It’s a lucky family members that brings home the RagaMuffin! this cats are striking to look at, but they will certainly really market you v their personalities. However, beyond the early price of one of these cats, you should take into consideration the monthly and also yearly prices for the remainder of their lives. Everything from food come grooming come the yearly visit to your veterinarian all demands to be taken into account.

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So, we’re breaking under the cost of owning a RagaMuffin, including what it might expense if you discover one v a breeder. Save in mind that the prices us have noted for you right here are just estimates and also that in the lengthy run, the expenses will count on a number of factors. Her location and also your cat’s health and wellness will identify vet costs and also what type of food you decision to feed your cat.

We hope that this article will aid you to no only much better understand yet to be much better prepared on what expenses you need to expect once you carry a RagaMuffin home.

Bringing house a new RagaMuffin: One-Time Costs

Image Credit: PiqselsWhen you decide to carry a RagaMuffin home with you, you deserve to expect the most far-ranging one-time price will it is in purchasing a RagaMuffin indigenous a breeder.

If she lucky enough to uncover one of these cats easily accessible for fostering through a rescue group or shelter, we’ll walk over the fostering fees.

The other one-time expenses will additionally include all of the essential items and also health checks the a first-time cat owner should have in place. Such as the very first vet visit (which consists of a physics exam and also vaccinations), having actually your RagaMuffin spayed or neutered (provided the breeder hasn’t currently had this done) and also things like cat food, bowls, litter box and litter, and a cat carrier.


Finding a RagaMuffin for cost-free is quite unlikely because they space still reasonably rare. It’s always possible that a friend or family members member might have a litter and also be willing to give you among their kittens for free, but a an excellent breeder can’t afford to offer away any of their kittens because that free.

If someone does offer you a free RagaMuffin, there’s no guarantee that the cat or kitten is in good health. Simply something to store in mind.



Image Credit: Ryo Nagashima, ShutterstockAdopting a cat is together an amazing method to provide a homeless cat a brand-new chance at a far better life in a loving and also happy home. However, finding any kind of purebred cat in a shelter, specifically the much more uncommon breeds choose the RagaMuffin, is very rare.

If you’re lucky enough to find a RagaMuffin, the adoption fee goes towards supporting the group or shelter and includes veterinary care, all vaccinations, and also the cat or kitten (if old enough) will be spayed or neutered.



A RagaMuffin costs between $1,500 and $3,500, however, numerous breeders call for a deposit the can range from $300 to $600, in part cases, just to be inserted on the waitlist. The deposit commonly goes in the direction of the full purchase price. Many breeders will only allow RagaMuffin kittens come go house with you when they room 14 to 16 weeks of age. They commonly have had actually their vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered.

Double and triple-check that the breeder is legitimate and a responsible and reputable RagaMuffin breeder.

Also, remember the you’ll need to pay shipping and handling dues if you need to have actually your RagaMuffin ceded to her location, which can add an extra $200 to $3,000 depending upon where the breeder is located.

Initial Setup and Supplies


Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, ShutterstockThese initial prices depend entirely on whether or not you already own few of these items or if did you do it inherited them from someone. And of course, there will be a many variation in the price depending on how small or just how much you desire to spend.

It’s likely your RagaMuffin will already have to be spayed or neutered, but we’re including the expense here. Vets will certainly charge more than going come a low-cost clinic through an animal shelter.

List the RagaMuffin care Supplies and also Costs

ID Tag and also Collar$15
X-Ray Cost$100–$250
Ultrasound Cost$300–$500
Teeth Cleaning$150-$450
Nail Clippers$10-$20
Litter Box$20-$60
Litter Scoop$7-$20
Food and also Water Bowls$10-$40
Scratching Post$20-$100

How lot Does a RagaMuffin cost Per Month?

$50–$150 per month

Image Credit: Benjamin B, ShutterstockThe monthly prices of your RagaMuffin will count a lot on you and your cat. The monthly costs will be much higher if her cat has any type of medical issues. And also everything additionally depends ~ above what kind of food and litter you pick for your cat.

Additionally, her monthly costs will be greater if you should fix any type of damage brought about by your cat, if you regularly use a cat-sitting service, or if you opt to have actually a skilled trim she claws.

Health Care

$50–$150 every month

RagaMuffins room purebreds and are predisposed to kidney disease and heart disease. They are also big cats that love to eat, so friend should likewise look the end for obesity.

Some RagaMuffins will stay perfectly healthy throughout your lives, when others can incur monthly receipt for wellness conditions. If you obtained your RagaMuffin from a breeder, they must be upfront about any health problems their kittens can have.


$20–$60 every month

Image Credit: fantom_rd, Shutterstock

There’s a lot of cat food to pick from. You can opt for lower-priced food if that’s every your budget can afford but be certain to check out reviews and also check the ingredients. Low price shouldn’t typical low quality.

The ingredient on the bag and cans room always provided in order of the lot of the ingredient in the food, therefore look because that chicken or beef and stay away from ingredients favor meat by-products and also artificial flavors and preservatives.


