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GettyThe Warners v Mickey mouse in 2010.

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In an interview with the Christian broadcast Network, Brenda described that she flourished up in a tiny Iowa town. In high school, she was a cheerleader and a self-described “Jesus-Freak.” before graduating, she decided to sign up with the Marines rather of going to college since she didn’t desire her parents stuck paying for her tuition.

While in the Marines, she met her an initial husband, Neil, that was likewise in the Marines. They married and also had a son, Zack, who was born in 1989, notes Snopes. Their daughter Jesse was born 3 years later.

After Warner married Debbie in 1997, he embraced both of her children. The couple then had actually five children together – Kade, Jada Jo, Elijah, and also twins Sienna and also Sierra.

As The Marines website notes, Brenda left the Marines in January 1990 ~ above a hardship discharge.

2. Her boy Zachary Is Legally blind After her Ex-Husband reduce Him as soon as He to be 4 month Old


GettyThe Warners and their youngsters in 2011.

When Zachary to be 4 month old, Brenda’s ex-husband dropped the on his head by accident. His medical professional told Brenda the her son might die, however she was figured out to carry out the ideal for her son. Zack is handicapped and partially blind, however he survived.

Today, Zach lives in Glendale, Arizona, and is the very first resident of sweetheart House, a Christian-based home for young adults v developmental disabilities.

“Many civilization said this to be a great idea but not in my backyard, however Glendale stated ‘yes!’ This is such a beautiful community,” Brenda said AZ Central. The Warners raised $3 million in accumulation to develop the house, which opened this year.

At first, the Treasure house will home 24 adults aged 19 come 35. The monthly costs are between $2,500 and also $3,350, however the Warners set up a structure to help families cover the cost.

“I think it’s going to be such an incredible model on exactly how to treat civilization with intellectual and also developmental disabilities,” Brenda said AZ Central. “It will be absolutely the ideal thing that renders me the many proud the in life.”

3. Brenda’s parents Were eliminated in a Tornado in 1996


GettyThe Warners in 2012.

In 1992, Brenda and also Warner met while he to be still play football at north Iowa. The pair married in 1997, a year after Brenda obtained the worst news imaginable. In 1996, she parents were eliminated by a tornado in Arkansas. All the was left was the structure of their home. Even after seeing the damage, she couldn’t believe it.

“I started talking come God,” Brenda called the Christian transfer Network. “I know you’re big enough to protect against a tornado. And also I know that also if a tornado struggle a house, you might still conserve the people inside… you could aid them be lively somehow, somewhere.”

When she was taken to the morgue, she finally had to confront the fact that her parents died.

A year ~ the tornado, Brenda and Warner married in ~ the St. Man American Lutheran Church, the exact same church wherein her parents to be married. Castle dressed Zack and Jesse together miniature bride and also groom, and also they to be the critical to get in the church.

“She just recorded my eyes,” Warner said the Christian broadcast Network when asked what that was around Brenda that recorded his interest. “There was something different about her, something that stood out. She wasn’t like all of the other women in the bar and also women that I had actually met. There to be something the stood out.”

4. She offered to be Mistaken for Warner’s mother With Her short Haircut & now Sports a Mohawk

This is 50! Happy, healthy, loved, forgiven, flawed, creative, and now tatted! Semper Fidelis constantly Faithful

— Brenda Warner (
WarnerBrenda) June 16, 2017

During Warner’s Rams years, Brenda was often mistaken for Warner’s mother because of her short hair and graying sideburns. The haircut was part of the strange fashion choices she do while her husband play in St. Louis. That was component of a brash personality and also her habit of calling right into talk radio stations to protect her husband. However in 2009, once Warner’s job was revived in Arizona, Brenda take it a various approach. That had going blonde and growing her hair out.

In an interview through the linked Press prior to the 2009 at sight Bowl, Brenda brushed turn off the prominence of her new look.

“It’s just hair,” she said. “People make such a large deal around how i look, yet I’ve had nothing done. The just thing that’s adjusted is my hair. And I have to have it fancy every 3 weeks.”

Brenda was the target of net criticism, and she stated she learned to protect against it. “I am much more protected now. I’ve placed up a few walls, and that functions for my benefit, yet I probably miss out on out ~ above relationships due to the fact that I have so countless walls,” she claimed in 2009.

Today, Brenda sporting activities a blonde mohawk.

5. Brenda & Warner established the very first Things an initial Foundation come ‘Promote Christian Values’ & aid Those less Fortunate


GettyBrenda Warner in 2016.

In 2001, Warner and Brenda created the an initial Things an initial Foundation. They score is to “promote Christian values and also bless the stays of those much less fortunate always promoting the Warners’ life theme: Faith and also family come first.” The location of their 2009 book, an initial Things an initial – The Rules for Being a Warner, come from the foundation.

During the holiday season, the foundation helped two solitary mothers in St. Luigi furnish Habitat for mankind Homes, Fox 25 reported. Since 2002, the Warners have helped 43 families.

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Since Warner’s retirement from football, the pair have been spreading their message of faith. In 2012, castle told CNN the they think their an altering careers have actually all been a component of God’s plan for them.

“I don’t think that is the means that i would have written it, but I see that God has operated it the end for good,” Brenda called CNN. “I have the right to see how he has been faithful. I can say now I am grateful.”