If Jesus Christ died for our guilty once and also for all, how countless times walk a Believer repent? Once? Twice? Ornumerous times until one dies? What does the scriptures say about repentance and also Believers and also its effects onfaith and salvation?

The scriptures speaks that repentance in ~ the paper definition of loyalty in a few instances specifically in Paul"sepistles. An instance of this can be viewed in Paul"s letter to the believer of Corinth. In2 Corinthians 7, Paul refers to an earlier letter (now lost)that was sent via Titus i m sorry sternly faced the Corinthian Christians with their sin(2 Cor 7:8). Unsure of your reception, Paul was comfortednot only by Titus" safety yet by their an answer to his letter(2 Cor 7:5-7).Because the Corinthian Christians obtained Titus v such respect, it expected that they quiet honored Paul andhis apostolic ministry.

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"I currently rejoice, not that you were made sorrowful, yet that you to be made sorrowfulto the allude of repentance; because that you were made sorrowful follow to the will certainly of God, so the you might notsuffer lose in anything v us. Because that the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentancewithout regret, leading to salvation, yet the sorrow of the people produces death."(2 Cor 7:9-10)

The Corinthian christians respond to Paul"s previous letter with sincere repentance. Whilethe contents of the lost letter is unknown, circumstantial evidence uncovered in 2 Corinthians suggest to the presenceof false teachers cultivating their very own theology and discrediting the apostle and his message(2 Cor 2:17;4:2;6:3, 12-18;7:12;11:3-6).

The believer of Corinth apparently had a "change of mind" about their sin, identified theirsin in "godly sorrow" and also corrected your behavior. As proof of genuine sorrow, Paul cites your "earnestness"to do amends, "indignation" at Paul"s opponents, a "fear" and also "longing" worry for Paul, a "zeal" come "avenge"the wrong and also "vindicate" themselves (2 Cor 7:11).

Scholars think that the Corinthians sinned, no by doing wrong, yet failing to carry out what wasright.

When faced by Paul, the Corinthian Christians had a choice of responding positively or negatively, andPaul referred to this together two types of repentance (2 Cor 7:10):

"Worldly sorrow" is an instance of a an adverse response.

It is a sorrow that does no reflect a genuine repentance or "change in mind." The sin isjustified and the confrontation is resented or leaves one embittered. There might be an assuaging of pains feelingwith words or habits of contrition however not with any genuine will of repentance. Sinful behavior is resumed.

As God knows the love of every man, this path leads to the sinner"s harm and also ahardening of the heart.Paul"s confronting letter is an instance of a divine judgment that often serves two purposes: an plot of justiceand an effort to bring about repentance.

"Godly sorrow" is an example of a hopeful response.

God"s intended means brings one to check out his very own guilt and also produces a adjust of mind; thisrepentance leads to salvation. However, what salvation is this if Paul is speak to Believers?

In paper definition of a non-Believer, salvation is described as "initial salvation" (justificationsalvation) and is as soon as one is saved from the punish of sin.

In the context of a Believer, salvation is in described as "sanctification salvation" and iswhen one is being saved from the power of sin(Phil 2:12-13) and also becoming much more Christ like(2 Cor 3:18).

With God"s way, repentance is not a regrettable act; it offer in sanctification salvation andis a blessing.

It is obvious that a Christian, who seeks to live a holy life, will certainly be repenting often and also as component of theprocess of sanctification.


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