Flying 설 설 are small rodents capable of gliding amongst the treetops favor they’re flying; hence the name.

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They carry out this by spreading the fold of skin between the front and also hind legs, creating a sort of parachute that allows them whip through the air.

Gliding as lot as 300 feet and doing 180 degree turns in midair is quite impressive. They use their bushy tails together a rudder to maneuver those spicy turns.

They have the right to live as much as 6 year in the wild or 10-15 year in captivity if appropriately cared for.


Cost of paris Squirrels

Before purchasing a Flying Squirrel, make certain it is legit to bring it home as pets wherein you live. Some states like Alabama, California, Colorado, and Hawaii ban citizens from owning one.

Other states enable Flying Squirrels as pets as lengthy as girlfriend secure a permit. Arkansas, Connecticut, and also Georgia are just some that the claims where they are legal to have actually as pets.

A baby Flying Squirrel price is approximately $300 come $450 depending on the breeder. One adult one can expense cheaper at approximately $250. Friend still have to aspect in the price of shipping by air which can cost approximately $250. Ground transportation arrays from $100 come $500.

It’s no that cheap so perform your homework before buying paris Squirrels together pets. We imply checking through the neighborhood office that the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife organization in her state on appropriate laws worrying these exotic animals.

Preparing for your Pet’s Arrival


Tall cable cages are preferred as flying Squirrels tend to go to greater ground fairly than move horizontally. Pick a cage with little spaces in between the bars to protect against the pets from escaping and feasible accidents like being stuck between the slots. A cage of this top quality can range from $150 to $200.

Their teeth will certainly keep cultivation throughout their lives so carry out chewing products like tough bark and sterilized chew bones. You have the right to put in tree branches for them to sit or rise on.

A swarm box offers a ar for them come sleep. Girlfriend can obtain one for roughly $25. If you want to make it much more personal, you can build one yourself. For bedding, you can use old t-shirts or shredded newspapers.

Food and also Diet

Wild flying Squirrels’ diet consists of plants, seeds, nuts, and also fruit. They likewise scavenge for insects, birds, eggs, and carrion.

As pets, numerous owners feed them through a mixture of sunflower seeds, pellets, pumpkin seeds, and other resources of protein. They mix it up with fruit, berries, vegetables, healthy and balanced cereals, and parrot or monkey biscuits.

Many feed varieties available in the industry are currently pre-packaged. One 18-ounce bag of Henry’s food block costs about $14.

Since flying Squirrels space nocturnal creatures and also don’t gain sunlight, they room prone come calcium deficiency. The is recommended to include foods rich in calcium and vitamin D3 and limit the intake of phosphorous since this offsets calcium absorption.

Some pet owners provide their pet Rep-cal i beg your pardon costs around $6 for a 3-ounce jar. This is a complement in powder kind that they can include in their drinking water.

Pet toys and also accessories

A 16-ounce glass water bottle can cost $24. Paris squirrels are energetic and love to rise so it’s great to administer something they have the right to play with and also climb on.

A bonding bag is miscellaneous to bring your flyer in and also aids in creating a close relationship with your pet. It provides easy accessibility to her pet need to they need constant care.

You deserve to make one yourself. However if she not into craft-making, climate you deserve to buy one for $5.

Wheels are great for exercise and also you can buy lock for less than $10.


Flying Squirrels as Pets

They are really energetic and playful animals. They love come dash here and also there for this reason a wide-spaced habitat is recommended.

They space also very affectionate and like to invest time with their owner. In fact, lock are known as “pocket pets” since they choose sleeping in their owner’s pocket.

However, they need a fair amount of hands-on care and attention. If she away most of the time, having them together pets is not a an excellent fit.

If you intend them together pets because that young children, it would be ideal not come let them take care of it alone until they’re old sufficient to know better.

Types of paris Squirrels in north America

There are virtually 50 different species of flying squirrels discovered in forests about the world. Three varieties of flying squirrels are uncovered in phibìc America – the north Flying Squirrel, southerly Flying Squirrel, and also the Humboldt’s flying Squirrel.

Northern paris Squirrel

Both the Northern and Southern flying Squirrels are gray-brown but the Northern flying Squirrel’s belly hair is colored gray at the base. Castle can prosper up to 10-12 customs long consisting of the tail and also weighs about 4 ounces.

They inhabit coniferous and mixed woodlands using holes in treetops because that nesting.

Southern paris Squirrel

Its belly fur is all white. Another method to differentiate it native the north Flying Squirrel is that the southern is smaller sized at just about 8-10 inch in length.

Southern paris Squirrels deserve to be found in woodlands. They favor seed-producing trees prefer maple, beech, hickory, oak, and poplar.

Humboldt’s paris Squirrel

They are similar in appearance to their northern counterparts but slightly smaller and have darker fur. They feeding on plants and tree sap, fungi, insects, and bird eggs. Castle live in thick seaside forests the the Pacific Coast region from southerly British Columbia to the mountains of southerly California.

Handling a paris Squirrel

Your baby flying squirrel will certainly come in a plastic aquarium where it will stay for the very first two weeks. This is excellent to manage its body temperature and also emulate the organic habitat it has in the wild.

When the time to move it to the cage, ar several newspapers on the bottom. To fill the water bottle. Placed seed mix in a dish and also some fruit or vegetables in another.

Place the bonding bag somewhere high follow me the next of the cage. Placed in the toys and also note to replace the papers with new ones at least once a week.


There’s nothing like feeding her pets as a way to bond with them. You have the right to use PetAg or Esbilac canned puppy milk for starters which cost around $4 every one 11-ounce can. Once the deserve to is opened, you need to discard it after three days.

When friend buy infant Flying squirrels at Janda Exotics in Texas, it will certainly be offering the syringe you have the right to use because that feeding. They have actually been hand-fed because birth and also will identify the syringe when they check out it.

It is crucial to manage the milk portions provided as also much deserve to hurt your lungs. When they watch the syringe, castle will instantly put your mouths come it. You can slowly push out the milk little by little; offering the babies time to ingest it.

One feeding deserve to last 6-10 minutes. Normally, 3-5 full syringes deserve to be consumed in one feeding. It must be excellent at the very least three times a day.

This will certainly last because that 2 weeks after ~ which, they deserve to be weaned turn off the milk formula and start through solid foods.

Bonding Time

Bonding v their owners is paris Squirrels’ distinct character trait. The is important to receive your brand-new gliding pets no an ext than 8 mainly of age.

It is much easier for pet owners to link if they’re quiet babies. You can bring them in her shirt bag or in a bonding pouch several hours a day for 2-3 weeks therefore they can pick up her voice and smell.

When you lug them around, castle are also exposed to other civilization which is good.

Veterinary Care

In general, paris squirrels execute not require vaccinations yet it does assist that you have one or 2 veterinary contact on hand that specialize in exotic pets for an annual exam.

A flying squirrel that has arisen a bond v its owner can be an impressive pet. It will want to be through you constantly as a continuous companion.

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It will certainly greet friend climbing up and down your body. That’s probably the coolest thing ever.