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Teacup Yorkies may be tiny however they have actually adorable personalities. They space not only confident and also bold but also very protective over your families. Their smaller statures additionally mean the they’ll take it up much less of your living space. They additionally don’t consume a lot of food, making her life v them easy.

Welcoming a Teacup Yorkie in your home is, without adoubt, an exciting experience yet you don’t need to spend one arm and also leg toown one. If you space thinking of getting a Teacup Yorkie to share your residence andlife, you should understand just how much one prices to stop Teacup Yorkie price exaggerationsand potential scams. To store you updated, here is whatever you must knowabout the cost of a Teacup Yorkie.

Whatis a Teacup Yorkie?


A Teacup is a term the is often used come refer tosmall versions of well-known dog breeds. Besides, gift small, teacups,micro-dogs, or pocket-sized dogs likewise weigh much less than the standard weight for aparticular breed. On average, a healthy and balanced Yorkie weighs 3-7 lbs. A Teacup Yorkie weighsless than this standard—between 1 and 4 pounds.

Apart indigenous size and weight, Teacup Yorkies space muchlike other Yorkies. They have actually black switch noses, short muzzles, andmedium-sized eyes. Their bodies are additionally compact and well proportioned.

To learn more about these impressive dogs, diet, care,grooming, diet, etc, gain a Teacup Yorkie treatment guide book. Us recommend thesetwo:

Alan Kenworthy’s Teacup Yorkies finish Owners overview Lolly Brown’s Teacup Yorkie as Pets

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FactorsThat recognize the price of Teacup Yorkies


Before we cave deeper into the price of a Teacup Yorkie,it is important to know some the the important components that dictate theprice the these small breeds.

Generally, friend are likely to pay much less or much more for a TeacupYorkie due to the complying with factors:

Heritage: Teacup Yorkies bred native AKC-certified purebred Yorkshire Terries will price you more than those native breeders without together certifications. Teacup Yorkies bred from AKC champions or other expensive Yorkies likewise attract higher price points because of the reputation of your parents—their prices have the right to go approximately $10,000. Coat: Like other dog breeds, Teacup Yorkies through coarser, unattractive coats are less expensive if those through glossy and also fine-textured coats have tendency to price more. Breeder Location: If you are buying a Teacup Yorkie from another state and also there is a have to transport the puppy by air, expect the logistics costs to be moved to you. Even if it is a control distance, some breeders will still identify the last price based on the mileage. Intend to pay between $200 and $1000 to cater for transportation costs, insurance, various other fees like health and wellness certificates and crates if her breeder of choice is a far-reaching distance away. Application Fees: some breeders will likewise require girlfriend to pay a non-refundable deposit of between $200 and also $300 for applications or commitment.

Howmuch is a Teacup Yorkie?


So, exactly how much go Teacup Yorkie cost? Well,basedon the above factors, the price variety for these beautiful, small animals isvast. Depending upon the breeder you decision to acquisition from, mean to salary between$900 and $10,000. However, once you room buying indigenous a certified AKC breeder,the price will variety between $1,200 and $2000, i m sorry is a reasonable price.

Any price above $2000 might be price of Teacup Yorkies bred indigenous AKC champion parental or those with various other impressive reputations. If the dog is not from dog show champion parents however he or she is quiet highly-priced, watch the end for the breeder because he/she might be seeking come get an ext money than what the each other is worth.

On the upper and lower reversal side, any price that is below $900-$1200 may suggest that you are buying a dog native a non-reputable breeder. A Teacup Yorkie is a delicate dog breed, so the is no safe to acquisition from a breeder without proper credentials otherwise friend risk getting a dog with a wide range of dangerous health issues.

All in all, it is no advisable to salary upwards that $2500-$5000 for these undersized dogs because they nothing conform to breed standards and also will expense you a most dollars in vet bills. There are high chances that a dog who is much less than 4lbs is inbred, which way there is no genetic variation and also you will certainly be managing physical mutations, suppressed immune systems, and also a selection of behavioral issues. Because of these health and wellness risks, a Teacup Yorkie may not likewise be your companion for long. The life expectations of a conventional Yorkshire terrier is 12-16 years. For a Teacup Yorkie, however, life expectations drops to 7-9 years!

TipsTo protect against Being Ripped Off as soon as Buying a Teacup Yorkie

AKC registered Teacup Yorkie puppies are the best. Together a result, they are indeed one that the many expensive Teacup Yorkies in the market. However, this doesn’t typical that girlfriend cannot discover a healthy and balanced canine companion that’s no as expensive together an AKC-certified purebred. While trusted AKC breeders will charge you in between $1200 and $2000, backyard breeders fee on the lower side and also are always much more willing to negotiate if lock feel that they are most likely to do a sale. This is one method of spotting them. Because Teacup Yorkies space prone come several health issues, the is crucial to get a healthy puppy. Accordingly, payment a little more upfront makes much more economical feeling as it conserves you an ext money in terms of veterinary bills. Avoid buying puppies before 8-9 main of age. Puppies require to find out essential skills from their parents and socialize v their littermates before eight mainly to stop problematic behaviors. Breeding any form of teacup breed is not just risky but likewise requires special knowledge. Come ensure the you room purchasing a puppy native a reputable breeder, questioning if you deserve to see the parental of the dog. If lock can’t allow this, there are high opportunities that they are not trustworthy. A opportunity to watch the parents of a puppy you setup to acquisition will help you number out the temperament that your Teacup Yorkie may have later in life. Remember the puppies through low-quality maternal treatment are much more likely to manifest problematic behaviors. If possible, a actual breeder must be all set to administer health certificates of the parents to be details that there room no genetic health issues that have been passed come the puppy you arrangement to purchase.


Teacup Yorkies come in small packages, but they load amazing personalities, do them among the most well-known dogs the end there. Accordingly, when you space in the sector for a Teacup puppy, friend will instantly discover the these tiny beauties room expensive breeds. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to break the financial institution or gain ripped turn off by unscrupulous breeders to very own one. As long as you keep the advice we’ve extended on this article in mind, girlfriend will prevent price exaggerations and also keep you and your wallet happy.