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how much go a 2 liter of soda price where you are at? (price, stores)
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I don"t drink it the often, however it expenses $1.79 at the local gas station. I acquire a 2 liter of surname brand ginger ale about every 2 main or so, as sort of a sweet treat. That tastes prefer liquid candy. I stopped at an additional store the various other day come buy some smokes, and they want 2.49 for a 2 liter. I was like .. Wha.... That is more expensive 보다 gasoline.

Coke and Pepsi room usually on sale on alternate weeks in ~ the two different supermarkets in the area. The sale is generally $5.00 because that 4 bottles ($1.25 each), and sometimes just $1 each. As soon as they"re no on sale, they"re $1.85 each. Plus deposit of course. And state tax.

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At the grocery save Dr. Pepper seems to always be top top sale because that 98 cents. Coke and also Pepsi space usually $1 or $1.25. I think they"re around 1.59 when not ~ above sale, but there is always at the very least one brand on sale. Room you sure it was a 2 litter the was $2.49? That appears really high uneven it to be a specialty brand at entirety Foods or somewhere similar.

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