Once afternoon i was out in my pasture tending to the cattle and also just beginning guessing about how lot each cow weighed. I’ve never really sweet them yet thought it would be nice to know how much each cow weighed. So ns did a small research.

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The typical cow weighs everywhere from 900 to 1,600 pounds depending on age, breed and genetics. The most heavy cow breeds have the right to weigh end 3,000 pounds. Complete grown dairy cows weigh about 1,500 pounds. Complete grown beef livestock average 1350 pounds. Child calves weigh in around 75 come 85 pounds.

I personally own mostly black angus cattle, a few herefords and a couple of brangus (black angus/brahman). Return I have never weighed any type of of mine cattle, I’d guess that the mature cattle weigh in what close come 1,100 come 1,300 pounds.

Fully grown Cow Weight

A tires cow or bull will weigh in at various weights depending on a number of different factors. A couple of key determinants that will impact this number are..

AgeBreedGeneticsType the food

Typically, a cow get mature growth at approximately 2 to 3 years. In ~ this age, they have end up being a mature cow or bull and also have got to a weight the is nearby to their peak.

A maturation cow (female), relying on the breed will certainly weigh roughly 1,000 pounds while a mature bull (male) will generally weigh a bit heavier at around 1,200 pounds. A pregnant cow can assume one extra 75 to 100 pounds throughout pregnancy.

Genetics beat a huge part in the load of livestock as well, just like the genes of humans. That is always preferred to have a genetically strong bull in her herd to develop quality calves.


That go not constantly mean the they will develop the most heavy calves. Ns personally have actually 2 calves in mine herd right now that come native a an extremely strong, beefy, black angus bull the are lot smaller and slower cultivation than various other calves have been native the same bull.

On the other hand, I have actually a couple of steers that have grown much much faster that have actually come indigenous a brahman bull that was not the best bull anyones has ever before seen.

All the my cattle are grass fed, meaning that they only eat grass and hay. Cattle that room in feedlots will typically be heavier in weight as result of the nature that the food they room eating. A usual cow the this kind have the right to average the end at about 1,400 come 1,500 pounds.

Average Cow weight At 1 Year

Calves space born approximately 75 to 85 pounds and also gain about 2.5 pounds per day because that the first year of growth. Because that example, an 85 lb newborn calf deserve to expect to with a weight of 997 pounds at 1 year old. Different components such together breed and male vs. Female can impact these numbers.

Average Cow weight At 2 Years

A 2 year old cow averages about 1,100 pounds. Suppose to watch a 100 come 125 pound weight obtain from 1 year old to 2 years. Cows that this age are taken into consideration full grown and ready to each other or develop a calf, depending on whether they are male or female.

Average Cow weight At 3 Years

A 3 year old cow’s average weight is 1,200 come 1,300 pounds. You can expect an additional 100 to 200 pounds that weight acquire from years 2 to 3. Cows the this age are popular amongst cattle breeders as result of their prime year being periods 3 come 7.

Cattle continue to grow and gain weight until period 6 or 7. In the years following, cows start to gradually lose load year after year.

5 heaviest Cow Weights by Breed

Chianina – 3,500 Lbs


Chianina cows are the largest livestock breed on the planet! this cows are massive. They source from Italy and also are known for their beef production. The Chianina breed holds the civilization record because that the most difficult cow ever before recorded at over 3,800 pounds.

South Devon – 3,000 Lbs

The south Devon breed originated in great Britain and also is likewise known for your beef production. At full growth, a southern Devon cow can variety anywhere from 2,600 pounds to over 3,000 pounds. Lock are good show cows and have a really good looking copper/red coat of hair on them.

Maine-Anjou – 2,750 Lbs


A French breed of cattle, the Maine-Anjou frequently weigh all over from 1,900 to 3,000 pounds. Male bulls average around 2,200 come 3,000 pounds when the mrs cows are typically a tiny lighter at about 1,900 come 2,000 pounds. Maine-Anjou cattle are provided for both beef and also milk.

Glan cattle – 2,600 Lbs

Glan cattle are a specifically rare breed this days. Initially from Germany, they variety in load from 1,300 pounds come 2,600 pounds. Females generally weigh 1,300 to 1,600 pounds, while male bulls reach weights end 2,000 pounds.

German Angus – 2,400 Lbs

German Angus cows are one more breed of livestock that originated in Germany. Tires bulls have the right to reach a load of 2,200 come 2,400 pounds. Mrs cows selection from 1,200 to 1,500 pounds. German Angus cows are known for their beef. Ns personally breed greatly black angus cows, although I have actually never had actually a German Angus cow before.

How lot Meat go A Cow Produce?

Once again, the quantity of meat a cow will develop is going to rely greatly on just how much they sweet at slaughter. Due to the fact that we have identified the typical cow weighs 900 come 1,600 pounds, let’s see how much meat they every produce.

Average carcass weights for a cow are around 63% or their complete weight. Definition a 1,000 lb cow has a 630 pound carcass. Indigenous that, about 75% is walking to do it to her freezer.

Carcass Weight5676306937568198829451,008
(All numbers are in Lbs)

How To weigh A Cow

Measuring a cows load is most quickly done using a livestock scale. Since the bulk of livestock owners are not advertisement owners, we probably do not own a scale. I myself do not own a breed boy scale. So uneven you understand someone the does, you will need to use the cows body dimensions to calculate the approximate weight. Here’s just how it’s done.

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Step 1 – measure the cow’s heart girth. Step 2 – measure the cow’s length.Step 3 – many girth x girth x size / 300 = Weight


Girth = 70

Length = 80

(70 x 70 x 80) / 300 = 1,306 pounds

Related Questions:

How much do cows cost?

The expense of a cow is mainly determined by the load of the cow. Beef cattle typically offer for $140 per 100 pounds the weight. Because that example, a 700 pound cow would certainly cost around $980. Dairy livestock that are offered by weight cost on median $1.20 per pound, definition a 700 pound dairy cow would expense $840

How high does a cow get?

The mean cow have the right to reach a elevation of about 4’ come 4’ 11’’. This is figured out by the each other of the cow and their age. The tallest cow breeds deserve to reach heights of end 5’ and up come 5’ 11’’ tall.