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Only $5.99 every item over spot Purchasing $10.00 silver Gaming Tokens is fantastic option for unique Silver. This Tokens are a great way to include some collectability to your holdings.
Product Highlights: typical Silver load per token is 0.60 oz. All tokens and/or rounds are guaranteed to it is in .999 well Silver. Comes with the fineness stated on each item. Orders may contain assorted designs, same design or a mixture of both. Protect her Silver in storage from the adverse impacts of moisture in the waiting by adding these silica gel packets to her order.Increase her Silver holdings with simply one purchase at a reduced premium 보다 individual silver- listings. Add several silver Gaming Tokens to your cart today! Items might be beautiful, ugly, tarnished, or also a surprise treasure, yet all are guaranteed .999 well Silver! Pieces may or may not display screen weight.

Product Specifications

Product ID: 11622 Year: N/A Grade: none Grade Service: no one Denomination: 10 Mint Mark: N/A - Not easily accessible Metal Content: 0.6 trojan oz Purity: .999 Thickness: N/A mm Diameter: N/A mm

Please call our purchase team at (800) 514-6318 to speak to one of our representatives or learn more about how to sell Silver to

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This to be a good fun buy. Obtained a gold Nugget token. Super funny to collect to include a variety to the coin collection.

I find the gaming tokens to be a fun part of gambling history. I'm no knowledgeable enough to answer any much more than that. I favor Ampex, an extremely professional and also informative. I prefer all mine purchases. The history of the economy and values are fascinating. Say thanks to you.

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Was hoping to acquire a gold Nugget LV wherein I as soon as worked however no luck. Yet got a caesar Pal. To add some exciting Reno-Tahoe rounds. An extremely satisfied Thanks

pros Attractive style Collectible (lower mintage) straightforward to sell Bottom line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Recieved nice range of tokens, most had wear and capsuls were damaged.. Possibly it was simply my batch. Other than that, everything was great.