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On any type of review you get it says that the 3 is close to 3000lbs. Mine is the i variation so it must have even less load (stock) but I just looked in mine door sticker and it says 3974lbs. What the hell! Close to 4000??

3790 climate 2026 is the 2nd number climate theres a third number the is choose 1728 or something and also i recognize our vehicle isnt that light therefore i"m guessing probably 2026?...
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Last time ns weighed mine at the track it to be 2,985 lbsWith 1/4 tank fuel, complete interior and the spare/jack, and also me sitting inside
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Yeah, the 3790 lbs number describes the car"s gross auto weight, or the maximum load it can hold (car and also contents). The first number (2026 lbs) describes the maximum load the front end can handle. The 2nd number (1764 lbs) describes the maximum weight the rear finish can handle. If you include them together, the get the 3790 lbs total. I just did a quick search top top for a 2009 Mazda 3. The curb load for a MZ3 varied from 2,780 lbs because that an I-sport 2.0-liter manual transmission sedan to 2,983 lbs because that an S-Grand Touriing 2.3-liter automatic hatchback.

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I should obtain mine load w/ the turbo kit in it... I"m sure it"s at the very least 50lbs heavier than it was stock, even with mine lightweight battery compensating for some of it.

I think my turbo slowed down my car, the turbo bolted come the enthusiasm weights prefer 60lbs lolAllot of load in that tiny package!yeah however thats prefer two horsepower haha

For to reduce weight, part thoughts and also strategies. I did this through my old saturn and also I talked a bunch with a guy who went stunner on his saturn to minimize weight. He got his 2400lb automobile down come 1827lbs and still street he to know a thing or two.Minimal affect modifications that are free1) remove the fire/noise blanket under the hood. ~2lbs2) remove the tribe carpeting (especially in a sedan, you never ever really see it) ~1lb3) Remove all of the crap you leaving in your car. 0-3,486lbs :lol:4) remove all paneling and also carefully remove sound deadening product beneath paneling and replace interior trim paneling. ~3-5lbs.5) eliminate spare tire and jack and replace through AAA membership, remembering your cell phone and a can of fix-a-flat (okay no free, however like $5). ~40lbs.6) run through wiper liquid bottle at 1/4 to fill all the time. ~4-5lbs7) eliminate engine cover, battery box vent pipe and also battery box. ~3-5lbsNow you"ve lost something prefer 50lbs or so for little/no cost and also only minor impact. The ride could be contempt noiser, but it could not also be noticable.Total 55lbsHere room cheapish minimal affect strategies.1) replace battery through AGM battery or even 12v AGM race battery. Constant AGMs have tendency to weigh roughly 20-25lbs rather of 35-45lbs of a constant lead acid vehicle battery. They have actually slightly reduced CCA and also capacity, but nothing you"ll likely ever before have a difficulty with. AGM gyeongju batteries sweet 10-15lbs...but have very low capacity...not a great idea unless you don"t usage much electrical (the Optima batteries are not light weight AGM batteries, they space high capacity AGM batteries). $70-130 and 10-20lbs savedTotal 65-75lbsA bit much more impact and cost1) eliminate A/C. The belt is a parasitic drainpipe even as soon as the A/C isn"t on, so her going to totally free up a small amount of power and a small rotational inertia top top the engine. Plus about 50lbs once all of the lines, condensor core, etc are removed. Complimentary and ~50lbs2) A genuine lightweight CF hood. ~10-15lbs and $300-600 about 15-20lbs much less weight.3) eliminate the remainder of the trunk trim and also any sound deadening. ~3-4lbs4) replace driver and also passenger seat v Light weight racing buckets. ~30-40lbs (50-60lbs if instead of leather seats). Possibly $500-1,0005) supervisor light load weels (SSRs?). 8-10lbs per wheel, 40lbs because that the whole carTotal 190-215lbsMost bets are off1) i think Mazda has a manual steering rack for some export countries (I understand not the US). If you can resource a hand-operated steering rack the P/S pump, wiring harness, lines and the old rack deserve to be replaced with the brand-new rack reduce in. ~15-20lbs lighter and also less electrical drain. ~$200-400 for the new steering rack.2) Remove window mechanisms and windows except windshield and also replace with polycarbonate resolved windows. $300-400 for DIY, $1,000-2,000 for a shop to perform it. ~50lbs.3) If a sunroof is current replace the sunroof v a solid dashboard roof. ~60lbs (sun roofs space HEAVY).4) Remove inner carpeting and sound deadening ~40lbs.5) remove Wiper fluid sprayers and bottle. ~10lbsTotal 305-335lbs, if your vehicle had a sunroof an ext like 395lbs.Every gambling is off1) eliminate rear seats and also seat belts. ~40-50lbs2) eliminate all dash trim and also HVAC module/vents/plumbing. ~30lbs3) Scrape off any type of tar or spray ~ above foam under the sound deadening (that was gotten rid of before) to add up.4) eliminate dome light, roof upholstry and trim wiring exploit to remove any uncessary wiring. ~10lbs...its a most wiring in the end.5) Light weight exhaust (probably done earlier, but I am discussing it here). 15-20lbs. Few of the aftermarket straight through exhausts are substantially lighter then the stock plumbing.410-455lbs total.This doesn"t even get in come drilling lightening holes, tradition fabircation that aluminum or titanium components or practice fabrication of CF human body panels and also I am certain I am forget sometthings that room cheap or free in there as well.In the finish it isn"t cheap, well several of it is free, and it deserve to certainly readjust how the car rides, noise level and apperance, but there is a lot of fat to eliminate from a car.For cheap ingredient its easy sufficient to shed 60-70lbs without any large cost of influence (IE gaining rid the engine cover, battery box and also vent, preventive tire and jack, lighter load AGM battery, etc).I go the straightforward 60-70lb loss in mine old Saturn and noticed that felt a tiny lighter ~ above its feet and a tiny little bit faster.Every 50lbs lost on a 3000lb car method .1s much faster 0-60.Frankly the only thing I"ll carry out on my car is a lighter weight AGM battery when the time comes to replace the factory battery. I number 15lbs conserved while just costing me a little more (and AGM batteries have tendency to last longer) isn"t together a poor thing. Nothing will certainly I carry out to influence the noise/apperance or ride quality of this car.Now if I acquire a Miata project car...all bets are off ~ above that.-Matt