Baseball signed by Babe Ruth on Aug. 15, 1948, the night before he died. Autograph PSA/DNA authenticated and also graded a perfect 10. Marketed for $183,500, subsequently evidenced by PSA as the greatest price ever paid because that a single-signature baseball. Grey Flannel Auctions image

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Grey Flannel Auctions has added a new world document to its long list of success with the six-figure revenue of a baseball signed by Babe Ruth the night before he died. A prized to mark of Grey Flannel’s Jan. 22 auction, the PSA/DNA-authenticated ball opened for bidding at $5,000. Twenty-four bids later on it had actually a new owner, who dominated over the field of competitors at a heart-stopping $183,500. PSA subsequently confirmed the win bid to it is in the highest possible price ever before paid for single-signature personalized baseball.

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The team in ~ Grey Flannel has actually handled many historically necessary signed baseballs but felt strongly that the Ruth round consigned to the January sale could be destined for the record books.

“We were excited around it from the first moment we collection eyes ~ above it,” said Grey Flannel’s manager of Operations, Michael Russek. “The autograph appeared impeccable. It was certainly the finest Ruth autograph us had ever before seen ~ above any article of sports memorabilia, not just baseballs. PSA/DNA, i m sorry is the ultimate authority once it comes to authenticating athletes’ signatures, graded the autograph a Mint 10, i beg your pardon is together high as it goes. I would certainly be really surprised if a much better example ever before were to appear in the marketplace. Obviously our bidders felt the exact same way, due to the fact that it was a fight to the finish.”

The story behind the sphere adds one endearing footnote to Babe Ruth’s life story. In 1948, when his health was failing, Ruth was at a restaurant whereby a waiter approached him v a distinct request. The guy asked if Ruth would autograph a round for his daughter’s birthday. At first Ruth declined, but later on he returned and also asked the waiter for the girl’s name, which was “Loraine.” Ruth signed the ball, then left. He died the following day.

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1902 Baltimore Orioles C.B. Burns game-used flannel road jersey, earliest sports jersey taken on by Grey Flannel Auctions in its 30-year history. Graded 9+, add by letter that authenticity indigenous the player’s family. Marketed for $48,871. Grey Flannel Auctions image

Many other outstanding price were completed in Grey Flannel’s very first auction the 2020, which grossed $1,415,000. The earliest professional sports jersey ever before handled through Grey Flannel Auctions, a 1902 Baltimore Orioles game-used flannel with straight family documentation, offered for $48,871. Indigenous the modern-day era, a pair that “Dream Team” basketball sneakers dual-autographed and also game-worn through Michael Jordan at the 1992 Olympics soared come a $52,417 finish.

‘Dream Team’ basketball sneakers dual-autographed and game-worn by Michael Jordan in ~ the 1992 Olympics. Marketed for $52,417. Grey Flannel Auctions image

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