Like any type of sport, motocross racing have the right to pay top dollar to champions, which renders it an attractive choice to amateur riders all set to relocate up in your career. However your income will count on several things, and if you’re not in the right ar at the ideal time, you may miss the end on lot of the earnings. 

Motocross riders deserve to earn numerous million dollars every year v sponsorships and also endorsement transaction and more if they deserve to place in the optimal spots.

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To learn more about the various streams of income that motocross riders shot to tap into then keep going to discover how girlfriend can get paid as a expert motocross rider.

Income counts on numerous Factors

Motocross riders gain their revenue from number of sources, including sponsorship deals through bike manufacturers like Suzuki and Kawasaki. If a driver is talented and also earns the peak spot ~ above a preferred bike several occasions in a row, they stand to do much much more money 보다 the rider that finishes second or 3rd place. 

When a rider pulls the championship spot because that the season, they can earn a bonus of up to $1 million indigenous a bike agency like Kawasaki through either putting their logos top top the bicycle or winning the race through the sponsor"s bike.

Prize Money From every Race

Each race has a “purse,” or pot, the money that is divided among the racers follow to your place. The an initial place it s okay the majority of the purse, if the rest of the point out are provided a percent of what’s left, v the last place obtaining the least amount the the purse.

For example, if the total purse is precious $66,950, the winning racer gets $12,000 of the purse together the very first prize. The second spot racer it s okay $6,000, and the rest obtain a smaller sized amount, i m sorry decreases as it goes down to the last spot. If there room 22 racers, the critical spot racer will obtain $1,415 for the race.

Therefore, to earn height dollar, a rider have to place 1st or at least 2nd. If a racer consistently drops to the reduced spots, they regularly have other work to assistance their gyeongju passion. Luckily, over there are various other sources for agree riders to produce an earnings for themselves.


Manufacturer sponsored Rides

When a manufacturer sponsors you, you’re part of your racing team, and the salaries space split in between the entire team. Riders room paid in 12 same monthly installments, plus bonuses for winning and also championships, and also travel reimbursements. 

Most funded riders are noted at the very least two bikes come use; a race bike and a exercise bike. The gyeongju bike is the one that gets factory-tuned through the firm and only makes appearances on race day. Experienced mechanics space on-site during the race to do basic bike maintain throughout race day.

The exercise bike is because that you to get seat time in preparing for race day. That method you (and the Sponsor) don’t need to worry about the practice bike being ‘race-ready’ top top the big day and also you have the right to just concentrate on honing her skills. Often, the team move the location of the exercise bike to the rider.

Product or organization Endorsements

Top racers are additionally requested come endorse assets from miscellaneous companies. The amount of money they earn is negotiated in between the agency and the agent, but there is no conventional payout because that endorsing products. A racer might be forced to appear in advertisement or in ~ several occasions in quick succession. 

A renowned racer may earn millions native product endorsement, as lengthy as that is because that the team or authorized by the team. (Privateers deserve to go wherein the many money every endorsement is.) If the endorsement the a rider renders is because that a completing team, the is at danger for breaching the contract and being fined, or fired.

Factory team riders must likewise devote 35 days out of the year to encourage the firm through autographs, corporate events, or commercials, clearly stated in the team contract. If a rider does no comply, the penalty is a fine.

Privateer riders have the right to participate in as tiny of activities as lock wish, as lengthy as they meet the regards to the separation, personal, instance contracts. 


The Bike do or size Prize Categories

Prize money payouts also depend on the bike do or size. For example, if you race without sponsorships, and also you’re top top a Kawasaki 450cc bike, and also place first, you might win as much as $50,000. However if she on the very same bike make, but it is a 250cc engine, you would success $28,000 once winning an initial place. 

Bike machines have certain payouts for different motorcycles, and also the more publicity they desire for the bike, the greater they will certainly pay for winning first place with that bike. Riders that race for specific manufacturers can earn up to $100,000 in a exclusive deal every race.

Where Riders finish in a race Matters

The purse payout is the compensation money the is split in between all riders at the finish of the event. First location earns the peak prize amount, while second and third place racers earn substantially less. Suppliers watch who wins or areas in the top 5 as they will then contract with them for endorsement methods in the future. Placing near the peak in each race opens up much more opportunities for extr income sources.

Salaries rely on where Riders ar in Races

Where racers place in races determines just how much they do for the year. If a racer finishes tenth for almost every race, he will earn $52,700 in bonuses and also prizes. Yet if a racer finishes in an initial place for every race of the season, they could make over $200,000 because that the year. 

But this no take into account the endorsement or sponsorship methods that racers receive as soon as finishing in the top spots consistently. Some riders earn end a million dollars in compensation money alone, no to cite the endorsements and commercial sponsorships they get.

