So exactly how much does a pig weigh?

Pigs will certainly primarily weigh everywhere from 300-700 pounds (136-317 kg). Some less and some heavier.

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Weights have the right to commonly vary relying on the kind of pig, and whether it is increased as a residential pig or commercial pig.

The largest pig we recognize of currently is a hog named Reggie.

He tips the scales at a world document 1,335 pounds (605.5 kg). That’s huge for a pig.

How Much Do Baby Pigs Weigh?

Baby pigs, or pigallows, as they are well-known, weigh about 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) when they are born.


Piglets are born through what they call “needle teeth”. They are smaller in dimension and also located towards the front of the jaw.

As the pig gets older, they develop canine, incisors, and also molars, which aid them crush food.

They are powerful when offered. So you don’t desire to obtain your hand also caught in their mouth.

What Do Pigs Eat?

One thing’s for certain, as soon as you describe the eating actions of a pig, they will certainly eat about anypoint.

Their diet may include roots, fruits, vegetable peels, corn, wwarm, soy, and barley. They will certainly likewise eat various other rodents and small reptiles, at times.

Most human being think a pig is just a dirty animal, however they are actually incredibly clean. They get this reputation from their should stay cool by rolling roughly in the mud.

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~ Fun Fact ~Pigs are a lot smarter than they are offered crmodify for. According to the Humane Society, a pig is as intelligent as the average 3-year old! Pigs that are family members pets deserve to also be trained to carry out points such as usage a litter box favor a cat and deserve to also carry out tricks.