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This blog is part of website where girlfriend can find unit converters, calculators and other information focused on devices of measurement. See food selection on the left.

Browsing Q & A sites favor, is no so hard to an alert that countless people short article questions comparable to: “How numerous millimeters room in a meter”, “How countless milliliters room in liter”, “How many meters room in a kilometer”, … . Writer of these questions probably don’t understand that the metric device of measurement is created on the collection of prefixes.

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Let’s see some examples, just how the surname of units looks like:

Examples Of size Units: Micrometer, Millimeter, Kilometer.Examples Of mass Units: Microgram, Milligram, Kilogram.Examples Of volume Units: Microliter, Milliliter, Kiloliter.

You have the right to easily an alert that the names deserve to be divided into 2 parts: prefix (micro, milli, kilo) and the surname of the unit (meter, gram, liter).

Every prefix has actually its own an interpretation and always means the same part or multiplication of something. E.g.

micro method 1/1.000.000 (microgram, microliter, micrometer)milli method 1/1000 (milligram, milliwatt, millisecond)centi means 1/100 (centimeter, centiliter)deci means 1/10 (decimeter, deciliter)kilo way 1000 (kilometer, kilogram, kilowatt)mega way 1.000.000 (megaton, megawatt )

All 24 metric prefixes (called si-prefixes), introduced and governed through Bureau worldwide des Poids et Mesures( International office of Weights and also Measures ), girlfriend can uncover here : metric prefixes list

Prefixes provided in computing:If you room a computer user, you should be familiar with prefixes: kilo, mega, giga, tera or (maybe even with) peta. The very same names are used in SI-prefix system however there are tiny difference in between metric and also computing systems. Since informational systems are based upon power of 2, kilo means 1024 devices (bits or bytes) (1024=2^10), mega means 1024 kilos, giga method 1024 mega and so on. In the SI (metric) system next prefix is 1000 times bigger climate the previous (kilo way 1000 units, mega means 1000 kilos, giga way 1000 megs, and also so on) 

Exceptions:Generally, girlfriend can include every prefix to every unit name. It have to be understandable and acceptable, yet there space some ‘everyday language’ exception of this rule.Exception 1: over there is a widely supplied mass unit dubbed ‘metric ton’. That is equal to 1000 kilogram. In everyday language we will certainly say 1 ton quite then 1 megagram but 1 megaton, 1 kiloton, 1 gigaton is ok.Exception 2: prefixes mega and greater(giga, tera, …) space often included to strength (megawatt, gigawatt), power (megajoule,gigajoule), press (megabar, gigapascal) units but ‘the metric man’ will certainly say ‘thousand liters’ fairly then ‘megaliter’ or 1000 kilometers or 1.000.000 meters rather of 1 megameter. 

Answering the inquiry in the location of this post:There room 1000 milliliters in one liter. Mental prefix milli method 1/1000 (one thousandth) that something.Respectively, there room 1000 millimeters in a meter and 1000 meters in one kilometer.

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