So I’ve to be seeing some birds begin to lay egg recently and also I was wondering come myself: ‘do bird lay eggs every year?’ as there were minimal answers online, ns did my own evaluation on Nestwatch data to come up v a convincing answer. Here’s what i found:Birds put eggs every year round, through a 86% majority of their eggs laid during spring; in April, May, and June. Different varieties can begin egg-laying either early or so late spring. Bird lay eggs the least during September. The moment of year birds lay eggs counts on factors like fitness, work length, and also latitude.

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It’s definitely fascinating to find when bird actually begin to lay your eggs and also when the activity peaks! Read on for the complete answer:

Do birds Lay Eggs all Year? (Data has An Answer)


If you’re a rather new birder such as myself, you would certainly not have known the birds might lay eggs all year.I mean, ns knew the there to be a reproduction season of part sort and birds carry out mating rituals and such in the past, but I never knew when birds lay your eggs, until now. Here’s how I walk the analysis:I used Tableau to analyze raw nesting effort data available from the website which included 281 bird types from the year 2000 – 2020 indigenous the US and also Canada. (Thank friend participants!) You should certainly check the end NestWatch as that a free and an excellent resource come learn around nesting!I take it the very first lay day of each observation and summarized them into months. This is what i found:Birds put eggs all year round, v a 86% majority of your eggs laid during spring; in April, May, and June. Different varieties can start egg-laying either early or late spring. Birds lay egg the least during September. The moment of year bird lay eggs depends on factors like fitness, work length, and also latitude.

Interactive Bird Egg-Laying timing Tool

Check out the interaction tool below to discover more about various egg-laying timings for various birds!


I was then curious as to find the end which month had actually the highest variety of bird egg-laying events, so I referred to the device I created over and come up with the following conclusive answer:Birds lay their eggs the most during the month of may with a bulk of 43.2% the end of every 12 month in a year. Other months the have fairly high egg-laying frequencies room April (20.1%) and also June (23.7%) in to decrease order.Now, this makes the most sense! The months with the most egg-laying events: April, May, and June, coincide with the breeding period during springtime in the northern Hemisphere!This duration is once birds begin to discover a mate, mate v them, find a nest, and also lay their very first eggs.Here’s a table summarizing the percentage of egg-laying events by month:MonthPercentage of Egg-laying occasions In A Year (%)JanuaryFebruary0.3March5.7April20.1May43.2June23.7July6.8August0.2SeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberFor easy referral in the table above, I’ve added color to the top 3 month in the year (April, May, and June).

When execute Birds lay Eggs?

Birds lay egg all through the year. However, most birds lay an ext eggs during Spring in the month of April, May, and also June, getting to its height in might taking up 43.2% of every months in a year. Most birds select to put one egg a job in the mornings.

Which Month carry out Birds Lay eggs The the very least In A Year?


Birds lay egg the least throughout the month of October, acquisition up much less than 0.1% of every the egg-laying events in month throughout the year.

This period coincides v the migration duration during Autumn, whereby birds are much less like to it is in laying eggs.

Birds Lay eggs At various Timings during Spring

Now we understand that bird lay egg the most during the Spring, I obtained really curious to discover out i m sorry timings birds lay your eggs throughout spring.While there are countless birds that pick to colony during the spring, birds actually lay your eggs at different timings throughout spring. Some select to nest early, if some pick to near later in spring! Let’s uncover out much more about that:


Early-nesters refer to birds the start structure their nest to lay their very first eggs, through a bulk before the month that May. Examples the early-nesters include the American Robin, Barn Owl, eastern Screech-Owl.Let’s watch at an example with an American Robin!
When ns keyed in American Robin to the find of the tool, I discovered that castle lay many of your eggs in the month of may (42.3%).I have additionally found that they tend to be much more of very early nester, offered that they likewise lay a fairly high percent of your eggs in April (32.1%), prior to the optimal of the nesting season.


