The game Boy is undoubtedly the most iconic handheld console of every time. We’ve all obtained one in some form or form, however how lot is a game Boy worth this days?

The original video game Boy DMG was one of the 90s playthings that everyone wanted. I still remember obtaining my an initial yellow DMG and also loading up Super Mario Bros for the very first time.

That tiny unit took me through few of the ideal portable adventures; ns guess you could say the it started my training because that being a Retro Dodo writer!

We’ve seen some amazing game Boy variations over the years, at some point moving native the classic green display screen of the DMG through black and also white to colour, and also finally back-lit models.

But the concern still remains; what is a game Boy worth in today’s market? just how much is a GBA SP worth, and also what’s the price the a game Boy Pocket.

The answers to all of these questions, and a heck of a lot more rambling besides, have the right to be discovered below!

(Please note: every one of our sector research and also data is take away from eBay, as this is the many common means to market a video game Boy. Info is accurate as of November 2020, and we will update this short article on a monthly communication to keep you updated and also to reflect on the fluctuation of prices. All prices are based in USD. Refurbished console listings might contain seller modified goods with to update hardware. Please check both listings and also selling information thoroughly before purchase.)


How much Is A video game Boy Worth?

The original Gameboy as of today sells for $30 – $150 relying on the problem of the handheld and also if you have actually the original box. Nintendo exit the Gameboy, the Gameboy Pocket, the Gameboy Color, the Gameboy Advance, the Gameboy breakthrough SP and also finally the Gameboy Micro.

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The very an initial Game Boy, the DMG, is still thought about as the gold grandaddy the portable gaming. The DMG, or ‘Dot procession Game’ console is the handheld that began it all and also is still provided as a base style for plenty of of the best retro handhelds that arrive in ~ Retro Dodo towers.

As is the instance with the other articles in ours ‘what’s it worth’ console series, the original video game Boy is still precious a the majority of money if it’s in a sealed box. You looking at countless dollars in part instances!

If you’re just after a instead of unit, then you deserve to pick one up for approximately $29 without any games. Bundles, or a supplied console through a box, have the right to go for anything up to $152.

Sealed duplicates are currently selling because that upwards that $600, therefore you better have a nice little nest egg tucked far if you want to bag among those.

Used: $29 – $152

Refurbished: $50 – $150

Sealed: $600+

How lot Is A video game Boy bag Worth?


Next increase is the game Boy Pocket, a smaller, lighter variation of the DMG with a black and also white display screen as protest to the eco-friendly used by it’s predeccessor.

The game Boy pocket still remains one of my favourite game Boy styles, and you deserve to pick one up for around $30 if girlfriend missed out the very first time about in 1996.

With the very same battery life as the original video game Boy, the bag is perfect because that gamers top top the go and also uses fewer batteries too!

One offered for $800 recently complete with sealed box, however you deserve to pick increase a slice of untouched gaming history for approximately the $355 mark,

Used: $30 – $264

Refurbished: $30 – $203

Sealed: $355+

How much Is A game Boy shade Worth?


1998 observed the arrival of the video game Boy Color, and with it, a whole new style the play.

No longer were games black and white or shades that sepia; we might see Pokemon in glorious colour, discover immersive worlds with well-off textures, and also see our favourite characters in their true glory.

If you looking to gain a console with several of the finest Gameboy color games had or a boxed version, then intend to pay around $219.

A used game Boy color will set you back around $30 dollars, with prices sky rocketing if you space trying to achieve a refurbished or modded console.

If, however, a sealed execution is just what the arsenal requires, then be ready to invest upwards of $599!

Used: $30 – $219

Refurbished: $35- $149

Sealed: $599+

How lot Is A video game Boy development Worth?


Everything adjusted in 2001 when we held the video game Boy development in ours palms because that the very first time.

Paying horizontal homage come the game & watch consoles the old, the GBA looked cool and played incredibly. Modded Gameboy fans anywhere the world favour this iconic violet powerhouse, and also I deserve to still psychic the an initial time i played Tony falken on this thing.

