Ash Ketchum collection off together a 10-year-old with the lofty score of becoming the world"s best Pokemon master.

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While he"s made part serious progress towards achieving that title over the last 20-plus years; there have been a few times once his ambitions almost ended forever.

Of course, once living in a people filled with exceptionally fearsome and also dangerous Pokemon, dying a couple of times wouldn"t it is in a surprise for the show"s key character.

Here are the optimal three times Ash Ketchum passed away in Pokemon. Thankfully for fans, he"s constantly managed come come earlier alive to proceed on his journey.

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Top 3 time Ash Ketchum died in Pokemon

#3 - Lucario and also the mystery of Mew

While every Ash Ketchum death is sad because that viewers, this one was specifically overwhelming because most the his companions endured the very same fate.

Ash and also his friends to be consumed in the Tree of starts by a blob engineered to destroy humans who room thought to it is in a risk to the tree and also Pokemon life therein.

However, Ash and also friends actually had actually the tree"s best interests in mind and were rightfully revitalized back to life through the Mythical Pokemon, Mew.

#2 - Pokemon - I select You!

Fans really assumed this can have to be the end for Ash Ketchum. His fatality in the movie "Pokemon I select You!" seemed much more lasting than others.

After taking on a force from Pokemon regulated by Marshadow, Ash"s body and soul disappear into a world akin to the after-life. That pipeline a an extremely sad Pikachu left just with its trainer"s famous hat.

Luckily for Ash, the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh resurrects the so that can continue with his seemingly unlimited heroics.

#1 - Mewtwo Strikes Back

It simply does not acquire any more sad or heartbreaking than once Ash passed away in the an initial Pokemon movie, "Mewtwo Strikes Back."

Ash sacrifices self to end the fight between Mew and also Mewtwo, as well as several various other Pokemon and also their cloned versions. Leaping in between two incredibly strong attacks, Ash is caught in the middle and also petrified.

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Making this brave decision eventually saved the entire world. Mewtwo learned that humans can be kind and decided to end its rage and also violence against them after see what Ash did.