Known together the US liquid ounce, the unit of volume for liquid substances is provided as ounce in the US and other nations practicing the united state Customary system. That is equates to to around 1/8 of united state cup, 1/16 of us pint, approximately 1.040842731 Imperial fluid Ounces, 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons. The name oz is acquired from one old Latin native Onza, and also the symbol embraced for this unit is fl oz.

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Convert Ounces

A teaspoon as a volume measuring unit is widely provided in cooking, pharmaceutical medicine, and also some various other areas. A teaspoon is a really convenient unit of volume used due to the fact that the center of the 17th century. That is around equal come 1/3rd of a tablespoon, 1/48th of a united state cup, 1/3rd that a cubic inch, or 5 mL. This unit deserve to be abbreviated to tsp.

Convert Teaspoon

This is a really easy to usage ounces come teaspoon converter.First of every just form the ounces (fl oz) value in the text ar of the conversion form to begin converting fl oz to tsp,then select the decimal value and also finally struggle convert button if auto calculation didn"t work. Teaspoon value will it is in converted immediately as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to it is in calculated or rounded the the result of ounces come teaspoon conversion.

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You can likewise check the ounces to teaspoon conversion chart below, or go ago to ounces to teaspoon converter to top.

1 fl oz6 tsp
2 fl oz12 tsp
3 fl oz18 tsp
4 fl oz24 tsp
5 fl oz30 tsp
6 fl oz36 tsp
7 fl oz42 tsp
8 fl oz48 tsp
9 fl oz54 tsp
10 fl oz60 tsp
11 fl oz66 tsp
12 fl oz72 tsp
13 fl oz78 tsp
14 fl oz84 tsp
15 fl oz90 tsp
16 fl oz96 tsp
17 fl oz102 tsp
18 fl oz108 tsp
19 fl oz114 tsp
20 fl oz120 tsp
21 fl oz126 tsp
22 fl oz132 tsp
23 fl oz138 tsp
24 fl oz144 tsp
25 fl oz150 tsp
26 fl oz156 tsp
27 fl oz162 tsp
28 fl oz168 tsp
29 fl oz174 tsp
30 fl oz180 tsp
31 fl oz186 tsp
32 fl oz192 tsp
33 fl oz198 tsp
34 fl oz204 tsp
35 fl oz210 tsp
36 fl oz216 tsp
37 fl oz222 tsp
38 fl oz228 tsp
39 fl oz234 tsp
40 fl oz240 tsp
41 fl oz246 tsp
42 fl oz252 tsp
43 fl oz258 tsp
44 fl oz264 tsp
45 fl oz270 tsp
46 fl oz276 tsp
47 fl oz282 tsp
48 fl oz288 tsp
49 fl oz294 tsp
50 fl oz300 tsp

50 fl oz300 tsp
55 fl oz330 tsp
60 fl oz360 tsp
65 fl oz390 tsp
70 fl oz420 tsp
75 fl oz450 tsp
80 fl oz480 tsp
85 fl oz510 tsp
90 fl oz540 tsp
95 fl oz570 tsp
100 fl oz600 tsp
105 fl oz630 tsp
110 fl oz660 tsp
115 fl oz690 tsp
120 fl oz720 tsp
125 fl oz750 tsp
130 fl oz780 tsp
135 fl oz810 tsp
140 fl oz840 tsp
145 fl oz870 tsp
150 fl oz900 tsp
155 fl oz930 tsp
160 fl oz960 tsp
165 fl oz990 tsp
170 fl oz1020 tsp
175 fl oz1050 tsp
180 fl oz1080 tsp
185 fl oz1110 tsp
190 fl oz1140 tsp
195 fl oz1170 tsp
200 fl oz1200 tsp
205 fl oz1230 tsp
210 fl oz1260 tsp
215 fl oz1290 tsp
220 fl oz1320 tsp
225 fl oz1350 tsp
230 fl oz1380 tsp
235 fl oz1410 tsp
240 fl oz1440 tsp
245 fl oz1470 tsp
250 fl oz1500 tsp
255 fl oz1530 tsp
260 fl oz1560 tsp
265 fl oz1590 tsp
270 fl oz1620 tsp
275 fl oz1650 tsp
280 fl oz1680 tsp
285 fl oz1710 tsp
290 fl oz1740 tsp
295 fl oz1770 tsp