For example, a rider the finished very first in every 2015 AMA Supercross gyeongju would have won $205,000 in prize money while earning $1,700,000 in factory bonuses and $1 million in a championship and $100,000 Feld entertainment bonus. In one season, a racer could earn over $3 million. 

In that exact same example, a racer that finishes fifth gets over $51,000 in purse money, then about $16,000 in Feld entertain bonus. Part riders have team bonuses collection up particular to their skill level and also finishing place.


Factory Team Riders Make more On Average

A factory team is a team that riders that race for bike manufacturers. The height three racers in manufacturing facility teams earn in between $6 million and also $10 million. Still, many racers earn significantly less than that and are not totally free to negotiate their personal deals with competing businesses because that endorsement deals. 

Factory team riders can also make an ext money 보다 privateers because of the different sponsorships lock contract with for your marketing campaigns. That way that riders get a bigger share of the corporate revenues in bonuses and prize money.

Monthly earnings Can substantially Vary

Team rider salaries deserve to start in ~ $20,000 per month and also can go as high together $100,000 every month. While it is a significant income for the median person, the is top top the low end for skilled sports, when most athletes in other sports earn significantly an ext than the per game. However, part racers want to it is in on factory devices so poor that they will take drastic salary cuts, or also ride for free.

While racers ~ above a team don’t have to buy their bikes to compete or practice, they are responsible because that their clinical care, and also insurance, i beg your pardon cuts into their salaries. Together independent contractors, lock are likewise responsible because that their income taxes. 

Riders deserve to Be Fired or Fined because that Minor Infractions

Should a racer breach any part of the contract, he have the right to be fired within 5 days, also without cause. They can likewise be fired for any kind of felony the driver commits while under contract. If a driver breaches a contract article in any type of way, they can be fined up to $25,000 every time. 

If a rider does no make himself accessible for events promoting team bikes and also other merchandise, or be available to autograph signing events, for up to 35 days per year, he might be fined.


The rider Is an live independence Contractor

Even with all the team’s manage over the rider and also his career, the rider is an independent contractor quite than one employee. A racer must buy your health and also accident insurance, salary for any emergency room costs, and also are no paid any workman’s compensation. They are also responsible for their expenses not related to travel.

However, the team offers a skilled mechanic throughout races because that each of the riders. Racers are additionally given a exercise bike, in addition to the title, so they have the right to keep in shape and keep their skills active. When riders don’t have actually insurance v the team, castle do have actually other services that might outweigh the limit of racing v a team. 

Most, however Not All, Riders contend on a Team

Some riders prefer to compete on their own because they can manage their careers and also off-time compared with gift on a factory team. As soon as riders space on a team, they can not do particular things without breaching component of the contract. 

But as soon as riders space on your own, they have the flexibility to do what they want within specific limits. These riders are referred to as “privateers,” an interpretation they space not team racers. Their earnings are often minimal to prize money from racing. However, if they are talented enough and also gain the attention of certain companies, they might become celebrity endorsers because that products. 

Where do the Bonuses Come From?

Riders gain bonuses from number of sources, consisting of sponsors who screen their logos top top the bikes. A privateer racer deserve to contract through a couple of sponsors to display screen their logos on a bike throughout races. Each bonus then contributes to the as whole earnings every race. 

For example, Ryan Villopoto earned over $700,000 for the 2014 season, yet only $100,000 the that earnings came from prize money. The rest were bonuses from sponsors. 


What do the optimal Earners Make?

In 2013, Valentino Rossi deserve $22 million, which is the record for every motorsports. When the average yearly salary is $85,000 for motocross racers, plenty of racers discover that they have the right to make a lot more money v endorsements, team racing, and other promotional activities. Riders likewise earn accumulation bonuses to the song of $100,000 for first place in a race. Put together, and the optimal earners deserve to make rather a killing.

2014 Season top Earners

As you deserve to see, earning bonuses throughout the motocross season can produce a solid revenue for experienced riders. Yes, manufacturing facility team riders deserve to receive significantly an ext than that and also earn a constant profit when on a team. 

Motocross costs Eat away Riders’ Income

If a racer finishes dead last in every race, they may not be able to afford all the prices that come from gyeongju in motocross events. Prices may selection from buying and also maintaining a dirt bike come buying gas for the motorcycle to miscellaneous costs like food and lodging while going come events during the gyeongju season.

And what around tax time? have the right to you write off these expenses on your taxes returns to lower your taxes bill? follow to one situation in 2005 and also 2006, the court did not permit the petitioners to compose off $57,000 the expenses due to the fact that it was asserted an activity that walk not create income.


Dirt bike Costs

If you don’t ride for a manufacturing facility team, you must buy a dust bike, which can cost at the very least $1,500 or more for a 2-stroke engine, and much more for a 4-stroke engine. If you buy new, intend to pay several thousand dollars more. 

Once you buy your bike, there space the included costs the maintenance, repair, storage, and transportation to and from events. Bike maintenance includes regular oil changes, waiting filter, and also oil filter changes, and also tire maintenance. 

