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Contemplating a tragus piercing? You’re no alone.

Piercing the tiny nub of cartilage that sits simply in front of the ear canal has become an ext popular since it was uncovered that ear cartilage piercings may aid manage migraine.

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Before you make a beeline because that the piercing studio, below are the answer to some FAQs about tragus piercings.


Any evidence easily accessible — which is minimal and still greatly anecdotal — exists approximately daith piercings, no tragus piercings, together a migraine treatment.

The concept is that ear cartilage piercings work comparable to acupuncture and also relieve ache by stimulating push points and nerve endings. In this case, that would be the vagus nerve, i m sorry extends native the base of your brain to the rest of your body.

Vagus nerve stimulation has already been proven to occupational on some other health and wellness conditions, prefer epilepsy and also depression, yet research right into vagus nerve stimulation and benefits via piercing is tho ongoing.

The method can vary slightly indigenous piercer come piercer. Because that example, part pierce native the outside in, if others go from the inside out. Aside from that, tragus piercings are made using a sterile needle — or at the very least they should be.

Generally, your piercer will:

Clean the area utilizing a medical-grade disinfectant.Mark the exact area to it is in pierced v a nontoxic marker.Some piercers place a cork or other obstacle in your ear canal to protect it indigenous the needle.Insert the needle into the tragus, with to the other side.Insert the jewelry right into the piercing.Apply light pressure to stop any kind of bleeding.Clean the area again.

A lot, according to some people, but only because that a second. Cartilage piercings are generally considered more painful than piercing fleshier parts, prefer the earlobes, yet it’s all relative.

The pain caused by the needle is so quick, though, the if you take a deep breath together it happens, it’ll more than before friend exhale.

Having the needle right there beside your ear canal means you hear and also feel every tiny thing. That deserve to be unnerving because that some. If you think it’ll help keep your stress in check, wear one earplug, as lengthy as it’s not in the way. Being tense can make the suffer feel much worse.

While we’re ~ above the subject, it’s precious noting the being drunk or hungover, super tired or stressed, or having an empty stomach can also make points feel an ext painful.

Be certain you’re fine rested, have some food in your belly, and aren’t education a hangover.

A tragus piercing can cost anywhere native $25 come $50.

The exact cost depends on several factors, including:

the endure of the piercerthe popularity and also location the the studiothe kind of jewel used

When budgeting for your piercing, make certain to element in extra costs, like any type of aftercare products and a tip for your piercer.

You’ll likewise want to uncover out even if it is the jewel is contained in the full cost. Save in mental that some metals and also styles cost an ext than others.

You have actually a couple of options because that the initial piercing and also a lot much more once her piercing is totally healed.

Most piercers use surgical stainless steel because it’s safe for many people and inexpensive.

Here’s a look in ~ the recommended choices for initial piercings:

Surgical stainless steel. This is medical-grade stainless steel provided for medical implants. It does contain part nickel, however a low rate of nickel release renders it safe even for most world with a nickel allergy. Still, if you have actually a severe nickel allergy, you’ll desire to skip it. Titanium. This is an additional medical-grade metal, yet unlike stainless steel, titanium is completely hypoallergenic. It’s an ext expensive, but if you have a major nickel allergy, titanium is what her piercer will likely recommend.Solid 14-karat or higher gold. If you choose the watch of yellow, rose, or white gold and also don’t mind paying more, yellow is a safe option. Simply make certain it’s solid and also not gold-plated, which can flake and also expose you to nickel and other alloys used under the plating.Niobium. This elemental steel is comparable to titanium and also safe because that pretty much everyone, yet it doesn’t have the implant-grade designation — no that it is a huge deal here. It additionally costs much less than titanium.

Once you healed, the human being is your oyster as far as jewelry options. Until then, you’ll must stick v the jewelry provided for the early stage piercing.

Your piercer can assist you pick the best type to start with. Barbells, hoops, and studs room the most common varieties used for initial piercings:

Barbells are simple to obtain in and out of the piercing (though this won’t matter much for the initial piercing).Studs can offer some protection versus scarring.Rings work best if you’re searching for something an easy and discreet.

The type of jewel you go with really simply comes down to your an individual preference.

Some tenderness and also swelling is usually par because that the food the first pair of work after puncturing tissue, together with some watery discharge and also crusting.

More serious complications are possible, but you can substantially reduce your opportunity of these by making certain you go with an competent piercer.

Here’s a look at the main things to clock for:

Bloodborne infections. You deserve to contract bloodborne epidemic from a contaminated needle, including hepatitis B and C, and also HIV. Insisting your piercer use a sterilized, disposable needle is a must!Allergic reaction. allergies to particular metals are reasonably common, especially nickel. A most body jewelry consists of some nickel, which could cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms include itching, redness, and also blisters.Catching or tearing. Ouch, right? however it’s possible to catch your piercing on something, like a shirt you pull over your head or a hat, leading to the organization to tear.

Your piercer will provide you aftercare instructions to assist your piercing heal faster and also lower your threat for complications.

To treatment for your tragus piercing:

Avoid poignant the piercing so friend don’t introduce bacteria and germs right into the wound.Wash her hands thoroughly before cleaning or touching your piercing.Rinse any crust or discharge with warmth water and also gentle soap.Avoid harsh assets or ingredients, choose alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and also perfumes.Try no to use earbuds or headphones until it’s healed, or at least for the very first month or two.Be careful not come snag or record your jewelry on things favor sweaters, scarves, or hats.

It generally takes 3 to 6 months for a tragus piercing come heal, however it deserve to take a lot much longer — approximately a year — relying on how fine you treatment for it and whether you experience any complications follow me the way.

Factors like any existing clinical conditions, particular medications, and even lifestyle choices, favor smoking, can influence healing time.

It’s finest to leave the initial jewelry in until the piercing is completely healed.

That said, you may have the ability to swap it out previously if:

your piercing is no much longer tenderthe minimum heal time as advised by your piercer has passedany weeping or discharge and crusting has stopped

If you require to readjust it for some reason prior to it’s healed, have actually a piercer carry out it.

Any symptoms that persist or gain worse are usually a pretty good indication that things are going south.

Here are particular symptoms to watch the end for:

severe painpersistent or worsening inflammation or rednessswelling that lasts an ext than 48 hoursthick, smelly discharge or pusexcessive bleedingwarmth from the piercinga bang at the piercing sitefeverthickening or flaking approximately the piercing

If you’re not certain if miscellaneous is unusual, you can contact the piercer to twin check, however it’s best to speak to your healthcare provider around any of the over symptoms.

That counts on how much you dislike it and also whether you’re all set to kiss it goodbye because that good.

If she on the fence, take into consideration keeping the in until it’s healed. Friend can shot another format of jewelry that’s much more your bag.

If girlfriend really desire it out before it’s healed, friend or her piercer deserve to take it out, yet you’ll still need to proceed with the aftercare till it’s healed.

Within a couple of weeks, skin will grow ago over the hole.

The evidence about any tragus piercing health benefits may be lacking, but you can still rock one for pure aesthetics if you desire to. Choose a reliable piercer, and use appropriate aftercare to store it looking and feeling fine.

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Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a Canada-based freelance writer and also author who has actually written extensively on all points health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When she’s not holed increase in she writing burned researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she deserve to be discovered frolicking approximately her beach town through husband and also dogs in tow or splashing around the lake make the efforts to grasp the stand-up paddle board.


Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — composed by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst top top June 29, 2020