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Beautiful, captivating, intelligent, and also majestic, blue and also gold macaws are one of the mostpopular huge parrots. This brightly colored beauties have actually much more to sell than simply a pretty face; lock are complete of personality and comical charm. Castle are among the much more recognizable bird in the world and are one extraordinary pets for human being who have the right to handle a large parrot that requirements attention.

Common Names: Blue and gold macaw, blue and also yellow macaw

Scientific Name: Ara ararauna

Adult Size: 33 inches from mine to tail feathers, wingspan can reach 40 inches or more, and they generally weigh end 2 pounds

Life Expectancy: Can live 60 or much more years, although many live about 30 years; some blue and also golds have lived up to 100 or more

origin and background

In the wild, blue and also gold macaws reap a wide selection from Panama in main America, prolonging into almost every nation of northern South America. Castle have additionally been introduced in Puerto Rico.

Blue and golds frequently live in the woodlands near rivers and swamps, despite they can be discovered in a grassy savannah if it has actually tall trees. Most often traveling in pairs, macaws will certainly gather in large flocks at certain times the the year or will meet up throughout the morning and evening hours to forage because that food.

Wild blue and golds room an intimidated species. Lot of their population decrease in the wild has been as result of habitat destruction, hunting, and also trapping. Sadly, before captive breeding programs, these young birds to be quite regularly taken straight from the nest and also sold for the pet trade. Numerous defensive parents passed away protecting their babies, and many young parrots did no survive.

Since 1935, the blue and golds have actually been bred efficiently in the U.S. Breeders are readily available, and also their prevalence makes them among the much more affordable large parrots.


Their sociability and also even, sweet disposition provides blue and gold macaws a good pet. Your intelligence, willingness come learn, and also talking capability are a plus.

When allowed to socialize v a range of people, blue and also golds do an extremely well adapting to different people and also other birds. The blue and also gold is a an excellent bird for tricks. They"re a famous headliner in ~ bird shows, and many owner may also take lock out around town v the assist of bird leashes and car seats.

Around the house, these macaws might act like friendly dogs. They reap being close to their owners and seek out attention. They are likewise content on your perch, the town hall the activity around them.

Speech and Vocalizations

Blue and also gold macaws are capable of ear-shattering calls, which are usually not appreciated by near neighbors. They room not the best selection for those that live in apartments and condominiums or if you have tiny children who are startled through noise.

This bird is a an excellent talker; it have the right to learn quickly and intends to please. Cultivate is reasonably simple as lengthy as you room consistent. They have the right to learn a vocabulary of roughly 20 words and also phrases. Offered the clarity of your voice, many world consider them among the ideal talking parrots.

Blue and also Gold Macaw Colors and Markings

Blue and gold macaws gain their usual name from their 2 most prominent feather colors. They frequently have a environment-friendly forehead, fading into a teal blue the covers the nape, back, tail, and also wings. The chest and also underside of the wings and also belly are a bright golden yellow.

These bird have big black beaks and a black color patch the feathers simply underneath its beak. White spot of skin adorned through rings of tiny black feathers surround your eyes and also cover much of the face.

Blue and also gold macaws room monotypic, definition there is only one bird that falls into the species. However, bird experts suggest the there space two variations or subspecies. These are the Bolivian blue and gold macaw, a larger bird with much more of an yes, really blue coloring 보다 the common turquoise, and the blue-throated macaw, which has a teal blue throat rather of a black throat.

This bird is a monomorphic species, meaning males and females space barely distinguishable from each other. Many believed that the male has actually a flatter head, and also the female has actually a narrow beak; the only method to prove the sex that this macaw is through surgical or genetic sexing.

Caring because that a Blue and Gold Macaw

Like most macaws, the blue and gold thrives on attention fromitsowner and also will form a solid bond through its family members. Take time to socialize these birds properly and also to carry out them with adequatementalstimulation; otherwise, theymight will to screaming out of boredom.

These raucous birds require a cage that is in ~ a minimum at the very least 5-feet tall and also at the very least 3- or 4-feet large and long. The bird needs several room to stretch that is wings, hop and also climb around, and also keep chin occupied.

Some owners even have a dedicated, bird-safe room. Due to the fact that these birds gnaw on nearly anything, remove electrical wires, jewelry, and wooden furniture.

Another consideration before you commit to acquiring this bird is the price of ownership. In enhancement to the cost of the bird, think around the avian veterinary bills, high-quality feed, and also the accessory prices for a cage, play stand, and also toys.

typical Health difficulties

Macaws may be long-lived birds, but, favor all parrots, they space prone to a famous infection called macaw wasting syndrome and also overgrown beaks.

Like otherparrots,blueand golds might resort to self-mutilation through feather plucking if they feeling neglected or bored.

A well-balanced diet and adequate practice are crucial to maintain pet bird health. This bird is at risk to occurring nutritional disorders choose obesity, fat liver disease, and also fatty tumors.

Diet and Nutrition

In the wild, most macaws, including blue-and-gold macaws, eat a range of seeds, plant material, fruits, and nuts.

Captive blue and also gold macaws should gain a differed diet consisting of as many different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables together possible. The bird should additionally get a high-quality pelleted diet v some healthy and balanced seeds, such as flax, hemp, and also chia. Avoid many nut treats; these space high in fat.

Each macaw, depending on its size, will eat around 1/2 come 3/4 cup that parrot mix and about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruit and vegetables every day. You have the right to feed it as soon as in the morning ~ above waking and also at dusk before it goes come sleep. Remove all uneaten food prior to bedtime.

Fruits the are good to feeding to macaws include apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, mangos, papayas, and also berries. Healthy and balanced vegetables include carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and leafy greens. Never ever feed avocado, chocolate, or rhubarb; these foodstuffs are toxicity to birds. Together an occasional training treat, offer nuts choose macadamias, walnuts, pecans, almonds, and also hazelnuts.


Blue and gold macaws are active birds. Castle love come climb, swing, bounce, and chew. Owners should provide a minimum of 2 to 3 hours of playtime outside of the cage each day so that the bird have the right to stretch and also exercise its muscles.

These birds have an effective jaw muscles. Chewing and also gnawing are essential to store their jaws healthy and also in shape. Long lasting toys space a must, as theblue and gold"s beakis recognized tobe destructive. Carry out bird-safe chewable playthings made the leather and have extras top top hand together they get destroyed.

Exploratory toys with nooks and crannies administer mental enrichment. The bird uses its huge beak to inspection items. A bird it s okay satisfaction upon break things open up or pulling lock apart.

Intelligent, can learn to speak and also perform tricks

Gets follow me well with others (birds and humans)

More affordable macaw species

Can be noisy, no well-suited for apartments

Requires at least 2 to 4 hours of managed out-of-cage time

Large bird that requires a considerable cage

wherein to embrace or buy a Blue and Gold Macaw

Purchase a blue and also gold macaw native a dependable breeder or adoption agency. Contact breeders to see if you deserve to spend some time through them and their birds. Talk to who who has actually experience elevating these birds prior to you decide if lock are appropriate for you. This birds cost around $1,000 come $2,000.

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Make sure that the bird you desire to take house is alert, active, and also exhibits all thesigns the a healthy and balanced bird, such together bright eyes, clean feathers, and also full crops.