has approximated the 1942 Mercury Dime worth at an average of $2.00, one in certified mint state (MS+) might be worth $50. (see details)...

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Type: Mercury Dime Year: 1942 Mint Mark: No mint mark Face Value: 0.10 USD Total Produced: 205,410,000 Silver Content: 90% Silver Weight: .0723 oz. Silver Melt: $1.65 Value: As a turbulent estimate of this coins value you have the right to assume this coin in average condition will be valued at somewright here around $2.00, while one in certified mint state (MS+) problem might carry as much as $50 at auction. This price does not referral any kind of conventional coin grading scale. So once we say average, we mean in a comparable problem to other coins issued in 1942, and mint state interpretation it is certified MS+ by one of the optimal coin grading service providers. .

More Info: 67% of all 1942 Mercury dimes were produced here at the (p) Philadelphia mint. Included in the numbers above are 22 thousand also proofs worth roughly $400 each. Also look for an error 2 over 1 that is worth in between 600 and also 15k. If you see what looks to be a 2 and 1 unified you have actually a coin worth some significant money. When buying or selling Mercury Dimes complete bands are key.

Numismatic vs Intrinsic Value:This coin in bad problem is still worth $0.35 more than the intrinsic worth from silver content of $1.65, this coin is hence even more useful to a collector than to a silver bug. Coins worth more to a collectors might be a far better lengthy term investment. If the metal prices drop you will still have a coin that a numismatic would want to buy.

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Current silver melt value* for a 1942 No mint note is $1.65 and also this price is based off the present silver spot price of $22.87 This worth is dynamic so booknote it and also comeago for an up to the minute silver melt worth.

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**When we say that 205,410,000, of these coins were created or produced in 1942 this number does not always enhance the actual circulation count for this coin. The numbers come from the United States mint, and they don"t reflect coins that have actually been melted, damaged, or those that have never before been released. Please store that in mind.

***Price topic to conventional supply and also demand also regulations, dealer premiums, and also other industry variations. Prices recurrent previous values fetched at online auctions, estate sales, certified coins being sold by dealers, and user submitted values. While we wholeheartedly try to offer hocolony price estimates there are many type of components besides appearance, metal content, and also rarity that assist consist of the coins as a whole value.Call or visit your regional coin dealer for even more information.

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