It\"s safe to say America is obsessed through bacon. We\"ve long appreciated delicious strips of bacon through our eggs and also on our burgers, yet now we\"re recognize increasingly an imaginative ways to eat an ext bacon — indigenous desserts to cocktails. And also while the seems prefer the price that bacon seems to boost with our demand, you might be surprised to find out that the price of a lb of sliced bacon hasn\"t readjusted dramatically since 1940 once you change for inflation. To discover out why, and how much bacon cost the year you to be born, check out on.

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Cost the Bacon: $0.23 Inflation-Adjusted cost (in 2020 Dollars): $4.43Having endured the great Depression when products such together bacon were a high-end for many, Americans took pleasure in a period of fairly low prices for the good stuff. Yet in the middle of civilization War II, the country\"s sources — consisting of meat — to be redirected towards the war effort, and those prices began to rise.

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Cost of Bacon: $0.34 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.67The U.S. Entry into civilization War II may have actually helped employ countless Americans adhering to the Depression, yet that also meant that much more people to be able come afford bacon — and an ext of the — than before. Combined with the requirements for food reserves for servicemen heading come the front lines, the price of bacon spiked.

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Cost the Bacon: $0.35 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.43To aid counteract the climbing prices that bacon and other goods throughout the war, the U.S. Federal government instituted a complex rationing program. While it likely assisted reduce bacon price in the year to come, it expected shoppers frequently had to usage stamps or points to buy points such as bacon and monitor transforming prices constantly. It also meant the bacon was periodically unavailable at the neighborhood market, and also led to a black sector of suggest trading and also selling because that some.

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Cost the Bacon: $0.33 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.09While the price the bacon declined steadily during the war, those at home were motivated to conserve their bacon grease for the war effort. The fat was converted into glycerin, which was offered to make certain bombs. Just about half of americans donated come the effort, however, as cooking fats and also oils were in short supply, and Americans had actually long provided bacon grease in the kitchen and were wake up to give it up.

Cost the Bacon: $0.64 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $7.90The prices of goods and also services frequently rise complying with a war, and also bacon prices were no exception. When readjusted for inflation, bacon reached one of the greatest prices in recent history, most likely leading some bacon lover to carry out without for a while.

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Cost that Bacon: $0.53 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.43As Americans settled back into business as usual adhering to the war years, the expense of bacon additionally steadily declined and also reached short not watched in years. Bacon and also eggs once again made regular appearances on breakfast tables around the country.

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Cost of Bacon: $0.48 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $4.79Despite a couple of spikes in the early on \"50s, the young infant boomer generation appreciated plenty that bacon bought in ~ reasonable prices v the middle of the decade. The was also a time once bacon and also cheese balls and also items covering in bacon came to be increasingly well-known at cocktail next — much more bacon for everyone.

Cost that Bacon: $0.55 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.14By the end of the 1950s, the economic situation was booming, and also Americans appreciated low price on one of their favorite breakfast items. As an ext people started relocating to the suburbs and also fast-food companies began to spread across the country, Americans were eating an ext bacon ~ above the go and also at home.

Cost the Bacon: $0.57 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.06The expense of bacon continued to be low throughout the early 1960s, which likely accounts for the climbing trend that recipes calling for bacon and large brands suggested bacon-fueled recipes, such together Aunt Jemima\"s bacon piece pancakes. This was likewise the year Dale Mulder, president of A&W restaurants, is attributed with inventing the bacon cheeseburger, paving the means for an excellent things to come. Thanks, Dale.

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Cost of Bacon: $0.82 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $6.88Bacon prices steadily increased to a top in the so late 1960s before declining again. V so many human being tuning right into Julia Child\"s \"The French Chef\" on TV at the time, probably demand and prices walk up as everyone tried come imitate her recipes that offered bacon and plenty the butter.

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Cost the Bacon: $0.84 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.47This was the critical year the a pound of sliced bacon was less than a dissension — no adjusting because that inflation. It\"s additionally the year the the McDonald\"s unveiled the Egg McMuffin, which has a bacon variation. It most likely led to boost in bacon popularity, demand, and also price in the year to come.

Cost that Bacon: $1.55 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $7.86Bacon prices hit a record high in 1975 with numbers not seen because 1947. Inflation during the mid-1970s is likely to blame for the price spike, which also happened because that oil and also other goods. The price was high even by today\"s standards. This were challenging times because that bacon lovers.

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Cost of Bacon: $1.59 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $6.33Health comes to over the effects of sodium nitrite — the salt provided to preserve, flavor, and also color meats such together bacon — increased after studies argued it could be carcinogenic. The news surely had actually an impact on bacon sales, yet prices wouldn\"t dip because that another pair years.

Cost the Bacon: $1.43 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $4.70As we gotten in the 1980s, slimming down v health-conscious diet fads, Tab, and also Thighmasters was all the rage, which supposed that indulgent treats such together bacon were frequently shunned or substituted with reduced fat options (remember Sizzlean?). As demand declined, therefore did the price that bacon. Good news because that those who skipped the diets and stuck with bacon, though.

