual OrientationStraight
Zodiac signAquarius
Chinese ZodiacGoat
Body typeAthletic
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Height6’2″ (188 cm)
Weight216 lb (98 kg)
ProfessionBaseball player
PositionOutfielder / Pitcher
MLB DebutJuly 11, 1914
Debut TeamBoston Red Sox
Batting typical in MLB342
Hits in MLB2873
Home runs IN MLB714
Runs batted in2213
Played forBoston Red Sox (1914–1919),New York Yankees (1920–1934),Boston Braves (1935)
Last MLB AppearanceMay 30, 1935
Last MLB teamBoston Braves
Hall of call Induction1936
SchoolCentral High School
Major Achievements2× All-Star (1933, 1934)7× World collection champion (1915, 1916, 1918, 1923, 1927, 1928, 1932)AL MVP (1923)AL batting champion (1924)
ParentsGeorge Herman Ruth, Sr. (Father) Katherine Schamberger (Mother)
Relationship statusMarried
WifeHelen Ruth (m. 1914–1929) Claire Merritt Ruth (m. 1929–1948)
ChildrenDorothy Ruth (Son) Julia Ruth Stevens (Daughter)
Net Worth$800 Thousand
MerchBabe Ruth Story, Autographed MLB Balls, Baseball Card, Jersey
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Babe Ruth | net Worth and also Income

Babe Ruth made this net worth that $800 thousand from his MLB career, where he had actually his fair share of joining in investments and tons of brand endorsements.

The network worth the Babe Ruth is a function of his utter prominence for three decades.

Per Celebrity network Worth, Ruth’s highest possible salary throughout his career was $70,000. This was around the 1926-1927 season once he to be at the optimal of his career.

Eventually, Ruth and also Yankees go on to win the civilization League consecutively in 1926 and 1927. Ruth to be awarded about $5,700 together a bonus for getting to the people Series.

But, that wasn’t this strong at the dawn that his career. In ~ first, he was on a mere salary of $100 in the minor league. Then, however, he progressively rose to it is in the highest-paid MLB athlete native 1922 to 1934.

According to sources, Ruth was already earning a whopping $52,000 in 1922.

While this value does look grim today, the was large when he to be a professional. By the moment he retired, Ruth had actually made around $800,000 from baseball alone.

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Babe Ruth | Movies, Endorsements, and Book Publications

Movies and Media

Babe Ruth play baseball in the pre-television period. Yet, he obtained fame all based on word the mouth and also sports reporters. Thus, when television ended up being a thing, many movies and shows featured him.

“The Babe” is among the famous visual media featuring him in 1992. The is a biographical drama film around Ruth. John Goodman theatre the function of Ruth in this movie.

The story that the movie explores his an individual life in detail. It begins from his harsh childhood in Baltimore after being sent out to St. Mary’s school.

Then, it records his climb as a baseball athlete after gift signed to Red Sox, the profession to Yankees, and also his failed “managerial” stint.

The proud of Yankees & More

Similarly, Ruth starred as himself in the 1942 American movie “The proud of the Yankees.” The movie had actually a box office arsenal of $3,671,000 at that time.

Likewise, he also guests starred in the 1928 silent comedy movie “Speedy.” Ruth cameos as himself in this movie together he shows up in a taxi scene and also gifts a ticket come the main hero for the game.

In 1927 he was component of an additional silent movie “Babe come Home.” The film was based on Babe Ruth and Anna Q. Nilsson. Ruth was cast in the movie as Babe Dugan.

Furthermore, the has had actually several documentaries make on him. “American Hercules: Babe Ruth” is one such film make in 2015.

Book Publications

Babe Ruth wasn’t someone with a strong financial background. He had picked increase baseball throughout this time at the St. Mary’s school. However, he establish he was an excellent and slowly rose come the height of the MLB division.

Hence, there have actually been several publications written about him. “The huge Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth” is one together book. Leigh Montville authored this publication in 2007.

The publication provides a definitive biography starting from his negative youth in Baltimore. Then, it moves towards his entry into professional baseball, native Boston to new York.

Per critics, the book does an outstanding job of recording the true essence of Babe Ruth and his times.

“Babe Ruth’s Own publication of Baseball” is another book written around him in early on 1992. Ruth authored this book himself. This autobiography provides a lively account of his rise from poor to baseball stardom in his very own words.

