Even though ns a dietitian in Australia whereby we use the metric system and also kilojoules room the unit the is used on nutrition panels, I’ve constantly preferred sdrta.nete talk around calories in stead that kilojoules.

From mine experience, the is likewise the way my clients and also followers on society media typically prefer to talk as well.

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I believe a huge portion the this is because a lot of human being read about nutrition online and also a many the details sdrta.netes the end of areas like America whereby calories are supplied instead.

That gift said, even though most civilization prefer to talk in terms of calories, this still create an problem when looking at nutrition panels that perform not ensdrta.netpass the calorie number, because that those who execute not know just how to execute the conversion.

What room Calories and Kilojoules?

Both calories and also kilojoules space units the energy.

Calorie is the imperial system version and kilojoule is the metric device version.

And to be technical, when world are introduce to “calories” the vast bulk of the time they room actually introduce to kilocalories, i m sorry is in reality 1000 calories.

When you watch the abbreviation “Cal”, this is also referring sdrta.nete kilocalories. Note that the ‘c’ should technically additionally be capitalised in this instance to denote one thousand.

Without getting too bogged down in semantics, a lower-case ‘c’ in cal would mean only 1 kilocalorie.

For example:

2,000 Cal = 2,000 kilocalories

2,000 cal = 2 kilocalories

Despite this it is frequently assumed ‘cal’ and also ‘Cal’ space the same.

If somebody is talking about how a particular meal is 300 calories, lock actually mean it is 300 kilocalories. It’s simply a lot simpler to to speak calorie 보다 kilocalorie.

In regards to definition, a calorie to be originally characterized as the amount of warm needed to raise the temperature of one litre the water native 0 levels to 1 degree Celsius.

This meaning was later readjusted to be sdrta.netpared to joules instead, which room a unit that is more sdrta.netmonly offered by researchers to define the quantity of work required to force one newton with one meter.

This counter is that 1 calorie (not kilocalorie) equates to 4.18 joules. And also 1 joule equals 0.24 calories.

How to convert Calories to Kilojoules


One calorie (kilocalories) is 4.18 kilojoules. Or to put it differently, 1kcal = 4.18kj.

This therefore way that to transform 2000kcal into kilojoules, you would certainly multiply 2000kcal by 4.18. This would make the 8,360kj.

If you had 10,000kj and wanted to figure out how numerous calories it is, girlfriend would just divide by 4.18. This would certainly make that 2,440kcal.

If you desire to do it slightly simpler, friend could change the conversion to 4.2.

Or to do it also simpler, you could just ring it sdrta.nete 4. This provides it much simpler when you do not have a calculator.

For example, if something had actually 2,000kcal, rapid maths would let you recognize that the is ~8,000kj. It’s just slightly off, but much faster than acquiring a calculator out.


Calories and kilojoules are literally sdrta.netprised of macronutrients.

These macronutrients space protein, carbs, fat and alcohol.

The below figures room rounded numbers, however are valuable for figuring out about how numerous calories are sdrta.neting from each macronutrient in a food.


Protein = 4kcal/g

Carbs = 4kcal/g

Fat = 9kcal/g

Alcohol = 7kcal/g

Therefore if a food has 10g protein and also 10g carbs, but no fat or alcohol, it would certainly have around 80kcal. This would certainly be due to the fact that you would multiply the protein quantity (10g) through 4 (since protein has actually 4kcal per gram) and also the carbohydrate amount (10g) by 4 (since carbs have 4kcal per gram.

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Carbs = 16.7kj/g (or just 17kj/g)

Protein = 16.7kj/g (or just 17kj/g)

Fat = 37.7kj/g (or simply 38kj/g)

sdrta.netmon Conversions


Take-Home Points

If you have actually the time to do the precise calculation, the conversion is 4.18. One calorie is 4.18 kilojoules.

If you just want a rough estimate, which is sdrta.netmonly fine if you simply want to number out the rough amount the calories/kilojoules, you can gain close sufficient with a counter of 4. One calorie is just over 4 kilojoules.