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The Monroe piercing is a sleek and stylish type of facial piercing that is becoming very popular for its versatile look. Although it’s more popular among women than men, Monroe piercings tend to look good on any gender.


Basic surgical steel hoop for Monroe piercing. See it here.

While a hoop can give attitude and a badass look to any piercing, it needs to be worn with care. A hoop wrapping around your lip can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t careful. Imagine the number of things that could get caught in it!

If you do decide to opt for a hoop, do so after your piercing has healed to avoid issues. Be careful when eating or using cutlery and take it off if you find it difficult to manage.

Monroe Piercing Pain – Can I Handle It?

Pain is a subjective experience so it’s difficult to pinpoint how exactly you may react to it. However, in general, the Monroe piercing is considered a fairly painful type of lip piercing. For most people, the Monroe piercing causes a sharp, piercing pain that quickly subsides. However, some people experience no discomfort at all.

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One of the main issues with the Monroe piercings is that it can swell quite a bit, because of the fleshiness of the lip area. It’s best if you’re piercing is done with a needled instead of a piercing gun, as these are clean and sharp enough to minimize damage. Piercing guns typically use too much force and have more bacteria, which isn’t ideal for any piercing.

Melinda: Every piercing hurts to some extent. After all it’s a needle going through your skin, that’s going to hurt no matter what! I’ve got a high pain tolerance so when I got my Monroe piercing done, it just hart really badly for a few seconds. That was it.

Shelly: I can’t really say if it hurts or not because I got mine done with anaesthesia – so for me, no, the Monroe piercing didn’t hurt at all.