Sometimes the many intimidating part of preparing a roast is shopping for one. Buying a beef tenderloin has the included pressure of a higher price sign than various other cuts of beef and also it have the right to come in a few forms depending on where girlfriend buy it. We"re here to eight you with enough confidence to pick up a beef tenderloin, whether you"re in ~ your ar butcher or your regional Costco. These space the three points you should know about buying beef tenderloin.

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1. How much beef tenderloin you require per person.

As a general rule, calculation 8 ounces (or 1/2 pound) the meat person. This reference is based upon raw weight and also accounts for about 2 ounces in shrinkage throughout trimming and cooking. Due to the fact that beef tenderloin is a fairly lean, boneless cut of beef and also tends come be rather expensive, you deserve to easily cut down that reference to 6 ounces that beef per person, especially if your dinner menu has a few hearty sides.

For feeding 4 to 6 guests, you"ll want a roast between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds. This will give each of your guests 3 to 4 (1/2-inch) slices top top the plate, and a small part of seconds or leftovers.


2. The semantics: head, tail or center-cut.

Whole beef tenderloins are damaged down into three different cuts: The head (although this actually originates from the steer rear end), the center and also the tail. You"ll only really check out these 3 cuts if you"re purchase a entirety beef tenderloin native a butcher or big-box store. The head end is most often trimmed right into steaks or pounded because that carpaccio, if the tail finish is left on bigger tenderloins.

If you"re serving a little crowd, say 4 to 6 guests, a center-cut tenderloin is nicely evenly shaped because that roasting whole. A tail-end tenderloin is appropriate for bigger dinner parties, return you"ll desire to tie the roast to ensure also cooking.

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3. Snip snip? Trimmed or untrimmed

Typically supermarkets offer beef tenderloin untrimmed or trimmed, and also the price per pound will certainly vary based on how the is prepared. Untrimmed tenderloin comes through the fat and silverskin still intact at a reduced price suggest -- miscellaneous of a boon if you"ve gained a filet knife and the trust to use it. For a couple of dollars an ext a pound, the butcher deserve to do the work-related of trimming (and sometimes tying) the roast because that you.

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