The formula because that calculating PointsPlus food values has actually taken right into account much more of the diet information easily accessible to consumers, i beg your pardon is great. What"s not so great is the lack of indistinguishable information ~ above the contents of alcohol, making that very daunting to calculate alcohol point out accurately.

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To determine the PointsPlus value for alcohol, use the calculator below.

Please note: this is no an main Weight Watchers calculate tool. Please join Weight Watchers to acquire the official numbers.

Beer GlassAlc. Vol: 5%Size: 355 ml
5 pts
Malt Liquor Alc. Vol: 7%Size: 251 ml
5 pts
Table alcohol Alc. Vol: 12%Size: 148 ml
4 pts
Fortified WineAlc. Vol: 17%Size: 104 ml
5 pt
Aperitif Alc. Vol: 24%Size: 74 ml
7 pt

The Confusion

This confusion has come to be increasingly much more evident both ~ above the load Watchers forums and also on various other social media sites, as world discuss and debate the PointsPlus values of your favourite alcoholic beverage. If friend plug the accessible nutritional information about a party of alcohol or beer, that will often come out together a very low PointsPlus value, for example 0 PointsPlus for a irradiate beer.

The official Weight Watchers accuse state that you shouldn’t usage the weight Watchers PointsPlus calculator to recognize the PointsPlus worths for alcohol. Regrettably the means the tools have been designed, enable participants to usage the calculator without any prompts or warnings around the must use a different calculation for alcohol.

The weight Watchers PointsPlus calculator supplies the nutritional worths of protein, fiber, fat and carbohydrates. This doesn"t take into factor to consider the calories of the item being calculated. Due to the fact that of the nutritional consist of of alcohol with high calories and negligible values for the other contents calculated, the PointsPlus calculator offers a false short reading.

How come Calculate weight Watchers Points for Alcohol

In stimulate to calculation the alcohol PointsPlus values you need to know the protein, fiber, fat, carbohydrates, alcohol content, and/or street alcohol. The fat, fiber and protein content for alcohol is normally zero.

However, given the number of alcoholic beverages the don"t have alcohol contents in grams easily accessible to usage in calculating PointsPlus values, right here are the procedures you deserve to use to find out this info yourself.


calorie of alcohol = full Calories - (total calorie of nutrients) Alcohol contents (grams) = calorie of alcohol/7

To discover the calories of carbs, protein and also fats to insert right into the formula (total calories of nutrients), usage the following calculations.

Calories every carbohydrate (grams) = carbohydrate x 4 Calories every protein (grams) = protein x 4 (generally 0) Calories every fat (grams) = fat x 9 (generally 0) Calories per alcohol (grams) = alcohol x 7

Once you have actually calculated the alcohol content in grams, usage the weight Watchers food calculator, and also use the information to calculate her PointsPlus values. Use your alcohol (grams) + fat values as the “fat” input, and the protein, carbohydrate and also fiber worths where indicated in the calculator. Most alcoholic drinks will have a zero value for protein, fat and also fiber.

See listed below for one example:

Corona Extra = 148 calories

Carbs: 13g x 4 = 52 calories Protein: 0 Fat: 0 Fiber: 0

Total calories of nutrients = 52 calorie

Calories from alcohol = 148 – 52 = 96 calorie Alcohol content (grams) = 96/7 = 13.7 grams

Inputs for load Watchers Food Calculator

Carbs: 13 Protein: 0 Fat: 0 + 13.7 Fiber: 0

The PointsPlus worth for a Corona Extra is 5

Mixed Drinks

So what if you"re having a combined drink? You’ll need to calculate the points Plus worths of the alcohol, and also then add it to whatever you’re mixing it v - soda, milk, cream, olives and so on will all have actually a PointsPlus value that will must be included to your calculations come have an exact reading the your day-to-day PointsPlus consumption.

Rule of Thumb

If friend can"t uncover the information you need to accurately calculation the PointsPlus worths for your alcoholic beverage, the finest thing to perform is save a couple of easy general rules on hand.

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1 constant beer is 5 PointsPlus 1 light beer is 3 PointsPlus 1 standard glass of wine is 4 PointsPlus 1 shot of difficult alcohol is 4 PointsPlus 1 glass of champagne is 3 PointsPlus

Alternately you have the right to use the following method. For a 12 Oz party of alcohol, check the percent alcohol and round up the number to the nearest totality number because that a PointsPlus Value. Because that example, a beer v 4.80% alcohol content, would be rounded approximately 5 PointsPlus. Remember, if the party is not 12 Oz, you need to change the PointsPlus value to reflect that. You have the right to use the following an easy formula:

PointsPlus = (size of bottle in Oz / 12 Oz) x Rounded up % alcohol content

By utilizing the alcohol calculator, or the typical Points add to values and keeping an accurate record of her PointsPlus consumption, you have actually a much greater chance of achieving her weight loss goals.

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