When asked even if it is or no he wants an ext kids, Mario Lopez doesn’t also have come think twice before revealing the “keep going” with wife Courtney Laine Mazza. The Access Hollywood star and also dad of three says he’d certainly be open up to having much more children in an to exclude, interview through Closer Weekly.

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“If the was as much as me,” Mario, 46, sweetly key on Monday, September 21. “I’d keep going … however I’m not the one having actually them. Therefore it’s mine wife’s call!”


Because the previous Extra host’s family members was quarantining with each other amid the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, Mario and Courtney have been spending more time than ever with your kiddos at home. While chatting v Closer, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant defines how the two make time for date night through a liven routine.

“Well, you obtained to schedule it. Girlfriend can’t just kind of have actually a ‘I’ll gain to it’ mindset or ‘one of this days,"” the insists. “Because it’ll never occur .. Ingredient will save coming up. So girlfriend to make it a point to carve that out and also keep those relationship strong.”

The Pacific Blue actor — who was previously married to his very first wife, Ali Landry, for much less than a year in 2004 — additionally reveals the vital advice to having a long-lasting romance. “The ideal piece not sweat the little stuff,” he speak Closer. “Choose her battles. Be open to compromise, always. And also do what your wife says.”

Considering Mario joked v Page Six about “ busy” in the bedroom this previous April, it wouldn’t be how amazing if the former heartthrob and also the gorgeous mommy welcomed one more baby in the future. Mario even previously called Closer that coming to be a father readjusted him “for the better.”


“Best function I’ve ever before had. I love it,” he gushed in July 2019. “ want to proceed to adopt it and also all that is challenges.”

Mario and also Courtney have such a cute family!

Be certain to catch Mario as soon as he hosts the unique cartoon streaming event, “General Mills Presents: The can be fried Saturday Morning Drive-In,” at 1:00 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Saturday, October 3. Click below for much more details. 

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