If girlfriend ride because that a factory team, the bike the you usage in gyeongju is professionally kept by the team, however if you’re riding together a privateer, you require to number in maintenance prices before, during, and after the race. 

Any maintenance costs eat far at her prize money, and if you place low in any race, friend may end up paying more for racing than you earn.


Gas expenses Money Too

You will require gas for your bike and also the vehicle you use to transport your bike to racing events. A typical 2-stroke engine will require a pre-mix fuel consist of of a gas-oil mix, i m sorry will cost extra money. Yet a 4- punch engine will need a unique racing gas, i beg your pardon might expense even more. 

Now, if you’re walking to numerous races throughout the season, you’re likewise spending rather a little bit of money ~ above gas for her vehicle, and if you nothing get good gas mileage, you’re burn up all your potential compensation money. It would certainly be way for you to obtain a fuel-efficient vehicle that can carry a bike trailer.

Membership and also Race Fees Are forced to Race

Membership in the American Motorcyclist association (AMA) and local clubs have actually yearly fees the you have to consider. Most of the time, the fees room inexpensive, yet if you’re gyeongju in several classes, the course fees add up to more than a couple of hundred dollars per year. 

If you’re making the money that top earners make, race and also membership fees space nothing to worry about. But if she only obtaining a few hundred dollars per event or less, those fees will certainly come from other sources, such together your job, suspect you have a job exterior of your racing hobby.


Safety equipment Can it is in Expensive

Buying a high-quality helmet with the correct safety and security certifications can price $100 or more. If there room cheaper dust bike helmets available, no all are safety-certified and also may not qualify in a race. The AMA has details gear requirements that you should adhere to, or you will not have the ability to ride. The helmet price should not be skimped on as it protects your best asset--your head and neck.

Boots are an additional expensive component of your gear that need to not be skimped on since they room made specifically to defend your feet, ankles, and calves from any type of rocks the fly increase or save your fishing eye from getting crushed in a crash. Prices for quality boots variety from $120 to over $400, i m sorry you may not have actually the accumulation for immediately if you don’t gyeongju for a manufacturing facility team.

Miscellaneous security gear could include kidney belts, elbow pads, knee pads, and goggles to assist keep her body safe while navigating those twists, turns, and also jumps. The gear can add up and also eat away at your prize money. 


Miscellaneous Expenses add Up Quickly

Besides the expenses already discussed, you will additionally incur many other expenses while traveling to and also from gyeongju throughout the season. Costs such together meals, lodging, bike repair on the road, and any auto or trailer repairs that should be done while traveling can include up and cost you an ext than you may win in a race. Camping prices might also be a factor if you have an RV or a tent.

Should you not budget for this expenses, or must something come up that you didn’t setup for, you can go into debt if you don’t place high in a race.

What about Writing Motocross costs Off on her Taxes?

In 2005 and 2006, a case affiliated a couple that began a motocross racing company in 2004. While castle didn’t obtain into gyeongju personally, they determined that they to be going come sponsor a team that included their son and also other skilled riders. The petitioners, i.e., the couple, would pay the racers’ entry fees, preserve their motorcycles, and take them and their bikes to and also from race events in exchange for 75% of the compensation winnings of the riders. 

The couple thought lock would recover their invest in your racers when they became professional riders. Still, they were unable to reach an agreement with the riders about professional earnings, and also the riders never reached the status and also stayed amateur racers. Amateur racers are ineligible for cash prizes.

The petitioners did not produce a company plan, walk not figure out if they required a company license, or opened a separate service checking account. They likewise failed to keep specific records of the fees incurred for the gyeongju or other expenses. After recording losses of $57,986 for both 2005 and also 2006 on your taxes, the IRS investigated and brought them to trial.

The court decision remained in favor that the IRS because the petitioners did not display that they were engaged in any kind of profit-making task and did not administer accurate information. Furthermore, their task was reputed as a hobby and was charged penalties for not reporting exact records.

What Is the Lesson?

If you’re not making a living from motocross racing and you’re not keeping accurate records, then you room not legitimate able come claim any kind of of these costs on your tax returns. However, if racing is her only source of income, and you keep precise records, climate there may be things you can deduct on your returns.

Be certain to above a tax attorney or your tax advisor prior to you claim any type of expenses on your taxes, or girlfriend may come to be investigated by the IRS.



Professional motocross riders deserve to earn numerous dollars if they space talented and also have the best agent. Many of the moment racing with a team have the right to earn them an ext money, but sometimes, the stifles methods they can have come earn an ext on their own than v a team. However, a team can carry out consistent income, also in the off-season, while racing privately earns the racer money only during the gyeongju season.

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Should you decision to walk pro, weigh your options before deciding come race v a team, or go out on your own. Many methods to do a the majority of money exist, yet you need to know how to acquire it without breaching any contracts.