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For decades the question of just how much perform you pay a teenage babysitter has actually been open up for debate. However, these days parents’ expectations of who will watch their little bit ones are much greater than a decade back.

Equally, babysitters have actually a lot better expectations via regard to pay due to the raising expense of living and also greater minimum wperiods.

The amount you will certainly pay your babysitter will certainly depend on a selection of determinants many type of of which will certainly be various for different world.

What Is The Common Hourly Rate For Babysitting?

There isn’t one typical or traditional babysitting rate for adolescents. How much you pay your teenage babysitter will certainly be identified by a number of various points such as:

LocationNumber of childrenExpectationsQualificationsExperiencePeriod of childrenEra of babysitterTemperament of ChildrenTime of DaySeasonal Holidays


The location in which you live is going to play a large part in exactly how a lot you pay a babysitter. In huge cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and also Chicago parents can expect to pay in between $15-$25 an hour.



If your babysitter is seasoned, they will certainly come with not only suffer but also references. So you have the right to expect to pay even more for a babysitter favor this.

But it will also intend that they will certainly be able to manage a range of instances and also administer you through the included confidence that they have been doing this for a while and well equipped to take treatment of your a lot of prized possession while you are not around.

Period of Babysitter

The age of your babysitter is an additional point that you must take into consideration.

If you just require someone to watch your bit ones for a couple of hours while you run some errands or execute a little shopping then you could think about utilizing a younger babysitter.

These younger babysitters execute not have bills to pay so you deserve to intend to pay in between $5 – $7 an hour.

While if you are considering a babysitter aged 15-17 they may be saving for their initially auto or college and so will intend to be paid a tiny even more than a younger babysitter.

This age bracket would mainly consider payment of in between $7 – $10 per hour and at this age, they deserve to normally uncover a task that pays that a lot.

If the babysitter you are considering is 18 plus, you can expect to pay even more.

They are able to job-related much longer hours than a 12-17-year-old and also additionally might have even more experience as well as offer higher adaptability. Many adult babysitters would mean to be paid in between $10 – $25 an hour.

Temperament of Children


If you have actually a boy that have the right to be tough especially for a babysitter then aget you deserve to mean to pay a little more.

This would be the exact same if you had actually a child via extra requirements as it would certainly be more likely that the best babysitter would come through additional qualifications allowing them to manage these additional needs well while you are not tright here.

Of course, this would certainly must be questioned through your potential babysitter prior to any type of treatment takes place.

Time of Day

The large majority of babysitting is usually done throughout the evenings as soon as children are preparing for bed.

But if you are asking your babysitter to watch your children in the time of the daytime, you should take into consideration that they will certainly be much even more involved with your kids than in the time of those evening sessions. You should expect to pay more for daytime babysitting.

Seasonal Holidays

If you call for a babysitter during a distinct holiday such as New Year’s Eve, Valentines Day, or St Patrick’s Day, you have the right to expect to pay even more or at least sell some type of bonus or incentive.

Remember that these are times once they can have made their own plans to celebprice via household and also friends so paying them a tiny added would be good etiquette, after all, they decided to you out instead.


Is $15 an hour as well a lot for babysitting?

If they are watching even more than one child then you have the right to suppose to pay even more. A basic dominion of thumb is to add an extra dollar for each extra boy.

So if you typically pay $13 per hour for one boy and also you now have 3 kids you can intend to pay $15 per hour.


What is the difference between a babysitter and also a nanny?

Babysitters and nannies care for youngsters, in the children’s own residence, unlike daycare. Nannies are hired to treatment for kids on a constant and consistent schedule while babysitters are hired on an as and also as soon as required, short-term basis.

If you would choose to see an extra comprehensive compariboy then inspect out our Nanny vs Daytreatment vs Au Pairs article.

What carry out parents look for in a babysitter?

Parents desire a babysitter that has actually an excellent creative thinking, who have the right to create games, tasks, and stories. They don’t want a babysitter that is going to plop their youngsters in front of the TV.

The Final Thought

Tright here are a couple of different determinants that you must take into consideration as soon as deciding exactly how a lot to pay your teenage babysitter.

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Keep in mind that many type of babysitters already have their very own set rates and might not be open to incredibly a lot negotiation. You really must be clear from the start of your expectations and also this will certainly ensure that you are paying them appropriately.