Anchovies are one of the most excessive “love that or hate it” foods. Very few people nothing mind anchovies. They one of two people absolutely love them or wonder exactly how anyone might ever bring themselves to eat them.

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When it comes to anchovy paste, opinions are even much more split. Any type of food that has actually been mashed up and made into a paste all of sudden becomes an ext off-putting. Specifically when that paste was as soon as a life creature.


Anchovy dough adds a very particular kind the flavor that you just can’t gain from salt. But, what deserve to you carry out if a cooking recipes calls for anchovy paste and you don’t have any?

Most recipes will just ask for a small amount, so you don’t really desire to go out to buy a fresh pot if many of it will certainly go come waste.

Anchovies, and also other fish alternatives, can likewise pop increase in recipes that would otherwise it is in vegetarian or vegan.

So, come make certain everyone have the right to enjoy this dishes, we have actually put together a list of the best 6 substitutes because that anchovy dough that recreate the very same flavor.

Soy Sauce

This is among the easiest ways to get the salty, umami taste of anchovy paste. Soybean beans sauce is also much more easily available than anchovy paste.

So, even if you’re just struggling to discover anchovy paste, this is a great substitute.

Soy sauce has a very different texture to anchovy paste. For this reason this is vital factor to consider.

Depending ~ above what you’re making use of it for, this might make a huge difference come the texture and consistency of the all at once dish.

If you’re make a marinara sauce, climate you can constantly mix the soybean beans sauce with some cornflour. This will assist thicken the sauce a little.

That said, a recipe most likely won’t call for enough anchovy paste for the to do a large impact ~ above the thickness. So shot to only use a tiny amount that cornflour.

Kalamata Olives/Tapenade

Olives are another food the divides opinion (although not in rather the same method as anchovy paste). Kalamata olives space the best kind come use.

This is due to the fact that they have actually a softer meat than many other olives. So they deserve to be conveniently chopped increase or crushed and included to a dish.

Kalamata olives, if crushed or blended, will also have a an ext pleasant color than anchovy paste. Although kalamata olives have actually a dark exterior, their flesh is actually fairly a irradiate pink or purple.

Tapenade is do from chopping and also crushing olives and then mixing them with oil and also seasoning.

Depending on her recipe, the addition of oil might transform the consistency. But, if friend don’t desire to invest a most time chopping and crushing up olives, the is a quick and easy alternative.


This is absolutely one that the closest seasonings to anchovy paste. Seaweed, specifically nori (which will likely be the simplest to find), has a comparable salty and fishy taste to anchovy paste.

Seaweed is something that a lot of world view as just ocean weeds that have actually no use. But, there are certain kinds the seaweed the are wonderful additions to recipes.

Nori will usually be sold in dried sheets. This is good for many dishes. Girlfriend can conveniently shred it and sprinkle the in together you would any other herb.

You can also use nori to make a sauce. This is dubbed nori tsukudani. Merely pour 2 cup of stock right into a pot (dashi is traditionally used) and add in part shredded nori sheets.

Add part soy sauce and also other flavorings, if you favor (sake and mirin are regularly used), and also boil till the liquid has actually boiled away.

You will then be left through a braided reduction that have the right to be easily swapped in for some anchovy paste.

Miso Paste

Miso paste has been supplied in traditional Japanese cuisine because that an extremely long time. But it has become more popular throughout the world, particularly in the US, in recent years.

It is a thick, dense paste the is extremely salty. The flavor originates from the paste being seasoned v salt but additionally from kōji. Kōji is a fungus provided to saccharify foods.

This procedure ferments foods, such together rice, and makes the alcoholic. This is how the classic Japanese drink sake is made. Yet it is likewise used come flavor miso.

Miso paste is a good substitute if you space concerned about the consistency the a dish. As this is also a thick paste, that will have actually a similar effect ~ above the thickness of the dish. The said, anchovy paste is an extremely thick but also oily.

Whereas miso dough is drier and also denser. To counter the consistency, you might want to add in part oil.

Miso paste is also great in terms of flavor. It is do from soybeans i beg your pardon are really bland in flavor.

But the enhancement of salt and kōji changes everything. The soybeans carry out the texture however the saltiness and flavoring every come indigenous the seasoning. For this reason this is a perfect substitute.


This might be a surprising addition but continue to be with us. Capers are mostly used together a flavoring because that pickled or preserved olives. Yet they space edible and include a good deal that flavor.

Capers, in case you didn’t know, room the buds of the caper bush. These are harvested before the flower blooms and also used in countless different dishes yet most commonly for maintaining foods, such as pickles.

Capers can be added straight into the food or crushed and blended. They room most typically sold preserved in jars.

So friend won’t need to include anything to turn the capers right into a paste as castle will already be soft and also wet.

The texture of crushed kept capers will be similar to that of anchovy paste. The ingredients supplied to maintain capers cause them to have a similar salty and umami flavor come anchovy paste.