Common Yellowthroat (left) and its egg (right). Source: birdfellow.comLate-nesters refer to birds the arrive ago later in the phibìc after winter come start structure their swarm to put their very first eggs. examples of such late-nester birds incorporate the home Wren, Barn Swallow, usual Yellowthroat.Let’s look in ~ the example of a Barn Swallow!
This time as soon as I searched increase Barn Swallows in the device above, I noticed that although its peak egg-laying month is in may at 42.2%, with most of its various other high-percentage months after May: June (31.9%) and July (18.1%).This method that the Barn swallow is most most likely a late-nester, together expected!

Examples the Early and also Late Nester Bird Species

I summary the abovementioned early and late nester types with links to their relevant eBird profiles for you in a table for easy reference!
Highest Egg-Laying MonthsHighest Egg-Laying Month portion (%)Early-NestersAmerican RobinApril, May42.3Barn OwlFebruary, March41.7Eastern Screech-OwlMarch, April52.2Late-NestersHouse WrenMay, June, July38.6Barn SwallowMay, June, July42.2Common YellowthroatMay, June57.3

Birds the Lay Eggs frequently All Year Round

Great Horned Owl and also its eggsNow the we’ve uncovered a little more about the egg being laid during and around springtime, what around the various other periods that the year. Do birds lay their eggs often during other months?There room some birds the lay your eggs frequently all year round!An example is the great Horned Owl. Here’s just how its graph watch like!
As seen in the photo above, most an excellent Horned Owls lay their eggs in February (40.7%), i beg your pardon is before the nesting season.What’s interesting to uncover out is that it also lays its eggs in January (8.5%) and in December (3.4%), which are basically month that room not the common spring season when most birds will certainly lay your eggs!

Do birds Lay egg In The Fall?

Birds do lay egg in the Fall. However, birds lay egg the the very least in the autumn months of September, October, and also November, taking up only 1% of every eggs laid transparent the year. Instead, birds lay eggs throughout every months of the year.

How Birds understand When to Lay Eggs

Now you might wonder, through so much variation amongst birds and also when they begin their trip to place their first egg, what specifically are the factors that impact when birds lay their eggs? Here are the 3 factors:

1. Fitness

Wait a minute, fitness?! ns don’t mean just how well you have the right to bench-press in the gym or whether you’re able to finish a complete marathon!Fitness is in reality an evolutionary biology hatchet that defines the reproductive success that a bird, and also its capacity to happen it under to its children (in layman’s terms).If a pair of birds decide that it’s best for them come mate early and also begin the process of nesting early, there might be benefits in act so for part bird species, together their eggs will hatch earlier and also fledge earlier, providing lock a higher survival benefit after.In addition, if birds want to lay another clutch at an additional time of the year various other than spring, castle would have to confront other eco-friendly pressures together as greater predation and competition because that food in their niche.

2. Work length

Scientists have actually recently discovered that day size affects the secretion of particular hormones in a bird’s body, which impact the size of their sex-related organs, which aid in reproduction.They made a managed experiment wherein they exposed male starlings to differing levels of photoperiods (periods exposed come light) native the winter solstice.They uncovered that their sexual organ development was directly proportional come the photoperiod! <1>
Thus, with more chances that reproductive success from enhanced testicular growth rate, bird mate and also lay eggs more often together the day lengthens ~ winter.

3. Latitude

Latitude also affects when birds mate and also lay eggs. Bird at high latitudes have a shorter time framework in which they have the right to breed throughout the springtime, compared to your counterparts that live at reduced latitudes.Examples include sandpipers. your young have even adjusted to develop faster in such conditions too!

Final Thoughts

Now you know that bird lay eggs every year round, you recognize that birds lay eggs mainly in springtime, mostly throughout May to July, and also you recognize what factors affect when birds lay their eggs.I hope the you have discovered this short article useful and also sufficient to meet your curiosity as much as that did mine!I had actually fun writing this article. Anyway, give thanks to you so much for analysis the end, take care. Happy birding!


JustinJustin is a hobbyist birder that wishes to share his birding knowledge with the world. His favorite bird is the Large-tailed Nightjar and also he yes, really loves potato chips!

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