The well known American rapper, businessman, actor, and also music producer, Percy Robert Miller aka master P is the dad of nine youngsters with his connection with his former spouse singer Sonya C Miller.

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Among the nine children of grasp P, there are four daughters and five sons. Here are some facts about them:

Percy Romeo miller (Lil" Romeo) - very first Child

The eldest child among the nine youngsters of the multi-talented businessman, Percy Romeo Miller to be born top top the 19th that August, 1989, in new Orleans, Louisiana the the united States.

Percy Romeo Miller v his mamma, Sonya C Miller.Image Source:

Also known as Lil" Romeo, that has developed himself as a effective actor and rapper. That has showed up in "Growing up Hip Hop" in addition to his father and also younger siblings. In addition to that, he likewise starred in "Never Heard" and also "Honey". Few of the songs the she has actually on she credit incorporate "There Dey Go", "Smoking Green", and also "Parents simply Don"t Understand".

The genius rapper is current on Instagram by the surname
romeomiller wherein he has actually 1.9 million followers through over 1400 articles till date. He right now holds an astonishing net worth the $6.5 million native his music and also acting career.

Young V - second Child

The second son of grasp P, Young V, to be born on the 26th that July, 1991 in the joined States. He is likewise an actor choose his dad and has appeared in "The Team", "Decisions", and also "I gained the Hook increase 2".

Vercy miller aka Young V.Picture Courtesy:

Also known as Vercy Miller, the is likewise a part-time producer and DJ as he focuses more on his studies. However, he has actually a great talent in Disc-Jockeying and has a really long means to go.

Vercy has an estimated fortune the $300,000 indigenous his career as a DJ and also music producer. The is active on Instagram by the surname
15youngv whereby he has actually amassed 15.2 k followers and also posted 400+ posts.

Veno fearbut - 3rd Child

Veno müller is the third son of understand P which he had from his estranged wife. The is additionally rumored that he was additionally born on the exact date as his elder brother, Young V i.e. ~ above 26 July, 1991.

Master P"s 3rd son, Veno Miller.Picture Source: IMDb

Miller has appeared in two various television reflects "Victorious" and also "LaLa Land". In addition to that, he is likewise one the the casts that the horror movie "The Malibu Tapes" which released this year. He currently is the owner of $2 million precious from his acting career.

Tytyana miller - 4th Child

Tytyana Miller, the 4th child and the first daughter that Sonya C and Percy Robert to be born ~ above the 15th the June, 1992, in California, joined States.

Tytyana müller is the fourth child of grasp P.

Tytyana has had actually a very bad previous with medicine addiction problem and also substance use. As her mommy is also really familiar v drug abuse, it can have been the situation that she affected Tyty to intake the drugs. Hence, soon after her parents" divorce, she made decision to leave her mom"s house and go to her father so the she would have actually bright future ahead.

The 27 year old beautiful lady has actually taken after her dad and also has pursued a job in acting. She appeared in the 2010 movie "A Mother"s Choice". She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Intylyana müller - fifth Child

Intylyana miller aka Inty fearbut is the fifth child and 2nd daughter of master P and also his previous wife. She to be born on the 25th that June, 1993 in the joined States.

Intylyana Miller.Image Source:

Inty is an emerging R&B artist who has an approximated net precious of $500,000 from her musical career. She weighs roughly 165 lbs and stands in ~ a height of 160 cm through brown eyes and also natural black color hair.

Cymphonique fearbut - sixth Child

Cymphonique fearbut or simply Cymphonique is the 6th child and also the third daughter that Robert Miller and also Sonya. She to be born top top the first of August, 1996, in san Franciso, California, that the united States.

Cymphonique miller is the 3rd daughter of understand P.Image Source:

The 23 years old daughter of grasp P has made fairly a surname in the field of music and also acting just like him. Together an actress, she has appeared in some movies/tv-shows such together "Opposite Day" and also "The Dempsey Sisters". On the various other hand, her work as a singer-songwriter encompass songs choose "Daddy I"m a Rockstar", "Nobody favor You", and "Go v Gravity".

Cymhonique is an active Instagram user who account walk by the surname
cymphonique and has 160k followers and just 53 short articles till date.

Itali fearbut - seventh Child

Born as the saturday child and the 4th daughter of understand P and also his ex-wife top top the 6th of May, 1999, Itali müller is one actress. The name "Itali" is a girl"s name derived from the old Italian beginning which equates to the nation Italy itself.

Itali Miller through her eldest brother, Romeo Mller.Image Source: itali.miller

The twenty years old actress has appeared in movies prefer "A Mother"s Choice" and "I obtained the Hook up 2". She also appeared in the 2010 season that the "Flip the Script youngsters Reality Special". She is present on Instagram by the name
itali.miller v 19.4 k followers and also 107 posts.

Hercy fearbut - Eighth Child

Hercy Miller was born top top the 28th March, 2002, in California, united States. The surname "Hercy" is a an extremely ancient surname which equates to "the strongest fighter or warrior".

Hercy müller is a basketball player.Image Source:

Hercy is really interested in basketball and has a keen passion for the game. That stands high at a elevation of 6 feet 2 inch (approximately 188 cm) and is right now a allude guard because that his high college team. That is concentrated on arising a career in the hooping game and making his parents proud.

Mercy miller - ninth Child

Mercy Miller was born ~ above June 4, 2003 as the youngest amongst nine children of his parents. That is the fifth son and ninth son of his family. The surname "Mercy" in reality is a name for girls which has actually the definition "compassion or forgiveness".

Hercy miller is the youngest child and also son of grasp P.Image Source: Zimbio

Like his elder brother Hercy, Mercy is likewise a kid who loves the video game of basketball. That plays as a member that the junior basketball team of his school.

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