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Arguably the most iconic yellow coin approve by the mexican Mint is the 50 Peso gold coin, i m sorry is well-known to many numismatists together the yellow Centenario. Very first issued by the mexican Mint in 1921, these coins room a favorite among collectors. Ideal now, 50 Peso Mexican yellow Coins are accessible to purchase online indigenous JM Bullion.

Coin Highlights:

Arrives inside of safety plastic!First approve in 1921 by the mexico Mint!Contains 1.20565 troy oz the actual gold content.Bears a face value that 50 Pesos donate by the federal federal government of Mexico.On the obverse that the coin is the photo of Winged Victory.The turning back side that the coin attributes the golden eagle indigenous the mexican coat of arms.

Each the the 50 Peso Mexican yellow Coins accessible to friend in this product listing originates from a arbitrarily year of issue with variable problems offered. JM Bullion cannot guarantee the year of issue youll obtain with your purchase or the condition of the coin. Your certain 50 Peso Mexican yellow Coin will be chosen based upon access in our warehouse as soon as your payment is processed and the coin selected for shipping.

The 50 Peso Mexican gold Coin is much more commonly recognized today as the yellow Centenario, so-called because it was first issued in 1921 through the mexican Mint come commemorate 100 year of Mexican self-reliance from Spanish early american rule. The coins to be issued on regular basis from 1921 to 1931, with production restarted in 1943 to meet rising need for gold coins. Every coins in the arsenal issued from 1949 come 1972 commonly have a set 1947 day mark.

On the obverse next of the 50 Peso Mexican gold Coin, youll find the original depiction of Winged Victory. Designed by Emilio del Moral, this image features a front-facing point of view of independence as she hold the wreath crown of armed forces victory and self-governance over she head in her right hand. The left hand is down at her side and clutches the broken chains that servitude.

The turning back of all 50 Peso Mexican yellow Coins attributes the cloak of arms for Mexico. These coins can feature miscellaneous depictions the the mexico coat of arms, yet the general design remains focused on a gold eagle top top a cactus perch together it battles with a snake.

Original 50 Peso Mexican gold Coins had reasonably low mintage figures throughout its manufacturing history. The original 1921-1931 problems had a mintage high the 716,000 coins in 1925 and a mintage short of 180,000 in 1921. The 1949-1972 coins issued v the 1947 date mark had a total mintage of 3.97 million coins.

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