Foxborough’s Gillette Stadium, which opened up in 2002, is hallowed ground for new England Patriots’ nation. Gillette’s open arena has actually the volume to hold more than 68,700, fans however the fun doesn’t prevent there. Check out facts and figures around the stadium that you can not have known till now, noted to the media by the Patriots.

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Every seat in Gillette stadion is focused precisely toward midfield. This provides optimum see of the video game no matter where friend sit. The seats are theater-style and have a cupholder. Gillete likewise offers complimentary Wi-Fi web access.

A unique feature the Gillette is the stadium’s signature lighthouse in the north end zone (pictured far right). It rises 10 stories above the play field, however is concealed from see on the exterior by the elevation of the 16-story stadium.

Gillette is home to the largest HDTV video screen in an the end NFL stadium: the Daktronics HDTV video clip board in the south end zone. Over there are additionally over 1,000 television monitors transparent the stadium the broadcast the game for patrons in ~ the concessions.

There are an ext than double as plenty of parking spaces in Gillette’s parking lots as there space parking meter in every one of the city the, which is 33 miles north that the stadium.


A many fans method a the majority of food. Over there are much more than 500 concession locations, consisting of 138 long-term stands, in Gillette Stadium. Throughout a common game, pan consume an ext than one ton of Italian sausage and 280 gallons of clam chowder.


On game days, up to 5,000 staff are important to run Gillette Stadium; a proportion of one employee member because that every 13.7 fans. These employees might hold any number of jobs, from running a concession was standing to gift a an individual bathroom attendant in among the stadium’s 89 high-end suites.

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Patriots season ticket holders come native 42 united state states, 4 Canadian provinces and also two foreign countries. The season ticket waiting list has actually members from all 50 states, nine Canadian provinces, eight international countries and also three U.S. Territories.