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Hey guys, i have roughly 65k on my 07 and also was going to carry out a tranmission business at the dealer. He stated that GM imply to "Power Flush" the infectious diseases world fashion ($199). Evidentaly a device is hooked approximately the trans that flushes every one of the fluid and also lines top top the transmission to gain most the the old fluid out. The filter is not adjusted but is flushed backwards. The business manager stated that to drop the pan and change the filter will certainly not get all of the old liquid out and is just recommeded through GM because that high milage vehicles. Has actually anyone had any experience with either that these processes or can someone call me the best an approach to use? Thanks.

Not sure on the one. I"ve never ever done a power flush before, i"ve constantly just reduce the pan and replaced fluid and also filter. I"ve not done one personal that brand-new of a truck either, the dealership did mine wife"s 08 Tahoe critical time
40,000 miles and they did change the filter. I think the was approximately $150 bucks (glad she paid for it). This most likely doesn"t help much yet thats mine 2 cents...

I just serviced mine tranny and the company manual states nothing about doing a flush, simply the pan-n-filter. Ns don"t think you"d must replace every the fluids since GM doesn"t call for it at every change. The development of a couple of quarts of new fluid have to be enough to replenish the additives once done regularly.I"ve heard numerous stories about full flushes causing concerns later indigenous the new detergents washing away varnish that built-up and also protected specific areas, and also it washing away other sediment which later caused blockages.
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Just did a flush on mine at 80,000 miles on my 08. I have done this process before on various other trucks and also have never had actually a problem. Ns went synthetic on the brand-new fluid along with transfer case and diff. Ns tow a camper and also snowmobiles and as you can see do a lot of highway miles. My thought is if the clean liquid its probably far better than the dirty fluid that is break down.
Some people believe that all transmission filters room backflushed clean every time the vehicle is turned off. This is a major misconception. Three-quarters of all transmission filters today are not a simple screen, they room made the felt. A feeling filter cannot be backflushed. Felt holds dust particles within tiny pores in the felt. It will certainly not wash out or flush out. If a felt filter becomes clogged it have to be replaced. Clogged filter restrict fluid flow, i m sorry lowers press to clutches and also bands. This can reason slippage and also eventual burnout of the transmission.
There have been one increasing number of instances surfacing recently concerning transmission failures shortly after one evacuation service, without filter removal. At the moment of a liquid evacuation service, there is no means to understand the problem of the filter and how clogged it may be. The filters task is to collect and also hold contaminants, (dirt, steel filings, friction particles, etc.), and prevent these particles indigenous causing malfunction in such contents as digital force motors and solenoids. Today"s transmissions space far much more susceptible to malfunctions brought about by fine dust contamination. There is no servicing the filter, over there is no method to recognize if the filter is clean the debris or nearing capacity. If the filter is nearing capacity, transmission failure may not be far off. This is likewise a sign that there might be other internal troubles in the transmission. Recognizing this warning signs might eliminate significant service later.
Even if the fluid evacuation an approach is preferred to eliminate the supplied transmission fluid, the pan must be eliminated also, and also an inspection should be made of the pan contents, fluid, and filter to determine the problem of the transmission.

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Aluminum filings in the pan or steel filings ~ above the pan magnet are indications of inner wear and also may offer light to potential troubles in the transmission. Transmission organization is performed for preventative maintenance. Evaluating the as whole condition of the transmission by removed the pan have to be component of this preventative maintenance also.