Other famous books written about him space “Playing the Game: My early Years in Baseball” and also “Babe Ruth as I Knew Him.” The first book was authored through Babe Ruth self which is a repertoire of his thoughts and opinions.

Also, the book is renowned for having thirty of the most historical photographs. Therefore, the is clear the royalties from these publications contribute to the network worth that Babe Ruth.


The sponsorships and endorsement deals affected the network worth of Babe Ruth. But, his story about his Chevrolet deal is interesting.

Ruth hits a big home run per a newspaper piece that went out of the park and broke the Chevrolet window. The agency used the front window broken by Babe Ruth to advertise their auto dealership in 1926.

Chevrolet Commercial special the broken window

Similarly, Ruth’s success on the field lugged him selection of advertisers. And, Ruth to be accepting any kind of sponsorship and also advertising provides at one point.

Eventually, he had deals from cereal to Girl reconnaissance cookies. Throughout, he arisen his confectionery line and chocolates.

Likewise, that is well-known for endorsing Old yellow cigarettes and White Owl Cigarettes. He appeared for the advertisements that the cigarette firm despite only smoking cigars.

Additionally, he emerged his heat of apparel. For example, Ruth advocated “Babe Ruth” All-American, all-cotton underwear. Yet, per sources, he just wore custom-made silk undershorts.

Accordingly, Ruth had so countless deals ~ above his plate that he had to hire a organization manager.

Babe Ruth | House and also Cars


A many of information bout the home Babe Ruth owned isn’t clear. However, let’s watch at some of the ones us know.

Per sources, Babe Ruth provided to live in a mansion located at 558 Dutton roadway in Sudbury. It to be famously known as “Home plate Farm” and also “‘Home run Farm.”

Babe Ruth resided in this home for the period of four years, indigenous 1922 come 1926. The home was spread out in a large area that 5,200 sq. Ft. That had five bedrooms and also three bathrooms.

It additionally featured a Gourmet chef’s kitchen and stone patios. According to, this residential or commercial property was marketed in 2013 because that an approximated $1.22 million in October.

Previously, he had actually rented a head on Willis Pond and used to invest his time there. This event was throughout the time he was signed v the Red Cox. It to be the renowned place wherein Ruth hurled a piano into the pond.

Additionally, the home where he invested his beforehand childhood days was converted into a museum. That was situated at 216 Emory Street, built-in row typology.

Likewise, in 2016, the mayor and the regional bodies carried out a restoration job to maintain this building.


Babe Ruth had an added interest in luxurious cars. Unfortunately, choose his career, the last car he owned reflected the network worth the Babe Ruth.

Per Sources, Ruth to be gifted a Lincoln continent on April 27 in 1947. Ford engine Co. Blessed the to pursue his charity by promoting baseball among the children he to be trying come empower.

At the time, it was absolutely one the the most luxurious vehicles one could own. Therefore, the auto was thought about a breakthrough in the auto industry. Also, it had a three-speed hands-on transmission.

Ruth had actually a passion for automobiles yet was inexperienced behind the wheel. Police generally stopped him. However, most cops just waved that on after learning who that was.

But, Ruth met with an accident once he to be driving residence with his teammates and wife.

Luckily, no one was ache seriously, and also everyone escaped alive. He to be driving a Packard touring automobile when this accident happened.

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Babe Ruth | Lifestyle

Babe Ruth flourished in a time as soon as the sector was subtle and going through basic changes. Yet, the network worth of Babe Ruth is close to a million based on his outstanding career in baseball countless decades back.

Thus, that isn’t how amazing to recognize that Ruth loved living a wild lifestyle. Moreover, Ruth preferred being v women as lot as he want baseball.

Per his teammates, Ruth frequently visited brothels and once go through an entire brothel in Philadelphia.

However, once he married Claire, he had actually to adjust his entire lifestyle. She placed him ~ above a tight diet and limited his alcohol consumption.

When he visited parties, she hoarded his money and made that adhere come a ten o’clock curfew. But, most impressive the all, he adhered to her instructions.

Babe Ruth | eat Habits

Per sources, Ruth was well-known for having one of the weirdest eat habits. Ruth offered to have huge meals and drink an extreme amount of alcohol.

According come an interview, Ruth ate “two-and-a-half pounds of rare beef steak” with whole bottle that chili sauce every day. And, as soon as an audience add him, he would eat increase more.

