How many pallets to the right in a 20- and 40-foot container?

In s freight shipping, your pallets have to ideally fill tightly into your shipping container. This is live independence of whether you’re shipping port-to-port or door-to-door.

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Depending on pallet form and size, the variety of pallets friend will be able to load right into a 20-foot container or 40-foot container varies. Their internal dimensions are:

20-foot container: 19’ 4” lengthy x 7’ 9” large x 7’ 10” tall40-foot container: 39’ 6” long x 7’ 9” large x 7’ 10” tall

International container shipments emphasis on the usage of two pallet types, the EU pallet and the EUR2 pallet, additionally called the conventional pallet. The adhering to image provides an overview and only considers floor space, no packing in tiers.


The global Organization for Standardization details six ISO pallets in their standard 6780, sorted by the usage of floor room in traditional containers in an ascending order. To minimize the use of floor space, so-called Pallet wide containers exist. This non-standard containers have actually slightly much more internal space. They are more common in Europe and also can accommodate 24 or 30 Euro pallets.


Packing her pallets for optimal container shipping

Cardboard box or cargo need to not stick out beyond the pallet. This create an impediment to pallet arrangement.Use cling plunder or plastic scraps to secure your shipment. This avoids damage and shifting.

While container loading commonly tries to minimization the waste of floor space, you might have come take total weight into account in some cases. A delivery of irradiate goods can possibly be arranged in two tiers within the container. ~ above the contrary, if her loaded pallets space heavy, you could have to mitigate the number per container for this reason as not to exceed a particular weight. This could be the case if a container is routed in transit by truck and needs to meet a roadway weight limit.

Pick her pallets accordingly

The most perfect pallet for her container delivery depends on your supplier and also the industries involved. The following components determine how many pallets you deserve to fit into a typical container.

Pallet loading height: What is the elevation of your product after ~ it’s stacked onto the pallets? This depends on product size and weight and influences possible loading that tiers in your container. Clear up the loading height of your pallets through your product supplier or manufacturer.

Load weight: This must be thought about for heavy pallets due to the fact that their weight may reduce the maximum number of pallets allowed per container. Keep load and also road weight boundaries in mind.

Container space: The pallet plan within a 20- or 40-foot container should maximize the use of space in three dimensions. In ~ the very same time, the circulation should ensure effective loading and also unloading when minimizing potential damages. Your shipping and loading certified dealer will aid you v the ideal pallet setup for her container.

Unloading requirements: element in the requirements of her customer or last recipient of your shipment, particularly if they space in charge of unloading her shipping container. They can have limitations on loading height, tiered loading or preferential pallet plan within the container. Passage with buildings and doorways and onward routing may additionally be one issue.

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After working out the specifications and limitations of her cargo and also pallets required, friend may begin to consider how you will be packing her shipment.