Mexican 50 Peso yellow coins - the precursors of the Mexican yellow Libertads

The architecture of the historical Mexican Centenario yellow coins that room featured on this web page was the impetus for the style of the modern Mexican yellow Libertad coins. The gold Centenarios were minted by the Casa de Moneda de México between 1921 and also 1947. The coins were named Centenario due to the fact that they are dedicated to the 100th anniversary the Mexico acquiring its freedom from Spain, the former early american master. As result of their confront value of 50 Pesos, the coins are additionally commonly referred to as mexican 50 Peso yellow coins. The mexico Centenarios were however never intended to be offered as currency.

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Just favor the "Azteca" mexico 20 Peso gold coins and the Mexican yellow Hidalgos, all Mexican gold Centenarios space composed the 90% gold and also 10% copper. With an unusual actual gold weight of 1.2057 oz, the Centenarios still space the largest and heaviest of every gold coins the were produced in Mexico. Your obverse side reflects Mexico"s angel of freedom with a laurel wreath and also broken chains. Mexico"s coat of arms have the right to be checked out on the reverse. It shows an eagle perched on optimal of a prickly pear cactus holding a serpent. This image shows up on other Mexican gold coins together well.

With a full mintage that exceeded 8.5 million, Mexican yellow Centenario coins aren"t rarely gold coins. Girlfriend won"t uncover them together commonly noted for sale virtual as other gold coins though. If friend buy gold in the form of this coins, you need to be aware that many modern restrikes of the gold Centenario to be made, occasionally with historical dates! American buyers that room investing in gold for your retirement have to take keep in mind that the mexican Centenario gold coins room not eligible for inclusion in individual Retirement accounts (IRA"s) since they room classified together collectible gold coins by the IRS.



Coin fact Sheet

WeightFace ValuePurityDiameter x Thickness
1.2057 oz50 Peso90%37.1 x 2.69 mm

Total Mintage: 8,532,000

Design that the mexico Centenarios

The 50 Peso yellow coin to be designed by Emilio del Moral and also the architecture was later reused for the popular Gold Libertads and also Silver Libertads. The obverse next of the coins depicts "El Ángel de la Independencia" (eng: The point of view of Independence) v a laurel wreath in her right hand and broken chains in her left. "El Ángel de la Independencia" (a.k.a. "Monumento a la Independencia") is a victory tower in downtown Mexico City. The famed Mexican volcanoes Popocatepetl and also Iztaccíhuatl are shown in the background. The day 1821 (the year the Mexico’s independence) and the year the mintage show up to the bottom left and also right. The indigenous "50 PESOS" and "37.5 Gr. ORO PURO" space respectively engraved above.

On the reverse side of each Mexican gold Centenario coin you"ll uncover a calculation of Mexico"s coat of arms which shows an eagle perched on height of a prickly pear cactus while holding a serpent in the talons and beak. The words "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" are inscribed follow me the coin"s upper edge.

History the the gold Centenario

The 50 Peso Mexican yellow coin was very first issued in 1921 in commemoration the Mexico"s very first century of independence. That"s why the coin is commonly referred to as Mexican Centenario. The Casa de Moneda de México at an initial issued the coins without interruption in between 1921 and also 1931.

High need for gold coins led to production being restarted in 1943. The highest possible mintage number were reached in the years the followed however this 2nd mintage duration didn"t last an extremely long. Currently in 1947, the mexican Centenario yellow coin was produced for the critical time. However, restrikes the the coin to be made in later on years.

Coin Variations


Only the coins the were produced in 1943 have the wording 37.5 Gr. Oro Puro (37.5 grams pure gold) show up to the left and also the appropriate of the angel. The normal "50 Pesos" inscription was omitted the year due to the fact that the coin"s actual yellow value far exceeded that challenge value.

The coin went back to its original design the adhering to year. The image near the optimal of the web page shows the typical obverse architecture that mirrors both the confront value and also gold weight. To the left, girlfriend see an image of the obverse next of a coin from 1943 through the double-mention that the yellow weight.

Restrikes the the Mexican gold Centenario

Modern restrikes the the 50 yellow Peso Centenario to be made indigenous 1949 to 1972 (with the 1947 date !!!), indigenous 2000 to 2009 and also in 1996.

A total of 3,975,654 coins were restruck between 1949 and 1972 and an additional 302,000 coins to be restruck between 2000 and 2009. The number of restrikes that were make in 1996 is unknown.

Mintage Numbers

Annual mintage of the 50 Peso Mexican yellow Centenario varied in between 89,000 and 1,588,000 coins. The highest possible production during the an initial mintage duration (1921 - 1931) was got to in 1925 when 716,000 mexico 50 Peso gold coins were struck. The years 1921 (mintage the 180,000 coins) and also 1931 (137,000 coins) were the years through the lowest mintage numbers during the early stage mintage period.

Mintage that the coins resumed in 1943 v an all-time manufacturing low that 89,400 coins. Mintage numbers raised sharply in the adhering to years. The greatest mintage of the Mexican gold Centenario was got to in 1946 through 1,588,000 coins.

Open Mintages Table

Close Mintages Table

50 Peso Mexican gold Centenario

1921 180,000
1922 463,000
1923 432,000
1924 439,000
1925 716,000
1926 600,000
1927 606,000
1928 538,000
1929 458,000
1930 372,000
1931 137,000
1943 89,000
1944 593,000
1945 1,012,000
1946 1,588,000
1947 309,000
Total 8,532,000



Mexican gold Libertads

The Mexican yellow Libertad coins room struck out of 99.9% pure gold due to the fact that 1981. Their design that depicts the angel of independence is influenced by the historical Mexican Centenario yellow coins. The yellow Libertads are minted by the Casa de Moneda de México, the oldest mint in north America, in the denominations of 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz. Both excellent uncirculated and also proof coins are available. The coins don"t have actually an official face value and also their yearly mintage numbers are much lower than those of other gold bullion coins. In spite of that, the coins have actually legal tender standing in Mexico.

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The Mexican gold Libertad web page gives an ext information about the coins and enables you to compare current prices.