A typical question top top the internet is LED display screen rental pricing. A an excellent answer to this concern is less common. Why don’t companies like to list their jumbotron rental cost online? The key reason is that the LED rental rate can vary significantly based on product availability, occasion location, and also services requested. However, in the age of prompt information top top the internet, that is natural human being want to know a ballpark cost prior to having to speak to a sales rep. The is why we are revealing the secret of LED screen and jumbotron rental rates here. Bonus – spring to know what it prices to buy a jumbotron? – jump to here.

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Minimum price to rental an LED Screen


If you are considering LED wall surface rental, girlfriend should plan on shelling out a minimum the $3,000. LED devices is not cheap, and also neither is the required labor and resources to operation the equipment. If this is nowhere in her wheelhouse because that a budget, based on viewing needs you might want to consider renting a standard TV or projection. Or continue reading to find out just how to counter some of the cost.

How to calculate Mobile Rental Rates


Now the you are previous the sticker shock, below is exactly how to approximately estimate the daily rental price of a mobile LED display screen. A great rule the thumb as soon as determining a ballpark LED rental rate for a cell phone LED video screen is to figure $150 per LED panel. LED video walls space composed of separation, personal, instance LED panels, about 2 ft by 2 ft. Learn more at our LED Academy for example, if you desire to estimate the rental cost of a 16 ft broad by 10 ft high video clip wall, you would certainly take:

16/2 = 8 panels wide

10/2 = 5 panels high

8 panels wide x 5 panels high = 40 complete panels

40 total panels x $150 every panel = $6,000 daily rental rate

A everyday rental rate generally includes all associated fees – power, setup, tear-down, and also operation. However, through modular LED (that is, LED screens constructed out on-site and not prefabricated onto a vehicle), over there will most likely be added charges because of the boosted amount the labor, equipment, and also personnel for setup. You deserve to learn an ext about the differences in between mobile and modular in ours 5 benefits of a mobile LED System.

How to calculation Modular Rental Rates

As mentioned, modular LED display rental will expense a bit much more than mobile. So together a general rule, let’s usage the exact same formula as above, however with a price that $200 every panel because that modular LED tiles. This factors in compelled labor and also rigging charges. So for a 16′ x 10′ modular LED screen,

16/2 = 8 panels wide

10/2 = 5 panels high

8 panels vast x 5 panels high = 40 full panels

40 full panels x $200 per panel = $8,000 day-to-day rental rate

LED display screen Rental Price List

Math is hard, for this reason to save you some time and mind power, us went ahead and also created one LED display rental price list estimating typical rates come expect based on screen size:


Keep in mind, the cost to rental a jumbotron deserve to vary greatly based on screen resolution (pixel pitch), brightness rating, product availability, and other factors. Additionally keep in mind, these space day 1 rental estimates. Rental rates for following consecutive days room bound come drop down significantly.

Looking for an easier means to estimate your rental rate? We’ve recently included a new article come our sister site that includes a simple formula to calculation a rental rate.

How come Maximize Value and also ROI on her LED display Rental


Now that you have actually an idea ~ above LED rental pricing basics, lets discuss 3 means to maximize value and ROI from her LED video wall rental price.

Generate Revenue through Sponsor Ads

A good way come maximize your ROI is through is with LED sponsor ads. Sponsors are more than willing to covering out money because that ad room on a large LED screen. Be certain to ask your LED Display seller about the best way to optimize on-screen advertisement space. Friend can likewise learn an ext in our article: 5 means to increase Sponsorship Revenue with Digital Signage.

Display Engaging, appeal Content

Another method to maximize her ROI is ensure your content is designed appropriately to engage and also inform your audience. In ~ Insane Impact, we have actually a devoted graphic designer to administer best practices and also LED architecture assistance. Ensuring a confident LED display screen experience with occasion attendees will boost attendance in the years to come.

Negotiate a Rental Deal

Last – due to the fact that LED screen rental pricing is periodically tentative there may be room for negotiation in rental pricing. If you plan on act future occasions or your occasion goes on for numerous weeks, be certain to usage this volume of company as leverage in negotiating her rental price (don’t tell our sales reps i told girlfriend this).

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LED display Rental – fine Worth the Investment

If you can obtain past the early stage sticker shock of renting one LED wall, that will likely pay off. The magnified event experience and also potential because that sponsor revenue both balance out the rental price. Currently that you understand the answer to the concern “how much does it expense to rental an LED video wall”, send us a note. We would love come answer any added questions you may have regarding pricing and also value.