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Does anyone ship VHS tapes and also if so what perform you ship them in? I was told to use media boxes yet they are $6.80 to ship and also nobody will pay that a lot for a VHS tape if it"s just a pair dollars then someone said to use a pincluded bubble envelope via bubble wrap approximately the tape and also cardboard on optimal and also bottom to safeguard it from getting damaged. So I"m trying to find out how others ship VHS tapes and believed I"d ask as I couldn"t discover anypoint on the form board under inquiries. Any help I certain would appreciate. Thanks


I don"t ship them, however I"d definitely use a box rather than a bubble envelope. And if package weighs much less than 16 oz, you deserve to ship it First course for around $3-$4.

Agree via Helen, a box for security provides feeling. If you might ship first course or even media mail as pointed out over they wouldn"t price that a lot to ship. Best wishes,

Agree with Helen. Even tho, it probably fits right into the media category - periodically it is simply less expensive to use initially class. Check to watch which is the finest price.
A point to think about is that all items sent media mail are open and inspected. This is probably why media mail take 7 to 14 days to reach it"s location.
I wouldn"t be afrassist to usage a padded envelope or a bubble mailer -- and also you can usage media mail, but first-course may not be much more expensive...
Yep, and you have the right to simply put more bubble wrap around them if that worried. Honestly, I get all kinds of points in bubble mailers on here, jewelry, as well, and they do fine in the mail.
Remember that media mail deserve to be exceptionally SLOW.......put you to sleep SLOW........get your buyer upset SLOW.
A VHS tape in a bubble envelope might make it through a autumn, yet would certainly it endure being stepped on or having actually a large heavy box dropped on it? I wouldn"t take the chance.
Be advised, you are not permitted to have any kind of proclaiming in media mail. So, you cannot encompass anypoint that advertises your shop.
I ship a lot of these and also a bubble mailer at Media Mail prices functions simply fine. You deserve to wrap them in an additional layer of bubble wrap to be safe, or insert stiff cardboard height and bottom. I"ve been doing it MM for around a decade and also never had actually an issue.
Thanks everyone for all the help. Why I asked this is I can not find boxes simply to ship one VHS tape in I have actually looked almost everywhere and the boxes are either to little or means to big and many civilization won"t pay to much for shipping on an object that"s just couple dollars I uncovered out. As I have actually had actually people send me messperiods saying the shipping expense way more then the item and want to recognize if it might be shipped for less.
Tright here are lots of shipping supply carriers that offer boxes that are VHS dimension. If you order in bulk they wouldn"t cost that much per box. Tright here is no factor why shipping can not cost even more than the item. When I use to order supplies and also components for jewelry making many times my shipping costs were even more expensive than the items I purchased.

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Anvarious other option is to recycle packing boxes (NOT USPS boxes). Cut a item wide sufficient and also lengthy enough and also "roll" the tape in bubble wrap and then the cardboard (a couple of times). Be certain it"s lengthy enough so that you can "flatten" the ends together and tape well -- in all directions. This has actually worked well for coffee table books and also would certainly work-related for tapes, also.