Helium, a chemical element with the price He and also atomic number2, is a colorless, odorless, tasteless inert gas. The is the second lightest andabundant chemical species after hydrogen. It has actually the shortest boiling allude amongthe facets in the regular table.

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It is mostly uncovered in a complimentary state and also formed in big amountsduring the nuclear blend of hydrogen in stars. Helium is the only aspect thatcannot be solidified by sufficient cooling at regular atmospheric temperatureand pressure. Around 23% of the fixed of the cosmos is made up in the kind ofhelium and mostly helium is started in the concentrated kind inside stars.

You are below to understand valence electrons and also the valency ofhelium, aren’t you? But prior to that let"s have some ideas around what this termsare:

Difference between Valence Electrons and Valency

Valence electrons room the total number of electrons presentin the outermost shell of one atom (i.e. In outermost orbital). The valenceelectrons for a neutral atom is constantly definite, it cannot be varied (more orless) in any condition for a specific atom and may or may not be same to itsvalency.


Valency is defined as the total number of electrons an atomcan lose, gain, or share at the moment of bond formation to obtain a stableelectronic configuration i.e. To complete an octet. The valency of an atom canbe change in various compounds or chemistry reactions as result of the differentbonding circumstances. Many of the moment valency varies/changes due to change inoxidation and reduction states.

Helium (He) Valence Electrons

There space four basic steps to uncover out the valenceelectrons because that helium atom i beg your pardon are:

Step 1: uncover the atom Number


To uncover out the atomic variety of helium, we have the right to use theperiodic table. Through the assist of the periodic table, us can quickly see that theatomic number of helium is 2. As its atom number is 2, it has two protons,and because that neutral helium, the variety of protons is constantly equal to the number ofelectrons i.e. Have actually two-electron in your nucleus.

Step 2: write Electron Configuration


Electron configuration is the plan of electrons onthe orbitals. The helium atom has only one electron top top its shell, we have toput just one electron in that is orbital and also that will go in the 1s orbital together the Sorbital have the right to hold a preferably of 2 electrons, and is closer to the nucleus.

Helium electron construction He (2) = 1s2 (completeconfiguration).

Step3: recognize Valence Shell

As us know, the valence shell of one atom deserve to be found fromthe highest number of principle quantum numbers which is expressed in the termof n, and in 1s2, the highest possible value the n is 1 so the the valence covering of Heis 1s2.

Step 4: discover Valence Electrons

The total variety of electrons existing in the valence shellof an atom is referred to as valence electrons, and also there is only one electron presentin the valence covering of helium (1s2). Thus, helium has actually two valence electrons.

Valency that Helium (He)

There are countless different means to uncover out the valency of atom which reflects the capacity of an atom to bond with other atoms. Valencedescribes how easily an atom or a cost-free radical can integrate with other chemicalspecies. The valency of one atom is determined based on the variety of electronslost, gained, or common with an additional atom at the time of link formation.

An atom is stated to be stable as soon as its outermost shells haveeight electrons (except H & He). If the total number of electrons inoutermost shells is between one come four, the atom has positive valency and ifelectrons are in between four come eight, the valency is calculation by subtractingfrom eight and also valency will certainly be zero. Atom having 4 outermost electronspossess both positive and an adverse valency, and also atoms having actually eight outermostelectrons, valency will be zero (i.e. Noble gases).

Noble gases favor helium have two valence electron so itdoes not call for to shed or gain electrons to finish its energy shell i.e. Stableduplet. So the they do not have any propensity to combine with other elementswhich renders the valency that helium zero.

We can likewise find the valency of helium v the help of the periodictable. As helium belonging to team 8A i beg your pardon are teams of noble gases havingvalency zero.

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Note: Helium is the only noble gas that has a complete dupletstate, the remainder of every noble gases have finish octet states.