Coaches and Scouts

Coaches and also Scouts instruct or coach groups or people in the fundamentals of sporting activities for the main purpose of competition. Demonstrate techniques and also methods the participation. Might evaluate athletes' strengths and also weaknesses as possible recruits or to improve the athletes' technique to prepare them for competition. Those compelled to host teaching certifications need to be reported in the appropriate teaching category.

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We wanted to make it straightforward for our readers to to compare the salary of Coaches and Scouts to every the various other careers the end there. For this reason we produced Salary Rank. We compared the salary of all careers climate we offered them a rank of A, B, C, or D depending upon where their typical salary sit in compare to other careers.

Salary range

Highest (Top 10%)$*$81,940
Senior (Top 25%)$*$55,530
Middle (Mid 50%)$*$36,330
Junior (Bottom 25%)$*$25,190
No endure (Bottom 10%)$*$19,340

highest possible paying says


* Coaches and Scouts are typically paid top top an annual basis not hourly.

Another simple way to rise your salary as a Coach and Scout is to move to a higher paying state. Yet moving come a greater paying state favor DC doesn’t guarantee the you will make an ext because the costs at DC could be much higher than wherein you are currently living at best now.

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According to BLS, the greatest paid Coaches and Scouts are in the states of DC, LA, MA, NV and SC.

Highest payment industries

Salary by industryAnnualHourly
Spectator Sports$70910$*
Management the Companies and also Enterprises$69480$*
Federal executive, management Branch$68070$*
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools$62610$*
Independent Artists, Writers, and also Performers$60640$*
Business, Professional, Labor, Political, and comparable Organizations$59080$*
Religious Organizations$56320$*
Grantmaking and also Giving Services$56050$*
Amusement Parks and also Arcades$55300$*
Promoters the Performing Arts, Sports, and comparable Events$50040$*
Child Day care Services$48440$*
Employment Services$47960$*
Performing arts Companies$47510$*
Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical tool Stores$46510$*
Other Amusement and Recreation Industries$45790$*
Other an individual Services$44320$*
Junior Colleges$43720$*
Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, mental Health, and also Substance Abuse Facilities$43550$*
Elementary and an additional Schools$41580$*
Educational assistance Services$41420$*
RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and also Recreational Camps$41310$*
Traveler Accommodation$41140$*
Individual and also Family Services$40400$*
Civic and Social Organizations$38150$*
Other Schools and also Instruction$37950$*
Local Government$37660$*
Social Advocacy Organizations$37230$*
Technical and Trade Schools$27780$*
Vocational Rehabilitation Services$25740$*
Agents and Managers because that Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other public Figures$$*