$0–$70 every month

You have the right to pretty lot groom your RagaMuffin yourself and save part money. One real advantage of the RagaMuffin is that they have actually this gorgeous, soft coat of tangle-resistant fur! They only require weekly brushing with a stainless-steel cat comb. Begin brushing your kitten as quickly as you obtain her and also trimming she claws and checking and cleaning she ears.

If you prefer a groomer to take care of her cat, the price will certainly obviously depend on the groomer.

Medications and also Vet Visits

$15–$200 per month

Vaccinations and also physical exams could run around $150 a year, and if you don’t brush your RagaMuffin’s this yourself, you can need to pay up to $450 every year in ~ the vets for this cleaning.

There’s likewise treatment because that parasites favor fleas and also ticks the you might need to look into, yet it’s very recommended the the RagaMuffin continue to be an at home cat for this reason a lot of these costs can it is in avoided.

Obviously, if your RagaMuffin no need any medication, her monthly expenses will it is in lower, but there are also emergency access time that could potentially occur.

Pet Insurance

$20–$100 per month

Pet insurance money is optional, that course, however it’s a good way to save money in the future if her RagaMuffin endures any serious health problems.

The expense of the insurance will count on your cat’s age, breed, and where you located.

Environment Maintenance

$20–$40 every month

Image Credit: Laralou Photography, ShutterstockHaving a litter box and also the appropriate litter for your cat is essential. Part cats will choose a spanned box, while others will prefer an open up top. And then yes sir the litter—crystal, clay, clumping, pine, and also the list goes on.

Again, many cats are picky around what litter castle walk on, for this reason it could be cheap or pricey.

Litter box liner (optional)$7-$15/month
Deodorizing spray or granules (optional)$5-$10/month
Litter mat (optional)$12-$60


$10–$50 every month

Since your RagaMuffin will be an indoor-only cat, finding a selection of toys and entertainment is vital. You have the right to go through some straightforward balls and also fake mouse or springs come the much more advanced items favor interactive balls and automatic laser wands.

Toys do gain ripped come shreds and broken so keep that in mind as soon as you’re paying because that an expensive toy the your RagaMuffin can break the following day. Or she might even favor the box it come in!

Lastly, friend can also look into a monthly cat toy crate subscription, which deserve to cost about $20-$30 per month.

Total Monthly price of Owning a RagaMuffin

$30–$100 per month

Image Credit: Daria.G, ShutterstockSo, it all comes under to your RagaMuffin and also the choices you make. If girlfriend do all of the grooming yourself and budget for her food and litter, the monthly expenses can absolutely be lot lower.

Additionally, if her cat is in an excellent health (and how you take treatment of her have the right to have a significant impact), you will do it only must pay for an yearly veterinarian visit.

Do save in psychic that us haven’t consisted of in our total any cats with health concerns that might require monthly medication or any emergency situations. It’s always a really great idea to leave some room in your budget for this situations.

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Additional prices to element In

As we just discussed, you should remember few of the other prices that deserve to creep increase on you or the you no account for.

This includes emergency veterinarian treatment for feasible injuries or suddenly illnesses, paying because that a pet sitter, or boarding her cat at a clinic or cat hotel as soon as you walk away ~ above vacation.

There are even times you’ll have to pay to replace items the your cat has actually damaged through scratching. They also love entertaining us by knocking breakable items come the floor.

It’s practically impossible come be prepared for these unexpected costs, however it’s great to be conscious that few of these scenarios might occur.

Image Credit: Zanna Pesnina, Shutterstock

Owning a RagaMuffin on a Budget

This is rather possible, however the upfront cost of purchase the RagaMuffin will always be ~ above the high side. Just be cautious when spending money on your cat.

It’s basic to get carried away buying your adorable brand-new friend all kinds that toys and also gadgets, however in the long run, many of this items aren’t necessary.

Saving Money top top RagaMuffin Care

You have the right to opt come pay less for toys, and also as previously discussed, do all of the grooming yourself. There room all kinds of toys you can produce yourself that will certainly be simply as fun for your RagaMuffin (like crumpling increase aluminum foil right into cat balls).

If you start brushing your cat, dealing with her paws, and also cleaning her this while she a kitten, she’ll end up being accustomed come this, and you’ll conserve a many on grooming and also vet visits. Cleaning she teeth once a week can likewise reduce the chance of her incurring later health and wellness issues.

You can likewise consider investing in a water fountain because that cats. Most cats room prone to kidney disease, and drinking indigenous a water fountain can aid prevent this from arising in the future.

Lastly, just search virtual for deals. You deserve to sometimes conserve on cat food if girlfriend buy in bulk (if you have the an are to store it), or you can discover sales, especially online.

Image Credit: Kill_Baal, Shutterstock


Owning a RagaMuffin today deserve to be fairly expensive because that the early cost. You’ll more than most likely purchase your new cat with a breeder. As soon as you incorporate that expense with the crucial items, you looking at spending everywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 at the outset.

After this amount, you have the right to expect to salary a monthly mean of $30 come $100, depending on a number of factors.

The most necessary recurring prices will typically be food and also litter and the occasional (we hope) vet visit, but how much you love and cherish your RagaMuffin and also how she will certainly love and also cherish you will certainly make it all worthwhile.

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