Students of the tutorials ( Studio) have actually written 26,894,217,579 present of Is this a lot? by comparison, the Microsoft windows operating system hasroughly 50 million present of

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Of course, every technician knows that "lines of" is a stunner measure, and besides, the currently of we are counting here are much less facility than the composed by skilled software engineers. No software application engineer actions the worth or their work in present of In fact, the best-designed programs frequently have the most basic designs and also the fewest lines of

However, us count this as critical measure of complete usage of our tutorials. No everybody finishes one Hour of tutorial. Part students invest one hour. Some invest 10 minutes. Some spend days. Rather of counting how many students "finish one hour" or exactly how much time they spent, this is our easiest measure of progress.

Note: this is no counting all participants in the Hour the The Hour of movement consists of dozens of indict partners, and also this metric is just counting usage of" Studio tutorials,where every block/command dragged ~ above the screen counts together one line of

How plenty of Hours the

In total, students have actually participated in the Hour of password 1,296,024,229 times. In ~ this set of students, 429,867,239 the the Hour that activities were within tutorials developed by And students utilizing"s broader Studio tutorials and also learning platform have actually written 26,894,217,579 present of

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We execute not count distinctive student IDs perfectly once tracking joining in the Hour the Why? Partly since we don’t desire the friction the prompting to “login / register” before a student or class tries discovering for the first time, and also partly due to the fact that there room may tasks we cannot monitor online. We do take particular steps to mitigate double-counting, but without a login prompt, this can’t work perfectly. At the very same time, there are many student tasks in the Hour of that aren’t tracked at all. For example: (1) students who usage a mobile/tablet application to shot the Hour of password are commonly not count (2) students that share a display screen for pair-programming or group-programming may be counted together one (3) students trying an unplugged classroom activity cannot it is in counted online (4) teacher who produce their own Hour of password activities. Together a result, over there is part under-counting and also some double-counting, and also so we carry out not see the Hour of password tracker come be an accurate measure that usage. The is absolutely directionally correct, and shows that plenty of tens of millions of students have actually participated. And the “lines of” respond to shows real usage in our finding out platforms.