They will also be soft and also oily, similar to anchovy paste.

Umeboshi Paste

Umeboshi paste is a good alternative to anchovy paste in regards to both texture and flavor. It is additionally a an excellent pink color.

Which is lot nicer 보다 the dark brown that anchovy paste. Umeboshi dough is made from pickled plums.

It is regularly used as a side dish or a dipping sauce in Japanese cuisine. But it deserve to be provided as one ingredient come flavor dishes as well.

Umeboshi paste has actually an intensely salty flavor for this reason it’s a perfect replacement because that the saltiness of anchovy paste. It additionally has rather a comparable consistency.

Anchovy paste deserve to be rather oily. So that isn’t rather as smooth and dense as the word “paste” implies. Umeboshi paste, as it is make from fruit, retains quite a bit of the initial moisture.

This method that it deserve to separate in the same way as anchovy paste. (That’s a an excellent thing!)

That said, the difference between oil and also water is quite important. So, as soon as you spoon the umeboshi paste out the the jar, try and drain away any type of water.

You might likewise want to include some oil come thicken the food up a tiny and make up for the extra water.

Frequently inquiry Questions

What have the right to I substitute because that anchovies in Caesar dressing?

There are numerous variations to the classic Caesar dressing, yet most recipes will incorporate anchovies, as it adds quite a distinctive flavor come the dressing that many human being love.

But if you’re make your own caesar dressing, and also you don’t occur to have any type of anchovies, yes no must panic. There space a few alternatives that you deserve to use, that will serve as a perfect substitute because that the anchovies so that the dressing still turns out an ext or much less the same. Let’s gain right into it!

There space three main substitutes because that anchovies as soon as making a caesar dressing:

Worcestershire sauce:

Using Worcestershire sauce in the caesar dressing will add that slim fishy flavor the the anchovies would, although it i will not ~ be as strong. However, most civilization prefer the fainter flavor!

But if you desire to boost the fishy flavor more, then you deserve to mix the Worcestershire sauce in with some lemon juice, some garlic, salt, pepper, mustard, and capers in a bowl. (You deserve to also include an egg to this, and mix the all into the dressing)

Asian fish sauce:

Asian fish sauce is usually made indigenous fermented anchovies, therefore it’s one of the finest substitutes for anchovies within a caesar dressing.

It will certainly essentially add the odor of the anchovies, without having actually to usage any, therefore it have the right to be a comfortable option preferred by many! However, this sauce is fairly strong, so remember to only use a few drops, or else it will completely overpower the dressing.

Anchovy paste:

Anchovy dough is constantly a an excellent substitute because that anchovies, no matter the recipe, and also the very same goes for making caesar dressing.

To obtain the amount right, use fifty percent a tespoon of anchovy paste for every anchovy that you would have actually used in the recipe, that method the flavor have to be much more or much less the very same in strength.

Can fish sauce substitute because that anchovy paste?

In many recipes, it’s perfect fine to usage fish sauce as a substitute for anchovy paste, and both can also be offered as options to yes, really anchovies.

However, fish sauce often tends to it is in spicier and stronger 보다 anchovy paste, as result of the greater concentration, for this reason you need to only usage a couple of drops when substituting the anchovy paste.

Can ns make my very own anchovy paste?

Anchovy dough is a strong-flavored paste, made v anchovies and a few other ingredients. That is offered in many different recipes and also is likewise a good alternative to making use of actual anchovies when cooking or make different types of dressing.

A tiny little bit of this paste will certainly make any dish a little more savory, and also it no necessarily do them fishy, therefore it’s used a lot an ext than a lot of human being believe! It have the right to be uncovered in most supermarkets and also grocery stores, yet you can likewise make your own.

In fact, anchovy dough is super easy and also fast to make, and you’ll be able to personalize it so that it’s just perfect for her recipes.

Here is exactly how to make anchovy paste:

Take some oil-cured anchovies and mash them up, so that they form a paste.Add part salt and a drizzle of olive oil.Mash and also mix some more, until the paste is nice and smooth.Optional: friend can add a couple of extra ingredients if you want to personalize your anchovy paste.

What go anchovy paste taste like?

Anchovy dough tastes that anchovies. It’s very salty and will make any kind of dish savory, and it has a fishy flavor that have the right to be further magnified by utilizing the ideal ingredients.


Anchovy paste could not be the most appealing ingredient however even a tiny amount can massively change the odor of a dish.

But, if girlfriend don’t choose the taste (or maybe simply the idea) of anchovy paste, any type of of the 6 substitutes above will it is in able to carry out that salty, umami flavor the anchovy dough provides.

Just mental that couple of ingredients will have the ability to exactly mimic the taste and also the consistency the anchovy paste. So you might additionally need to add other ingredients to balance that out.

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Overall, yes sir no reason to issue if girlfriend don’t have anchovy paste, or if you just don’t desire to use it, there space plenty of delicious substitutes available.