But how much is the video game Boy advancement Worth? Well, you have the right to expect come pay around $39 for the console on the own, v prices heading up to the $155 mark for a boxed copy or a games bundle.

The refurbished group has a wide price margin in it as result of the variety of modded consoles in the sales listings, therefore be certain to check whether the unit her buying is an original if you’re ~ the genuine deal.

Sealed game Boy breakthrough consoles are offering for upwards that $345.

Used: $39 – $155

Refurbished: $48 – $299

Sealed: $345+

How much Is A video game Boy development SP Worth?


The game Boy advance SP readjusted portable gaming for the better. With its back-lit screen, we no longer had to worry around packing that annoying worm irradiate or recognize a light source to play the finest Game Boy advancement games by.

This console quiet sells well also in 2020. A used minimal edition Pikachu SP finish with box and manual newly sold for $599, but you have the right to pick up a unit top top its own for around $35

Looking for an original sealed console? that’s going to collection you back around $455, although some of the rarer models have gone because that a chuck $2,499!

A sealed Charizard SP minimal recently marketed for $1,200, when a mint graded Pikachu console went for $1,500.

If you have one that those, then I suggest you organize on come it tightly!

Used: $35 – $599

Refurbished: $65 – $229

Sealed: $455+

How lot Is A video game Boy Micro Worth?

The video game Boy Micro fell somewhat by the wayside because of the marketing campaign surrounding the Nintendo DS. It’s a super little Game young that doesn’t have backwards compatibility, for this reason it’s no great if you want to crack the end the initial Tetris game on the bus.

It does, however, play GBA gamings perfectly and, together the last video game Boy ever before produced, is a nice slice of background to have in your collection.

But what is this game Boy worth?

Well, you have the right to pick up a used game Boy Micro for around $50, making the the many expensive supplied console in this list so far. Boxed editions are marketing for about $500, although refurbished units v boxes deserve to be bought because that £300.

What around sealed copies? Well, $200 will acquire you a game boy Micro in a plastic case, yet you could pay $699+ because that a boxed Mario 20th Anniversary edition.

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A Pokemon Center limited edition console recently sold for over $1,500.

Used: $50 – $500

Refurbished: $105 – $300

Sealed: $200+

How much Is A minimal Edition video game Boy Worth?


I’ve mention minimal edition video game Boy consoles a pair of times throughout this article. The reality is that there room so many to be found across the miscellaneous evolutions that this mighty console that it would take forever to create them every down.

One that has tendency to be extremely sought ~ is the GBA SP NES edition, a handheld the pays homage to Nintendo’s first-ever house console.

One of these offered consoles will set you back around $74, knocking the game Boy Micro off the height spot together the most expensive second-hand used game Boy.

Sealed duplicates tend to cost anywhere upwards of $650.

Used: $74 – $204

Refurbished: $69 – $184

Sealed: $650+

Wondering exactly how much is a NES precious after analysis that section? We’ve discovered that out for friend too!

How much Is A game Boy Camera Worth?


As with the other write-ups in this series, we had to encompass a pair of the best Gameboy accessories for you to peruse over

The video game Boy Camera was, at one time, considered the finest portable digital camera in the world. It even made the Guinness book of Records!

If you want to record stills of gamings or pics of her friends favor it’s 1998, then you deserve to expect come pay between $19 and also $36 for one relying on the item’s condition.

Sealed copies are selling for approximately $55, which is a same price come pay because that that new gadget smell!

Used: $19 – $36

Sealed: $55+

How much Is A game Boy printer Worth?


The video game Boy printer is a neat bit of kit that goes hand-in-hand with the video game Boy Camera. The original rolls of paper for the printer aren’t in production any kind of more, yet you have the right to buy a role for $15 if you want the complete nostalgic feel.

Used printers are selling for approximately $26 there is no a box, yet you have the right to expect come pay approximately $119 if you want the complete kit.

Brand new, never ever been offered units are marketing for upwards the $122, sometimes more if they come v the original file rolls.