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Cost the Bacon: $2.12 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.26The mid-1980s observed bacon prices finally crest over the $2 mark, which most likely accounted for some sticker shock in ~ the supermarket for bacon fans. Yet did that prevent us from buying it? No way.

Cost the Bacon: $2.23 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.34The healthy, low-fat trends of the \"80s were especially hard top top the pork industry, so the Pork Marketing Board launched \"The various other White Meat\" ad campaign to encourage human being to eat leaner cuts of meat. The campaign worked, however bacon — still considered too fat — suffered. Price dropped dramatically. Meatpackers to be even urged to market stockpiled frozen pork bellies as food aid to impoverished countries.

Cost of Bacon: $1.87 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $4.09The price of bacon struggle a document low in 1989 — good news because that eaters, poor news for the industry. Pork producers urged the Pork board marketers to loan a hand, encouraging restaurants to incorporate an ext bacon right into their menus.

Cost the Bacon: $2.04 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $3.95Just as bacon prices dipped low again, rapid food large Hardee\"s unveiled the Frisco citizens — a line of mountain Francisco-inspired sandwiches that all featured bacon. It\"s considered the first time a fast food firm put bacon ~ above everything. Not surprisingly, it was a hit. Other rapid food companies complied with Hardee\"s lead with an ext bacon options, yet only for limited-time offers, as cooking bacon on-site required costly cleaning and ventilation.

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Cost that Bacon: $2.34 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $4.17Great strides in precooked-bacon an innovation during the at an early stage \"90s made it much easier for fast food suppliers to add bacon to your sandwiches. As a result, McDonald\"s introduced the Bacon twin Cheeseburger and also Quarter Pounder BLT, followed by burgess King\"s Whopper v bacon and Wendy\"s Baconator. The trend set in movement bacon\"s rise in popularity and also prices raised with demand.

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Cost the Bacon: $3.46 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.45After a few years of reduced prices, bacon returned to its standing as America\"s favorite topping. In ~ the same time, kale and healthy smoothies became increasingly popular, which motivated a counter-trend of bacon-lovers looking come indulge through even more bacon.

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Cost the Bacon: $3.63 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.48Cookbook author Sara Perry publication \"Everything Tastes much better With Bacon,\" in May, and also America agrees in a big way, seeming to take it the title as a call to action. Regardless of the continued rising price of bacon, we begin to see bacon almost everywhere — indigenous bacon ice cream come bacon-topped doughnuts.

Cost that Bacon: $4.09 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.71While bacon was sometimes used by high-end restaurants — possibly to plunder scallops — it to be relegated mostly to breakfast and fast food. That started to adjust in the mid-aughts when noteworthy chefs such together David Chang started singing the praises the pork belly and bacon. No longer satisfied with simply supermarket bacon, consumers started demanding, and also buying, artisanal, thick-cut bacon native venerable producers consisting of Niman Ranch and also Nueske\"s.

Cost that Bacon: $4.21 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.30While you might think the great Recession contributed to a autumn in bacon prices, it was most likely a an outcome of the farming price the corn. Often complying with a duration of drought, boosts in the price that corn — the primary resource of feed because that hogs — pushed ranches to send more animals to slaughter to keep expenses low. Together a result, the market sees wealth of pork products, including bacon, and also prices drop.

Cost of Bacon: $5.25 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $6.54The price the a pound of bacon jumps previous the $5 mark, even without adjusting for inflation. And also America\"s bacon obsession reflects no sign of slowing.

Cost that Bacon: $5.22 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $6.18Adjusting for inflation, the price of bacon dipped slightly from 2011 to 2012, a tendency again attributed to the rising expense of corn and a glut that bacon top top the market, and a general slowing the the inflation rate.

Cost the Bacon: $5.84 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $6.66Pork price surged in 2014 after ~ a virus wiped out much more than 8 million piglets, according to Bloomberg News. In response, ranches increased production for the year to come, help to bring prices back down — if just slightly.

Cost that Bacon: $5.81 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $6.44As americans love affair through bacon continues, the country’s 60,000 pig farmers struggle to keep up with demand. Even reserves that frozen pork belly are at a six-decade low, i beg your pardon in turn has led to an additional spike in the price that bacon together our need grows. 

Cost of Bacon: $5.42 Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $5.84Following a steady rise over the previous two decades, bacon prices ultimately dropped to levels not checked out in years, much to the joy of bacon lover everywhere. The drop is greatly attributed come the hog industry’s fervent growth over the past couple of years in an effort to save up with consumer demand. Bacon prices additionally often autumn slightly roughly spring as many world shop for ham for Easter instead. Hopefully, bacon price will stay stable — 2020 prices have actually been hovering just below the $5 mark — the is, assuming we don’t devise even crazier ways of eating much more bacon.

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Cost of Bacon:
$5.70Inflation-Adjusted Cost: $6.05

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