The Jefferson Nickel was very first produced by the U.S. Mint in 1938. The five-cent item was draft to replace the buffalo nickel. The nickel has remained popular throughout the years, and the Jefferson Nickel is still developed by the U.S. Mint today. When you might assume that a nickel does no have any value for collectors, nothing can be more from the truth.

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For a coin collector, however, a Jefferson Nickel might only be precious obtaining if it is in great condition. These coins tend to it is in the many physically attractive and are normally worth the many money.

Grading the 1949 Jefferson Nickel

These coins have been used currently for decades, and also their problem must be very closely inspected. When a coin in any kind of condition might be valuable, coin collectors will frequently look because that coins in near-mint condition. Finding coins in this top problem can be very difficult, however.

When you space inspecting a coin, what girlfriend are basically doing is trying to determine just how the coin might be graded. Coin grades are assigned by a experienced coin grading company; however, you deserve to use the guidelines listed below to obtain an idea of exactly how a graded Jefferson Nickel might appear.

Uncirculated: Coins in uncirculated problem are extremely sought ~ by coin collectors. Because these coins have actually never been offered in circulation, they execute not have the common damage and wear and tear associated with circulation coins. ~ above examination, this coins will appear as if they to be freshly struck and have no been taken on by person hands.

Extremely Fine: Coins that room assigned a great of very fine are likewise prized by coin collectors. This coins will, however, have actually some slim surface damages such together scratches. Just under an extremely close inspection will these imperfections it is in seen, however, and the coin at a glance will show up to be in mint condition.

Fine: Coins that have actually been assigned a great of fine have been commonly circulated and used, regularly for plenty of years or more. When the coin’s imagery and also details stay robust, the coin may have noticeable scratches or blemishes.

Good: Most of the Jefferson Nickels that are in use today are considered to it is in in good condition. This coins have actually been handled million of times over, and will have some far-ranging imperfections on your surfaces. Coin collectors will often avoid coins in this condition, and also will seek similar coins in exceptional condition.

Pricing the 1949 Jefferson Nickel

To get an accurate idea that the value of a 1949 Jefferson Nickel, you must very first determine what kind of nickel the is. Mint year 1949 had 4 different varieties produced. Certain types may it is in far an ext valuable than others. In enhancement to the coin type, you must likewise assess the coin’s condition. Coins that room in superior condition will regularly sell for far an ext than similar coins in a lesser condition. The chart below will aid you gain a great idea on what you can expect to pay because that a 1949 Jefferson Nickel based upon the coin’s type and grade.

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1949 Jefferson Nickel

1949 Jefferson NickelN/AN/A$4$7.50
1949 Jefferson Nickel (D)N/AN/A$2$5.50
1949 Jefferson Nickel (S)N/AN/A$2.50$5.50
Source: Red Book

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