Babe Ruth and also his renowned eating habits

Also, his dinner wasn’t any different. Ruth used to have actually two porterhouse steaks, a dual order the cottage-fried potatoes, 2 heads the salad, and two to apologize pies because that dinner alone.

And, his “snacks” contained four warm dogs and also four Coca-Cola bottles. Before a game, he would consume a dozen warm dogs and a half-gallon that Pepsi together a pregame meal.

Per the Los Angeles Times, the clinical team had to take Ruth to the hospital amid a game because of a major indigestion case. As a result, this means of living captured up with him, and he might no much longer play outfield.

Babe Ruth | Charity & Foundation

Babe Ruth was a leader both on and also off the field. Thus, that has always been used his fame come raise fist on numerous issues.

Throughout, the network worth that Babe Ruth has entered various charities. One of his important steps would be the establishment of the Babe Ruth Foundation.

It was a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bad children. A year later, Babe Ruth pass away, and a the majority of his will went ~ above to build this foundation.

The foundation was devoted to imparting teamwork, sportsmanship, and also leadership come children. Ruth believed that educating the youngsters with these beneficial traits deserve to enhance the course of your life.

Throughout, Ruth did whatever he can to serve children and make castle happy. And, he never ever said no come autographs whenever any type of children would ask for one.

Additionally, he frequently visited the orphanages and hospitals dedicated to serving the needy and also poor. Also, he also visited St. Mary’s and also constantly interacted with the youngsters sheltered there.

Furthermore, during human being War II, he connected up with the Red Cross. Accordingly, he visited army hospitals on lot of occasions and also helped progressive funds.

Babe Ruth | Baseball Career

Babe Ruth prospered so an excellent at baseball that Baltimore Orioles owner Jack Dunn pertained to see that play. As a result, he offered him a contract regardless of watching that for less than one hour.

Between 1915 and also 1919, Babe winner 87 games, through a 2.16 earned run average. Also, Ruth won 3 World collection games (one in 1916 and two in 1918).

And, he collection a record for spotless World series innings through pitching 292/3 straight shutout innings. Yet, by 1919 Ruth was offered to the brand-new York Yankees by the team.

In 1920, throughout his an initial season with the Yankees, Ruth surpassed his single-season document by hitting 54 home runs. The was referred to as the “Sultan the Swat” by sportswriters.

Babe Ruth hits his 30th home run of the season.

But, in 1925, he was down poor due come sickness. Yet, he hit 25 residence runs in 98 games that season while participating in just 98 games.

From 1926 come 1932, Ruth’s attack performance gone beyond that the all other players.

During those seven seasons, that hit 49 home runs, drove in 151 runs, and also had a.353 batting average.

Eventually, he joined Boston Braves together a player and assistant manager. Ruth break up his career with 714 house runs in the season, i beg your pardon he held until Hank Aaron broke it in 1974.

Babe Ruth | Pitching Stats

10 Yrs9446.6712.281631471210717“>41221.1

3 Facts about Babe Ruth

Ruth was arrested in Manhattan ~ above June 8, 1921, for the second time in a month for speeding. Thus, he was condemned to invest the rest of the day in jail.His father acquired into a fight with among the family members members and followed him the end onto the street. Then, that fell and also banged his head top top the ago of his head, dying from a not correct skull.In 1936, Babe was inducted right into the Baseball room of fame after a 22-year major league career.You can like to know about Erik Kratz: Stats, MLB, Wife, youngsters & network Worth >>


“All I deserve to tell castle is pick a an excellent one and sock it. Ns get ago to the dugout, and also they questioning me what the was i hit, and I tell them i don’t know other than it looked good.”“I have actually just one superstition. Whenever i hit a home run, ns make specific I touch all 4 bases.”“The means a team plays as a totality determines that success. Girlfriend may have the biggest bunch of separation, personal, instance stars in the world, however if lock don’t beat together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

Babe Ruth | FAQs

Why was he nicknamed “The Babe?”

George signed his an initial professional baseball contract in ~ the age of 19. Because George was so young, veteran Orioles players started to describe him as “Babe.”

Where is Eau Claire Babe Ruth Baseball?

It is located at Addison Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703, unified States.

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What are Babe Ruth’s baseball map value and also rookie card value?

Babe Ruth’s pre-rookie map value and also 1914 Baltimore baseball card worth are approximated to it is in $6 million.